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Undergraduate University of California Pre-Med, BA-English and MA-Education/Special Education San Diego State University


There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein



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  • 10 Tips for Organizing a Home Office
    These 10 tips can help you get your home-office organized and keep it that way!
  • Designing an English-Style Country Garden
    A classic English garden brings to mind the pastoral countryside. If you have been daydreaming about a garden retreat, why not create one of your own?
  • Book Review of 'The 5 Love Languages': By Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
    "The 5 Love Languages" books, by Gary Chapman, Ph.D., provide wonderful resources for individuals of all ages who are looking for “the secret of love that lasts.”
  • Great Smartphone Apps for Your Summer Vacation
    These seven smartphone apps are designed to meet your travel needs, from finding great deals on hotels, to locating the best nightclubs, to listening to your custom playlist...
  • Brazil Soccer/Football and Blue Jeans!
    Aside from great soccer/football, Brazil stands out for its increasing production of quality denim fabrics and beautiful clothing: jeans, jackets, shirts, and accessories!
  • How We Installed a Sprinkler System
    Installing a sprinkler system in your own yard is possible, especially when you follow these few basic tips.
  • Installing Solar Panels at Home: The Lessons I Learned
    There are many lessons to be learned when setting up solar panel systems. It helps to follow a few basic tips that come from personal experience.
  • Art Galleries in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, California
    San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter is the very heart of metropolitan San Diego, attracting art enthusiasts, food lovers, tourists, and locals.
  • My Experience With Infant Jaundice
    Concerns about our newborn son's health began when he was diagnosed with infant jaundice.
  • Drive-In Theaters in San Diego, California
    Pacific Beach's Full Moon Drive-In, East County's Santee Drive-In, and the South Bay Drive-in Theaters are drawing movie-goers by the carload to enjoy this favorite summer pastime!
  • Birthday Parties for Little Boys - on a Budget
    Plan a birthday party for a young boy on a budget, cut costs and add enjoyment!
  • How I Learned to Knit: Learning to Knit the Old-Fashioned Way
    My grandmother helped me learn to knit... a skill that I will forever be grateful for!
  • Romantic Getaways - San Diego
    For those times when you want to ‘get away’ with your loved one without having to travel very far, the following guide suggests five romantic and charming getaways within a two hour drive from San Diego, California.
  • Romance at Granite Falls
    "Romance at Granite Falls" captures the reader's interest from beginning to end.... a contemporary love story so full of twists and turns, it will leave you breathless!
  • How to Sell Your Books on Amazon Using Create Space
    My lifelong dream has been to write and publish my own books. With Create Space I have accomplished this professional goal! Following a few simple tips, you too will be on your way to self-publishing.
  • Three Ways I Save Money During the Holiday Season
    Over the years I have learned to get ready for the holidays by following three simple practices that help us to save money and bring JOY into the holiday season!
  • Three Ways I Reduce Holiday Stress
    How can you enjoy the holidays without becoming overwhelmed by stress?
  • Five Fun Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving
    Five fun ways to prepare for Thanksgiving!
  • My Personal Experience with Jury Duty
    Although I have served on jury duty several times, one experience stands out... not because of what happened in the courtroom, but because of the memories that were brought back and questions that were raised in my mind.
  • Oatmeal-Raisin-Coffee Cookie-Bars
    The perfect take-Along snack for an autumn drive through the country.
  • Backyard Ranching in Southern California
    Raising chickens, goats, fruit, and vegetables in our own backyard... the trials and the rewards!
  • Five Tips for Teaching Special Education
    The following five concrete and useful tips can help you to work successfully in the area of Special Education, and turn a job into a rewarding lifelong career.
  • What It's Like to Care for a Child With Autism
    Working with children with autism helped me learn to set aside my own expectations, understand their invisible needs, and quietly enter my students’ world, patiently…with unconditional acceptance.
  • My Bucket List for Spring
    There is no place I would rather be than in northern Israel this season! The perfect bucket list, for a perfect Passover!
