Thomas Orr

Thomas Orr

Thomas Orr is the professor for Sport Marketing and Administration at Northern State University. He was a visiting professor for Indiana University and a research associate for the Center for Sport Policy & Conduct. He has had extensive experience as a player, official, supervisor, coach and administrator in numerous sports. Thomas was the assistant intramural director for the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux athletic department, where he also completed his B.A. in History with minors in recreation and leisure services, economics, and athletic coaching.

Thomas worked in the North Dakota State Prison where he learned a great deal about the criminal justice system and gained a new perspective on working with the psychology of inmates. In his role with the Center for Sport Policy & Conduct he was able to consult and work with foreign governments on programs and policies for their countries. Sport for All and Unity in Sport Programs received support from the government and provided many great opportunities. He has been published in The Sport Psychologist and also has co-written Sport and Violence; A Critical Examination of Sport.

As a hockey player he was able to compete in the Canadian junior hockey leagues before playing his college hockey for the Hoosiers. After playing several seasons for Indiana he joined the coaching staff as an assistant coach and helped lead the team to a national title game. After being selected as a coach for the ACHA Division 1 All Star game in only his second season as Head Coach and fifth season coaching for the cream and crimson, Dr. Orr moved to Northern State to join the faculty as a tenure track professor and coaches the youth teams of his 4 children.
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PhD Candidate, Indiana University M.S. Indiana University B.A. University of North Dakota


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