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I have written and illustrated, one children s Christmas book, entitled The Night That Was Christmas, published by, one historical piece entitled, The Palo Alto School in the book, Gillespie County School Histories 1983, published by Dietel & Son Printing. I have published one poem in the anthology, From Silver Fountains, by; another poem, in the anthology, Great Poets of the Twenty-first Century by JMarkPress; and several poems published at Fellowship of Christian Poets online. I have two recipes featured in Country Woman magazine, and in their cookbooks, The Best of Country Cooking 2007, The Best of Country Cooking 2009, and Taste of Home Annual Recipes 2010, as well as on the Taste of Home online site. I have also created three devotional booklets for my local church.

I have enjoyed writing of all kinds since a very young age. Writing is my passion, second only to my three children who cause me to engage in that unpaid mother’s vocation of burning rubber on Texas roads, to keep up with them and all they do. Of course, that is the one thing I would never trade, and will dearly miss one day all too soon. I am an outdoors person and prefer to be in the pasture in my spare time, in fact it is where I have done some of my best writing. I now have over 116 pieces and counting published on Yahoo, including two that made the Yahoo Voices Front page under creative writing. I am married and a native of the Texas Hill Country.
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