  • The Advantages of Lifestyle Blogging
    Lifestyle blogging provides a steady income and a wonderful break from the nine-to-five workday. The possibilities and rewards are limitless!
  • Why I'm Giving Up on Dieting
    After years of feeling like a human yo-yo, I have found the best way to lose weight is by avoiding the latest fad-diets and concentrating on better eating habits!
  • First Person: Our Early Retirement
    Happily retired and in our 50's, my husband and I are living our dream and enjoying the benefits of the retirement savings that we began to save in our 40's.
  • Photos: A Winter Day in Tzfat, Israel
    A photo journal of Tzfat, Israel, on December 12th, 2012.
  • The Moon Through Leaves
    A poem about eternal love...
  • Just South of Death Valley
    The next time someone recommends taking a short-cut through south of Death Valley, you may want to think again.
  • A Guide to the 2012 San Diego County Fair
    It is that time of year again...time to pack up your children and visit the San Diego County Fair...It is 'Out of This World'!
  • Everyday People
    A poem about the summer of 1969
  • Coffee!
    A poem about the pleasure of coffee!
  • A Poem for Father’s Day
    A poem for Father's Day.
  • Content Writing and the World of Marketing
    If you love to write, content writing provides an excellent opportunity to express yourself. As a writer you are able to market almost anything!
  • My Personal Experience with Depression:
    Having experienced depression that lasted for several months, I have learned five simple ways to avoid depression.
  • Ten Tips for Teaching Your Child to Swim
    Learning to swim is a necessary part of children’s development. Swimming is a life skill that's enjoyable and necessary for safety!
  • First Person: Incorporating E-commerce Into Our Small Business
    How to position your small business for growth in today's economy...world of business and finance.
  • How We Discovered Our Child Has a Mild Form of Autism:
    We’d always felt that Mark was different. It came as a relief to us to learn that Mark had Asperger’s Syndrome, a high-functioning condition that is associated with Autism.
  • Mother's Day
    Why every day is Mother's Day...
  • My Unusual Genealogical Find: Grandparents on the Mayflower
    How I descovered that my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents came over on the Mayflower...
  • Israeli Morning
    Early morning in northern Israel...
  • Earth Day
    An Earth Day poem about truth...
  • Great Spring Break Mother/Daughter Vacations
    Three Spring Break mother/daughter vacation retreats include these sunny California destinations!
  • Easy Homemade Hamantashen for Purim
    The halacha (tradition) is for every Jewish person over Bar and Bat Mitzvah age to give a gift of food to at least one other person...a minimum of two items including one baked treat, often hamantashen* (a sweet and crispy, fruit filled cookie).
  • Top Ten Reasons to Take a Disney Cruise
    If you’re searching for the perfect vacation, a Disney Cruise may be the best choice for you and your family for several reasons, the top ten include…
  • From Junk Mail to Wealth
    A fortune teller told my father that he was to receive a precious necklace. My father quickly forgot the prediction until days later, when something totally unexpected happened. Here is my father’s story.
  • The Original Dog Beach in San Diego, California
    Looking for a great way to spend the day with your dog? Why not visit the original Dog Beach at the northern end of Ocean Beach in San Diego, California!?
  • Blue
    A Poem about the color blue!
  • Day of the Brigands
    Had the world changed, or was it only Jennifer's perception?
  • Customized Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets
    If you are short on time and cash but enjoy crafts and hobbies, designing a customized Valentine's day basket might be the right gift to create. With a visit to a local dollar store you will have a very special gift for a loved one in minutes!
  • A Valentine’s Day Short Story
    A very short Valentine's Day mouse's tale...
  • Understanding Toddler Development
    As your one to two year old's teacher, you have the opportunity to help shape your child's connection to the world, physically, emotionally, and cognitively!
  • How I Survived in San Diego on a Limited Income Following Divorce
    A sudden divorce forced my three sons and me to move from our home, make major cuts to personal finances, and recreate our lives in a new community.
