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Lauren is a freelance writer who features topics from health & fitness, to business and finance. Lauren is the owner of Interline Writing Studio, a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) web content firm specializing in online content.
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Emergency Medical Technician, General Studies, Hutchinson Community College


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  • Urological Cancer : Overview
    Each year, more than 50,000 cases of bladder cancer are diagnosed. This article includes a brief overview of urological cancers as well as treatment options and research on the topic.
  • Passionflower : Alternative Medicine for Anxiety
    This article describes the benefits of using passionflower for anxiety. While it is not for everyone, this herb can help battle the unwanted symptoms of anxiety.
  • Earn Money by Writing for Textbroker!
    Textbroker is an excellent place for online writers to make money from home. If you are interested in writing online content while also earning a decent income, Textbroker is certainly worth a try!
  • Benefits of a Home AC Tune Up Before Summer
    Air conditioners have become an essential part of our everyday life during the summer. It is important to keep these AC units running efficiently when they are needed the most.
  • Extending Battery Life of Your Android Phone
    Many Android users are finding it hard to make their phone last through a full working day. Here are eight tips to help extend the battery life of your Android phone
  • Three Ways to Boost Your Site's SEO
    In an age where business owners compete for online traffic, proper SEO techniques are one of the most effective ways to ensure that traffic is generated.
  • Organic Coconut Oil for Natural Beauty
    Coconut oil is an excellent natural oil extract that has many uses in the world of beauty. Read on to learn a few of the many beauty uses of this wonderful oil.
  • Bonding with Your New Blended Family
    You as a step-parent must put forth the effort to develop positive relationships with your step-children. You will increase your chances of a successful relationship if you focus on what the children need from you.
  • Helpful Advice for a Blended Family
    When two families blend to become one, it is seldom that the transition is free from complications. These guidelines can help blended families appreciate their dissimilarities and allow them to live together effectively and happily.
  • Tips for a Healthier Immune System
    Here are some simple and effective tips to help you achieve a healthier and stronger immune system.
  • The Yogic Path to Better Sleep
    The many benefits of yoga can extend to the resting hours as well. Yogic poses can help increase relaxation and help soothe the mind and body in preparation for bedtime.
  • Fake Laughter: Natural Medicine
    There is no doubt that laughter is the 'best medicine'. With that in mind, the question now would be, is 'fake laughter' the same as real laughter?
  • 5 Uses of Coconut Oil for Mom and Baby
    Coconut oil is an excellent oil that has many uses from cooking to beauty. Read on to discover five great uses for mother and child
  • My Bucket List for Spring of 2013
    Spring has finally arrived and through all the excitement of warmer weather, I have plenty of things I'd like to accomplish this season!
  • Balancing Work and Life when You Work from Home
    Working from home has become a recent trend because of the advancements in communication and technology in the internet domain. But these changes come with an added burden.
  • Natural Hair Care Tips for Summer
    Harmful UVA and UVB rays from the Sun may damage your skin and hair extensively during summer season. Read on and know how you can take care of your hair and health during this summer.
  • Self-Tanners - a Guide on How to Apply
    The benefit of a tan is now available in a bottle. Yes, Literally! Self-tan lotions and sprays are available in affordable bottles and containers at great pricing options in your local store.
  • How to Achieve Natural Highlights at Home
    This summer don’t head to the salon to get the highlights you’ve been dreaming of, instead use these tips to achieve them at home for a fraction of the cost!
  • What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Yeast Infection?
    Yeast infection is a common medical condition caused by a type of bacteria called Candida Albicans or Yeast. Read on and know if you are affected and how you can help it.
  • Paralegal Job Overview
    Paralegals often known as legal assistants are vitally important in modern society. Paralegals preform many different tasks and take on many responsibilities within the practice of law.
  • Height Loss Due to Ageing
    Subtle shrinkage may begin to take place during your early forties. This shrinkage is not reversible, although there are some things you can do to help slow the process.
  • Bodybuilding and Hair Loss
    As you may know body building increases the level of testosterone in the body, and this is something bodybuilders venture for, as testosterone is needed to build the wanted muscle mass. But could this lead to a problem with hair loss?
  • The History of X-ray Technologists
    Today x-ray technologists commonly referred to as x-ray techs are a component of a well qualified and diverse profession. The history of this profession is closely linked to the discovery and creation of x-rays themselves.
  • Getting the Right Nutrients for Healthy Weight Loss
    A balanced nutritious diet is among the most important aspects of healthy weight loss. Nutritious foods offer the body the energy and vitamins it needs to make it through the day, without the empty calories that junk food offers.
  • 7 Effortless Supermodel Beauty Secrets
    Supermodels learn a few things along their journey in the modeling industry, here are a few of their best kept beauty secrets.
  • A Glimpse into the Raw Food Diet
    A raw food diet is said to help detoxify and cleanse the body of pollutants and toxins. The majority of people eat some quantity of raw foods everyday like, salads, fruit and vegetables. However for those who have gone “raw” they take it much farther.
  • Simple Hair Care Tips for Teens
    Properly caring for your hair is essential if you want to keep your hair strong and healthy. Here are some fundamental techniques to keep hair healthy.
  • How to Reduce Dark Circles
    Dark circles can hamper your mood and personality, as well as make you appear a little less rejuvenated than you'd like. Here are some ways to say goodbye to those irritating dark circles.
  • Water : the Best Weightloss Product Available
    A large portion of the population walks around with some degree of dehydration daily. Water can aid in weight loss and will help you shed the weight in the healthiest way possible.
  • The Beauty Benefits of Cucumbers
    Cucumbers are an excellent item to have in your diet to maintain your health, but they also offer many benefits for beauty.
  • The Beauty Benefits of Coconut
    Coconuts are more than just great for your health and wellbeing; they are also an enormous aid for beauty as well.
  • Manage Your Time More Efficiently : Keeping a Daily Schedule
    Your time is valuable, having a schedule will help you make the most out of the time you have.
  • Learning to Love What You See in the Mirror
    Every day men as well as women are presented with an ideal image that is so extremely complicated to achieve and maintain. Learn how to boost your self-esteem and build a better body image
  • The Importance of a Positive Attitude
    We all know that one person who always greets you with a smile, and can laugh through all their problems. Many people would love to be just like them, the center of calmness in a world of chaos. Here's how you can be.
  • The Benefits of Recycling
    One significant factor that plays a role in our earth’s future is our ability to find additional opportunities to use recycling to conserve our resources.
  • King Lear: The Lack of Vision
    The topic of sight and the importance of clear vision is a persistent theme in Shakespeare's classic tragedy, titled King Lear. This analysis explains why it's so important.
  • Relieve Pre-Natal Sciatic Nerve Pain
    Moms to be are often faced with sciatic nerve pain throughout their pregnancy. Here are some safe ways to find relief.
  • What You Should Know About Consuming Fish During Pregnancy
    Eating fish during pregnancy is a very debatable topic, as many researchers offer mixed reports. Is it safe?
  • How to Write Spectacular Blog Posts
    This post will walk you through the basic principles of creating great blog content.
  • Analysis of "Owls" by Mary Oliver
    In this excerpt Mary Oliver generates a vivid representation of the divergence of fear and calmness.
  • How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
    The majority of people label a blog with a numerous number of hits as "successful". This is why bloggers are constantly trying to get more traffic to their blog. In this post I would like to give you some tips on how to drive traffic to your blog/website.

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