Donna Cundiff

Donna Cundiff

I work as an administrative assistant for a non-profit organization. That means I am chief cook and bottle washer. Everyone comes to me for help to solve their practical problems. (There is another staff member who serves as the office Yoda. She listens to and advises the staff on their personal problems.) Staff members come to me when they want something done right and done fast. My previous work background is varied: department store clerk; department manager; bookkeeper for a major supermarket chain; pharmacy tech; private school swim team organizer and coach; health insurance administrator; and a state of Texas Realtor ®.

I was recently awarded a new handle at my current work place: Administrative Assistant/Director of Membership Services. (No raise, just the handle.) I insure that the members of my assocation with whom I come in contact with each day have a stellar customer service experience. I consider myself to be a customer service professional because providing good customer service has been an integral part of every job I’ve ever had.
I believe I m an expert on a number of topics: I raised two children who survived to adulthood and became productive members of society. I have divorced and remarried. I ll be turning sixty-one this year (2012), and I have the aches and pains and the gray hair to prove that I have so-far survived this journey called life. I became a grandma last year and I can authoritatively say that my grandson is the smartest, most handsome little boy on the planet. I have a handicapped adult sister who lives in a nursing home, so I find it imperative to keep abreast of the ever changing standard-of-care regulations in my state of Texas. I am mesmerized by the national circus of politics. I graduated from the Yahoo! Contributors Academy, and I passed the two offered elective. I enjoy reading and writing fiction. Look for short fiction and personal interest stories in my columns. My goal is to contribute high
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I attended high school and college in Southern California. I attended writing classes in Houston, Texas at Tomball College and Rice University.


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