  • Three San Diego Restaurants for Couples on Valentine’s Day
    If you are in the mood for something new, something different, and something romantic, why not try out one of these deli-cafés? They are all reasonably priced, friendly, delicious, and great restaurants for couples this Valentine's Day!
  • Valentine Princesses: Funny Valentine’s Day Memories
    Love is often found in the most unlikely places! (A heartwarmimg and funny Valentine's Day memory.)
  • Ten Tips for Helping Children with Autism Start the School Day
    Starting school can present difficulties for children with autism because they are required to conform to unpredictable and demanding schedules, rules, behaviors, and social norms.
  • First Person: We Survived on a Limited Income Following Divorce
    Following an unexpected divorce my young family was suddenly faced with the need to start over on a drastically reduced income. I was forced to make major cuts to our personal finances in order to begin a new life with my three young sons.
  • Girl Scout Cookies: Still Bringing Smiles
    My own memories of scouting take me back to the mid-1960s, when each spring seemed to revolve around cookie sales to neighbors and friends, and a new appreciation for my father took root...
  • Mr. D. Mise
    The story of Mr. D. Mise.
  • Mystic Tzfat
    The essence of a dream comes whole, in Tzfat, mystic city of the soul.
  • My Parenting New Year’s Resolutions
    Parenting is far from an exact science and there’s always room for improvement. What better time to focus on good parenting than at the beginning of the New Year?!
  • Top Ten Mini Vacations in San Diego County
    It is possible to take a vacation in your own home town of San Diego. Listed below are top ten ideas for inexpensive ways to take time off and relax!
  • Ten Things to Know About Autism:
    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a very broad term that refers to a wide range of social, developmental, and cognitive abilities.
  • Ten Great Dates with Your Spouse in the New Year
    Put an imaginative spin on any event...make that special time with your spouse feel like a first date and get ready to fall in love all over again in the New Year!
  • Winter parenting tips: Activities for sick days
    It’s a challenge to keep spirits up when dealing with sick kids during winter. By planning ahead and keeping a few staples on hand, we have found that sick days seem to pass more quickly and a complete recovery doesn’t seem to take quite so long!
  • Top Ten Ways to Save Money This New Year
    As the New Year begins, it’s the perfect time to start a gift cabinet, clear out old items, make subtle but significant financial changes, and prepare to save money!
  • Top Ten Homework Tips
    Don’t let homework control your life! Take charge of homework. Organize the work space, task, and materials. Provide an area that is free from clutter and distractions.
  • Top Ten Best Reasons to Knit:
    Without a doubt knitting is a great winter hobby. When the days grow short and the nights grow long, you’ll keep warm with a skein of yarn close by!
  • Memories of My Worst Road Trip
    As we continued we saw the path of destruction…car after car, truck after truck, buses flipped on their sides. We began to count, losing track when we reached 100! Soon we were one of the only vehicles on the road.
  • My Mercury Comet: The Best Vehicle Ever Owned
    The Mercury Comet...the best car I ever owned. It was fast, safe, and sporty!
  • My Experience Visiting Israel for the First Time
    The emotion one experiences when entering The Land is beyond words or explanation. The tears in our eyes said it all. We heaved a communal sigh as we stepped onto the soil where generations of Jews had walked before us.
  • Ten Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress
    The number of patients being treated for stress related symptoms increases during the holidays. Find ways to decrease stress and find fulfillment throughout the season by following these ten suggestions.
  • Settings for Romantic Novels
    Whatever your passion, whatever your dream, there are romance writers ready to take you there. Pack your bag, your sun-glasses, and a bottle of water. Then kick your shoes off, relax, and enter the world of romance!
  • Top Ten Settings for Romantic Novels
    How about escaping with romance writers into one of many delightful settings love novels are famous for. Romance stories provide adventure, eroticism, and passion, all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Health & Wellness: Top 5 Personal Health New Year's Resolutions
    With the New Year just around the corner, my goal is to start 2012 on a healthy note. A true sense of health and wellness comes through an appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.
