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I've had the need to travel, since grandpa bought my first subscription to National Geographic for my fourth birthday. Now, I get to travel with the man I love and honor, as he does me, into amazing worlds of love, power, adventure and commitment.
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  • A Bit of Bavaria in Leavenworth, Washington
    Leavenworth, Washington is filled with Bavarian architecture, food, beers, gifts, home décor, winter wonderland activities, and clothing. Leavenworth is just a short 2 hour drive through enchanting green forests and lowlands from Seattle, Washington.
  • Holiday Festivities in Seattle, Washington
    Seattle, Washington, is a wonderfully diverse metropolitan city on the inland saltwater sound called Puget (pyoo-jet) Sound. The holidays in Seattle include culturally and historically unique themes and celebrations.
  • So You Want to Own a Bed & Breakfast…
    Owning and operating a Bed & Breakfast isn't lazy evenings, gathered with your guests in front of a wildly roaring fire, sipping cognac and listening to classical music! What IS it, then?
  • Sydney, Australia - The Blue Mountains, Jenolan Caves and Historic Towns
    The Blue Mountains, in all their majestic splendor, are located just 40 miles west of Sydney, Australia, a perfect day trip, with much to offer the visitor! Jenolan Caves, thrilling tram rides, wildlife sanctuary and more! See what more means...
  • Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Washington, USA
    Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington is an urban oasis of flora and fauna, located just north of the Seattle Center and the world famous Space Needle. The Zoo's 90 + acres houses approximately 1100 animals, representing nearly 300 species.
  • Easy Day Trip from Canberra, Australia
    On an easy day trip from Canberra, Australia, you can enjoy an incredibly diverse experience! So, take a breather from big city life and explore history, culture, space and astronomy, nature and unusual animal life all 40 minutes from Canberra, the city!
  • Travel to Canberra, Australia
    Canberra, Australia is culturally rich, giving the visitor a wide range of experiences to choose between. Or, why choose at all? Experience everything Canberra has to offer! Take seven days and cram everything into one unforgettable experience!
  • Great Gifts for SCUBA Divers
    With a SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) diver on your holiday gift list, you have already spent a small fortune on the necessary equipment. These less expensive gifts will have your SCUBA diver smiling all through the dive season.
  • Travel Tips I Learned the Hard Way
    Travelers pick up tricks and tips every time they step foot out of their hometown. Really. And, sometimes, we pick them up the hard way! These tips are a starting point to help you not have to learn the Hard Way.
  • Great Gifts for Soap Opera Lovers
    For many people, men and women, soap operas are a casual foray into 'Another World', a fun way to spend an afternoon with 'All My Children', and see your 'Guiding Light', all with a flick of the remote control. Here are a few great gifts for soap fans!
  • Top 6 Gifts for Geocache Fanatics
    Geocachers are a combination of Indiana Jones, Amelia Earhart, and John Glenn, all rolled into one. Adventure, discovery and exploration are the heart of geocaching, with science and nature thrown in for good measure. Top Gifts for the Geocache Fanatic.
  • Terrific Gifts for Real Estate Agents
    Real Estate agents often give their clients nice gifts when they get to the closing table, and many people think the agent's �gift' is their commission, but real estate agents work their tails to the bone, and a little something extra would be nice.
  • Cool Holiday Gift Ideas for New Homeowners
    After living at home with the folks, or away in a college dorm room, or even after years of apartment living, buy that dream home, work through all the paperwork, rent the moving truck and you need stuff! Stuff you never even thought about before!
  • The Best Gifts for RVers - Recreational Vehicle Travelers
    Most RVs come fully equipped for road tripping, but with just a little thought and effort, you can give your RVers a little �extra', to help make their recreational vehicle travel safer, more fun, and more enjoyable.
  • Unique Gifts for Physically Challenged Adults
    Here are some great gift ideas for adults with physical challenges, such as manual dexterity issues caused by muscular dystrophy, balance issues, weakness and muscle atrophy, and a few other challenges that we have dealt with in our family.
  • Great Gifts for Travel Photographers
    I have at least five cases filled with photography equipment, and still, every trip I take, I still think of cool little gadgets and nifty toys that I really �need'. Unfortunately, I think of these things AFTER I am in Rangoon or Rotorua!
