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  • So You Think You’re Ready for Black Friday?
    This article is about how shoppers need a good strategy before going out on Black Friday.
  • Parenting Resolutions I Don’t Intend to Break
    This article is about my parenting resolutions for 2013. These resolutions include having my kids have quiet time in their rooms once a day, and also introducing board games into their day.
  • Dear Me, Listen And Learn!
    This is a letter to my Kid Self, giving her some much needed advice so she doesn't have to go through all the mistakes that I did.
  • Pregnant and Hungry!
    This is the story of the severe morning sickness I went through, and all the medications and procedures I had to go through.
  • First Person: Persistance Doesn't Pay... Yet
    This is my personal story of my lengthy job search, and the roadblocks I've run into while looking. I also describe some personal challenges I had, that led me to be a little more flexible in my job search criteria.

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