  • Knitting: My Favorite Winter Hobby
    As budgets grow tight and days grow cold, knitting allows for the perfect winter oasis in a blustery world.
  • Travel and Recreation:
    Are you looking for the perfect summer vacation, a romantic get-away, or a memorable family vacation?For the finest in indoor and outdoor recreation, you cannot beat the luxury and adventure that recreational cruising has to offer.
  • Infant Development
    As your child’s first teacher the role you play in shaping your infant’s life is very important. Your baby’s awareness begins in these early moments.
  • A Peaceful Home
    Maintaining a peaceful home environment doesn’t just happen.We must focus on patience with our partners and with our children.
  • Memories of Hanukkah
    Hanukkah reminds us that the safest keeping is in the heart.
  • Christmas Romance
    Love as fresh as the first snow shines through in a token of love.
  • Child Development
    Child development is a term that is used to explain and differentiate between the phases a child passes through between infancy and adolescence. These stages include physical, psychological, and emotional development.
  • Historical Romance
    Romance stories can take place in a variety of settings. The setting and historical time period usually establish the romance novels as part of a specific romantic subgenre.
  • Romantic Novels and Adventure
    Are you ready to ride the rapids, explore the Amazon, or hang glide above the cliffs of southern California? If so, a good romantic adventure might be just right for you.
  • Ten Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts
    Cysts on ovaries are very common and occur frequently throughout the childbearing years. This article lists ten of the more common symptoms of ovarian cysts.
  • Ten Signs of Asperger’s Syndrome
    There are several signs that can signal the possibility of Asperger’s Syndrome, top ten health indicators are sited in this article.
  • Ovarian Cysts
    Women of all ages experience ovarian cysts, particularly during the childbearing years. Most cysts are not serious and are not a sign of a more serious condition. It is helpful to better understand the nature of ovarian cysts and ovarian cysts treatment.
  • Ten Favorite Holiday Pies
    Who doesn’t love pie? Just ask anyone what their favorite pie is and you’re certain to see a smile. Pie evokes memories of holiday meals and family dinners spent with loved ones.
  • Romance Writers
    Romance writers have been writing romantic novels for centuries. Today, when romance novels constitute the largest and most readily received genre, the romance industry is thriving.
  • Writing Romantic Novels: An Interview with Jessica Dorsey
    Jessica Dorsey is a contemporary romance writer. In this interview she describes how her childhood interests developed into the writing of romantic novels.
  • Dermoid Ovarian Cysts
    Dermoid ovarian cysts fall into the category of complex cysts. While Dermoid cysts in ovaries are relatively common, especially in younger women during the child bearing years, only about 2% are cancerous.
  • Ovarian Cysts
    There are many different types of ovarian cysts. While most cysts do not affect a woman’s ability to conceive, some of these can interfere with fertility.
  • Ovarian Cysts and Pregnancy
    Ovarian cysts during pregnancy are typically not dangerous. They are in fact fairly common and generally do not pose a threat to the mother or the unborn baby.
  • Gift Giving on a Budget
    The idea of resourceful gift-giving is not a new idea. For the past few decades several organizations have suggested options other than commercialized gift giving to encourage and support our local economies.
  • The World of Romance
    Women around the world are involved in a new type of romance. The romantic rage today features “girl-crushes”. Today’s women are captivated by the rush that surrounds the mystique of female celebrities.
  • High-Fiber Diet
    High fiber diets are considered to be one of the best ways to reduce the risk of health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Recent studies reinforce that a high fiber diet may also reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.
  • Patience in the Classroom
    Teaching students to be patient requires self-awareness and patience!
  • Ovarian Cysts
    Can ovarian cysts cause infertility? What are the symptoms and treatments?
  • The Aquarium
    Sometimes love can be found in the most unlikely place!
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