  • Great Gifts for Associated Content Writers
    Writers for Associated Content are a distinctively diverse group of people, that is for sure! But, as writers, we all could use some basic items, to help us be more productive and happier.
  • Great Holiday Gifts for Mobile Professionals
    On the road, at the beach, at the cabin, and in the air, mobile professionals need tools of their trade to create excellence. Without these tools, mobile professionals get frustrated and cannot produce what they make money producing!
  • Top 5 Must Have Gifts for the World Traveler
    5 "can't do without" items, and if you are shopping for a holiday gift for the world traveler in your life, these suggestions may be just what you are looking for to give your world traveler something different, necessary, and useful.
  • Sarongs - More Than Just a Sunwrap
    Sarongs are many things to many people! A simple piece of fabric, batiked or painted, plain or fancy, bright and bold or subdued and subtle, sarongs can be an entire wardrobe (and more)!
  • Home Remodeling Essentials - Toolbox
    I have always liked the �all-in-one' toolboxes that come prepackaged with a million of everything, all neatly laid out in a cute case. Unfortunately, the �everything' of these kit toolboxes are not the things I end up needing most!
  • A Great Day on and Around Sydney Harbour
    Exploring Sydney Harbour was going to be fun! And, cheap, I love cheap! And, with just a little pre-planning, it was both! A full day of awesome sights and experiences, inlcuding Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay, Taronga Zoo, The Rocks, and more!
  • Plan a Neighborhood Halloween Party
    By hosting a Neighborhood Halloween party, you can accomplish several things: Safer kids, more adult control over trick-or-treating, a fun family activity, and a neighborhood gathering could just be the start of something big, to mention just a few.
  • Uluru - Magnificent Monolith
    Uluru, or Ayer's Rock as known by non-Aboriginals, was described by an early European explorer, Ernest Giles, as a "remarkable pebble" in 1872. A remarkable pebble, indeed!
  • Coober Pedy, Australia
    Coober Pedy has much to offer the visitor! So much, in fact, I spent six wonderful days and nights exploring this aptly named Opal Capital of The World!!
  • Aquatic Turtles in Your Backyard Pond
    There are many different types of ponds, but the design and material of the basic backyard pond is particularly important when you want to raise native species of aquatic turtles outdoors.
  • Taking a Holiday Trip with Young Children
    Whether you're going to Grandma's house for the holidays, or going to Australia's Outback to journey through time, use these tips for living through jet lag, strange beds, and stranger foods, to make your trip (and keeping your sanity) successful.
  • BDSM for Beginners - Bondage Basics
    Bondage can be one of the most delightful, sensual parts of BDSM, but it can also be one of the most dangerous forms, with improper preparation and technique. Bondage enthusiasts enjoy various types of bondage, often using simple household items.
  • Seeing the Elephants of Thailand
    Thai culture regards the majestic elephant very highly. Honored in art and religion, the elephant in Thailand also has been a decorated veteran of war, and integral to the success of the now-dwindling teak forest cultivation and transportation.
  • On and Around Koh Samui, Thailand
    Koh Samui boasts lodging from cute little 300 sf beach shacks to grand Thai villas; lush tropical jungles, white sand beaches adjoining crystal blue waters teeming with colorful fish, and cultural and historical buildings and attractions and it is CHEAP
  • Great Sites and Games for Learning All About Geography
    Geography isn't about memorizing countries, rivers, oceans and all the rest of that stuff, it's about cultures and peoples, climate and weather creates cultural growth, it is about our world. Geography can be exciting and fun, even entertaining.
  • Travel Themed Décor For Your Den or Office
    I love to travel. I can't always afford to travel, but I still love it! I was in my stark, white-walled work cage, called my office. Today, just a few days later, I am sitting at my laptop, in my wonderful, relaxing, travel themed home office!
  • Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia
    Kakadu National Park is 6,610 square miles of natural beauty and adventure, one of the most remote and wild regions of Australia, filled with tropical forests, birds, reptiles and mammals , billabongs (ponds), and relatively few human beings. Awesome!
  • Dangerous Creatures of Australia's Great Barrier Reef
    Australia's Great Barrier Reef is the largest structure, made by living creatures, on earth! You can find over 1500 species of living creatures, including the colonies of living corals that build the Great Barrier Reef- some deadly!
