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Very happily married to the perfect man. Stay at home mom of 3 wonderful kids. Homeschool Educator. Website content writer specializing in such topics as parenting, homeschooling, family, embroidery, promotional items, cooking, baking, camping, health, medicine, autism, massage therapy, ADHD, children's literature, education, art, government, psychology and much more.
Studied child psychology at Blinn College. Raising 3 children. Mother of an ASD, Bipolar, and ADHD son. Homeschool educator. Retired Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor. Instructed Anatomy and Physiology Course, Business Course, and Health and Wellness Course at Healing Handz Massage Academy. Former business owner of embroidery and promotional products business. Published author and illustrator.
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Studied Child Psychology at Blinn College; Raising / Homeschooling 3 kids; Retired Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed MT Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology; Published Author and Illustrator


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  • Amazing Twist On Allowance Teaches Children Responsibility With Money
    Amazing twist on allowance has helped our family tremendously. Elaborate life lessons for parents to consider teaching their kids. Don't just give allowance. Teach them responsibility with money - a lesson they will keep with them throughout life.
  • How to Make Homemade Fried Cheese Sticks
    Simple and easy recipe for making delicious fried cheese sticks at home.
  • How to Make Tie-Dyed Cupcakes
    Easy step by step instructions on how to make tie-dyed cupcakes for any event. Fun and easy to make. Great recipe for kids to help with.
  • Gift Ideas for Father's Day
    These are simple, inexpensive, creative and fun gift ideas for Daddies this Father's Day. They can be made easily by smaller children with some help.
  • Wesley Cash: Talented Singer/Songwriter
    Wesley Cash is a singer and songwriter from Kentucky. He is currently living in Nashville and sings in a duo called 'The Nashville Nobodies.' He's a truly talented artist.
  • How to Make Rainbow Spaghetti and Cheese Clouds
    Easy to follow instructions on dying spaghetti noodles and making clouds and pots of gold out of cheese for a fun and easy meal for kids. Let the kids help. It's super easy and it's awesome watching the noodles change colors!
  • Hidden Child Safety Hazards in Your Home
    How to find things in your home that can hurt your child. Ways to keep your child safe.
  • MRSA: A Serious Staph Infection
    A blunt description of dealing with a potentially serious form of staph infection.
  • How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet
    There are too many scary things out there that you have no control over. Keeping your kids safe on the internet doesn't have to be one of them
  • Teach Your Newborn to Sleep All Night
    Getting your baby to sleep all night is one of the most challenging things you will face as a new parent. Follow these helpful hints to make the first months easier.
  • How to Homeschool Your Child Without Losing Your Mind
    Access lessons and learning games without having to search the web for them. Links for safe internet searches if there is anything they need to research. Everything to homeschool easily
  • What Are Cognitive Disorders?
    Many people suffer from cognitive disorders. This article explains what they are and how to treat them.
  • Psychopathology and Crime
    The connection between psychopathology and crime is explained. How mental illness affects the way you behave.
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Parenting
    The keys to raising successful, well behaved, loving children. Finally, the rulebook parents wish they read before having children!
  • Natural Healing Techniques Vs. Pain Medication
    With so many natural healing techniques available, no one should subject their bodies to harmful pain medications with negative side effects. This article explains side effects of drugs and the benefits of natural healing.
  • Living a Gluten Free and Casein Free Lifestyle Benefits an Autistic Child
    Eliminating harmful proteins that act as opiates from your child's diet can improve speech and behavior, ease gastrointestinal difficulties, and allow your child to rationalize their thoughts in order to live a happier, healthier, more productive life.
  • Corporal Punishment
    Is inflicting injury justified when it is in response to a crime or is all physical maltreatment of another grouped together under the definition of abuse?
  • The Problem with Gifted Children
    The common misconception that 'gifted children have no struggles in life' is unraveled in this article.
  • Angelica, the Halloween Angel
    Angelica was named for her angelic beauty. Her mother and father called her their little angel. Things change when she dresses as a devil for Halloween and stumbles upon a child that needs her help.
  • Screenprinting
    The article explains the process used in screenprinting. Screenprinting is a common practice in making jersies, decals, clothing, signs and displays, among other things.
  • The Birth of Venus
    A descriptive article about "The Birth of Venus," a beautiful painting done by Sandro Botticelli.
  • The School of Athens
    A descriptive analysis of the "School of Athens" painted by Raphael.
  • Raphael
    This article describes Raffaelo Sanzio - better known as Raphael. He is the artist responsible for great works such as "School of Athens."
  • Should Space Exploration Continue?
    This article explains how space exploration benefits the economy and provides us with technology that improves the quality of life.
  • Amending the Constitution
    This article discusses the reason why the 27th Amendment should be reviewed for validity.
  • Affirmative Action
    This article explains that, even though affirmative action is a controversial issue, the benefits outweigh the negative aspects.

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