Blake Ford Hall

Blake Ford Hall

I have been writing poetry since I was 4 years old. I have many years of experience with poetic writing and the study of it. I have a wide and diverse background in the arts. I have experience in nearly all mediums, but am especially well versed in writing, music and the performing arts.

I have life experience, scholastic training and a background in a broad base of subjects. These include psychology, theology, technology, anthropology, technology, sociology, shamanism, witchcraft, sorcery, the occult, anarchism, history, marketing, counseling and cults. I have experience and knowledge in of many non-traditional esoteric subjects, but also have a well rounded background that includes most traditional subject matter.

I am have been married, divorced, have one child of my own, have helped raise two step children, have three cats and one very loyal dog. I play guitar, bass, sing, write lyrics and play keyboards and several other instruments with some degree of skill. I have been involved with photography, multimedia, sound recording and graphic arts since my teens.

I have over a decade running my own businesses from home. Have done auctioning, online retailing, writing, blogging, ghost writing and other work over the last ten years. Have worked in website design, multimedia design and setting up system networks. I also know about social networks, blogging and many aspects of multimedia.

My personal background is in modern paganism, comparative religions, Wicca, and the new age. He also has earned credentials and recognition in these areas publicly, as both a New Age minister and as a quietly devout pagan in my personal life. I am an experienced Reverand, wedding planner, wedding officiant and have performed over 35 weddings.

I have a small and growing following of readers as a writer on the internet on Hub pages and I have also been published on Buskia, Trinod, Helium, my own personal blogs, and content writing for Textbroker.
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