  • Building a Healthy Step family
    No, this isn't an article about making Family Margaritas. It's an article to help you build a healthy step family; a family where everyone in it (and around it) feels valued and wanted.
  • The Lingo and Language of BDSM
    Making sense of all the acronyms and code words in BDSM communities can be a very difficult thing.If a handsome man in black leather at a play party asks, "Would you like to do some blood sports with me, my dear?", what exactly did he ask?
  • BDSM for Beginners - Safewords
    Beginning Explorers in the BDSM World hear a lot of advice from more experienced �players'. Unfortunately, a lot of that advice is worth nothing more than it costs…NOTHING.
  • Live like a Local in Australia and Save Money
    When exploring a new and different culture, what better way to immerse yourself in the local culture, than to LIVE in the local culture? Avoid the tourist traps! Save money, enjoy the local �flavor', and maybe even make some new friends.
  • BDSM Techniques - Clips, Clamps, and Clothespins
    Imagine being in the depth of a terrific BDSM scene with your partner. Now, imagine the laundry bag full of clothespins. "What?" You say! A handful of colorful plastic or wooden clothespins...Now, let's talk about safety!
  • Fall Pond Maintenance
    Fall pond maintenance is an absolute necessity for healthy plants and fish year �round. Fallen leaves clog your filters and rot, leaching the chemicals into the water, poisoning fish and other aquatic creatures. Spend an hour or two and see the results!
  • BDSM Techniques - Hot Wax Play
    Hot Wax Play in BDSM Scenes can be highly erotic and can be highly dangerous, as with any BDSM exploration, safety comes first - ALWAYS.
  • 20 Top Tips for Long Distance Relationships
    For many reasons, families are apart but that doesn't mean the relationship has to suffer! Whether your partner is deployed to a country many time zones away, or you are a continent away, you CAN keep your relationship healthy!
  • Best Free Online Schools
    With the free online schools and classes written about here, you can surely find exactly what is top on your list of �gotta knows'! Tectonic Plates, Web Site Marketing, Oceanography, Earth Sciences, the Quechua Language? Here they are, and more!
  • Diva Decor for Your Bathroom
    Diva Decorating doesn't have to cost you all your bling! Divas deserve the finest, and you, too can decorate your bath to be a Diva Divine spa retreat, for un-�Diva-ish' dollars. Consider the words glamour, glitz, pink, bling, star, and fancy.
  • BDSM Relationships - Adult Erotic Spanking and Paddling
    Spanking as erotic stimuli is a very popular piece of the whole BDSM or D/s (Domination and submission) culture. WHY?
  • Pornography as a Tool for Erotic Enhancement
    Pornography is an ambiguous, emotionally charged word. What I don't understand, is why so many people are so afraid of pornography.
  • Isolating the Disabled
    Isolating the disabled does nothing for the disabled, and does nothing positive for society. To me, the concept seems very much like racial segregation. Our collective diversity would definitely suffer.
  • Brainstorming Article Ideas: Using Stock Photos to Generate Content
    your brain just can not possibly come up with even one coherent thought about a fresh article. Have you tried a brainstorming session, using stock photos to generate article ideas?
  • The Cure for Holiday Depression
    Holiday Depression affects millions of people around the world. Some people get depressed because they are lonely, some get depressed because they aren't lonely, but have far too much to do, see, and feel during the holidays. So, what do you do?
  • BDSM Techniques - Flogging for Fun
    Flogging and being flogged can be erotically stimulating. For the Top (Dominant partner), it can be about power, but it can also be about giving a sensually superior sensation to the bottom (submissive partner).
  • Blooming in Your Hands
    My gardener, my husband.
  • The Colors of Our Souls
    A short expression of the emotions of being with the most amazing wonderful man on earth.
  • BDSM Scenes & Electrical Play: Violet Wands, TENS Units and Bug Zappers
    Zap! Zap! Buzzzzzzzz! Does even the idea of erotic electrical play send your heart into racing arrhythmia? It used to scare the hell out of me, too! This article may help you explore Violet Wands, TENS Units and Bug Zappers as erotic tools.
