Pam Gaulin

Pam Gaulin

Pam Gaulin writes lifestyle, personal finance, news, and entertainment for major online publishers and brands. She is a full-time freelance writer with 20 years of professional experience in publishing. Editors have praised her for her conversational style.

More than 20 million online readers have read her content online. Pam was named Content Producer of the Year 2009 (Associated Content) for her vast library of compelling and useful content. She s been featured in First for Women magazine for her online work. She received awards for Best of AC Home Improvement (August 2009), and Best of AC Winter Holidays (December 2009).

Her work has appeared on Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Shine, NBC, Good Morning America, LiveStrong, Modern Mom, TheFrisky, VocalPoint, and WorldStart. She wrote weekly columns about celebrities and fashion for She has created user-friendly content for major brands including Ballpark, Bank of America, Bounty, Butterfinger, Depend, Dodge Ram, Equifax, McCormick, P&G, Purina, Royal Caribbean, Visa and Walmart.

She is the editor of Web Site Source Book (2001). Previously she was the project leader for a K-12 database for school libraries, a business writer for corporate newsletters, and the Happenings Editor for the Valley Advocate. Currently she is working on a young adult novel, an online children s book app, and her blog. She also paints with watercolors and acrylics.
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  • Shamrock Shapes for St. Patrick's Day Crafts
    Print and cut shamrock shapes for St. Patrick's Day crafts
  • Fall Leaf Templates for Arts and Crafts
    Printable fall leaf templates for arts and crafts, home decorating and any other ideas that fall into your lap.
  • Tea Pot Tea Party Template
    Make your own tea pot shaped invitations for a tea party with this free and printable template.
  • Free Printable Valentine's Envelopes
    Print out these envelope designs for your homemade Valentine's Day cards. Cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines. SWAK.
  • DIY Favor Box Template Printable
    Print this favor box template to make your own favor box for a birthday party, shower or wedding.
  • White Christmas 2008 in Central Massachusetts
    The same day our power was restored after the ice storm knocked it out, we fought the snow to get back home. Here are some photos showing the snow and the downed trees.
  • Northeast Ice Storm 2008
    The Ice storm hit Central Massachusetts pretty hard on Thursday night. The damage to power lines is widespread, and some of us may be lucky to have power by Christmas.
  • Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags
    Print out these free Christmas gift tags that I made. For best results use a card stock quality paper. CC License Pam Gaulin; Snowman by foobean01/, (modified) Christmas Ball by rafaortman/, Present by somadjin/, Tree by xymonau/
  • Torso Tag Art
    Examples of my torso tag art, a type of paper crafts using collage. I made these while I was heavily into making Artist Trading Cards (ATCs).
  • Free Torso Tag Templates
    Print this free torso tag template to make tag art or gift tags.
  • Winter Snow Storm 12/13/07
    Tracking the first big snow storm of the winter season in Southeastern New England.
  • Snow Storm December 13, 2007
    This slideshow will track the first major winter storm in Southeastern New England.
  • Zen at the Beach
    After hiking past the water-filled granite quarry, find yourself facing the Atlantic ocean, piles of granite, and these zen-like rock piles.

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