  • Alternative Wedding Ideas for Celebrating Your Love
    Here Comes the Bride! And, he looks beautiful in his tuxedo! A Guide to Celebrating Love in Alternative Lifestyle relationships.
  • Decorating a Nautical Themed Bathroom Cheap and Easy
    Decorating a Nautical Themed Bathroom is fast, easy and cheap! There are so many options available for accessories and color schemes. The decorating secret is accessorizing!
  • Thank You, My Master, My Love
    Through all the months and years so far in our life together, a simple thank you from his submissive wife, lover, partner and forever heart.
  • Starting Afterschool Enrichment Programs for Neighborhood Kids
    Why should a community have to �bother' worrying about afterschool enrichment. Unfortunately, around 15 million children in the United States alone, go home to an empty house.
  • Muscular Dystrophy
    I thought my blind date was a drunk! Later, I discovered he wasn't drunk, when he said,"I have Muscular Dystrophy, it isn't catching." I wanted to know more about this man, and more about the disease.
  • Decorating a Frog Themed Bathroom Cheap and Easy
    With planning, you may be able to complete decorate and furnish your theme bathroom on the cheap, and still come out with a terrific finished product.
  • The Ultra-metabolism Life-Changing Nutrition Plan
    My experience with the Ultra-metabolism Plan and how it is changing our lives in so many ways. After years of the usual diet roller coaster routine, we found something that works!
  • Dealing Well with Your Child's Temper Tantrums
    Some great tips to deal with your child's temper tantrums, and help mold them into capable, happy adults.
  • Masturbation: The Safest Safe Sex
    An alternative view of masturbation, as a tool for self-knowledge and as exploration of desires. How masturbation improves your partnerability.
  • Aging and Your BDSM Relationship: Growing Old and Enjoying Your Kinks
    A short piece on adapting to our aging bodies while enjoying BDSM and ecstatic sex long into our golden years.
  • Decorating Your Home Dungeon Sensibly and Inexpensively
    A simple Home Dungeon that anyone can set up, for fun and frolic.
  • BDSM Relationships: Dominance and Submission
    People asked me to define my relationship with my husband and Master, after publishing another article, so I have, here. A glimpse into one definition of BDSM D/s relationships and what it is aall about.
  • Outlet Mall Shopping with Teenagers
    Plan a creative adventure at your local outlet mall! Teenagers and parents together, saving money, having fun and looking good!
  • Sharing Personal Information on the Internet
    My life is filled with wonderful, joyous, adventurous love. But, why in the world would I share that with you? Unless you are my lover…
  • Canes & Caning: Introducing Edgeplay Into Your BDSM Relationship
    A helpful guide to introducing BDSM Edgeplay into your relationship, and not causing mental or emotional hurt to your partner. Fireplay, Needleplay and other possibly frightening play can be introduced to make it enjoyable for all parties!
  • Celebrate Menopause with Hot Flash!, the Game!
    A lighthearted view into the great things about being menopausal, written from experiences and joys since getting to the Big "M". Resources for gathering more information, and a terrific fun game for Menopause Madness parties, celebrating Menopause.
  • Buying Guide to Laptop Computer Cases
    How to select the best laptop case for your needs and lifestyle.
  • Buying Guide to the Canon I90 Portable Printer
    An overview of the Canon i90 mobile printer; features, fun and buying the right printer.
  • Buying Guide to the Polaroid I532 Digital Camera
    Features, Benefits and Buying Guide to the Polaroid i532 Digital Camera, written by a converted buyer of expensive digital cameras.
  • What Makes a GREAT Dominant Partner for a Submissive?
    How to Choose the Great Dominant in a world of wannabes and wankers. Don't be fooled by players, learn how to spot the character traits and qualities that make a Dominant worthy of your trust and devotion.
  • Does Submission to My Husband Make me a Traitor to the Women's Liberation Movement?
    A personal reconciliation between being a strong, capable, independent, feminist woman and choosing to submit to my husband in every way. It isn't really a stretch at all. They ARE inherently compatible!
  • My BDSM Story: Dominance and Submission in My Relationship
    The journey of a female submissive, real life and forever. This personal story is a glimpse into the trials of making the most important decision of my life, and then living that life to the fullest potential.

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