Matt Clementz

Matt Clementz

As a young and inspiring writer, my writing can be found all over the internet in a wide variety of forms. For many years I've designed blogs, built special-interest websites, and written for freelance organization (like this one) in order to hone my skill.

I first noticed I had a knack for the written language in college when struggling to choose a major. With little to no direction at that time, I realized my best plan was to get a degree in the quickest and easiest manner possible. Not recommended for everyone, but it worked alright for me.

I now work as a supervising mental health worker in a crisis residential treatment facility. I write as a release for my extra energy and to keep the talents I bear sharp and in focus. I aspire to author a full-length novel some day when the right idea strikes.
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  • 5 Reasons to Quit Your Job
    Even in one of the harshest economic climates in modern history, there comes a time in many a person's life when they are forced to confront the eternal (and scary) question: Is it time to quit my job? Here's some guidance to know when it's time to bail.
  • Summer's Fading Breath
    A haiku about winter, it explores the seasons changing and the symbolism behind the features of said seasons.
  • How Old is Old Enough for My Child to Have a Cell Phone?
    With social media and messaging king among pre-teens and up, children begin begging for cell phones at younger and younger ages all the time. Let's factor in the safety concerns, the advantages, and the disadvantages to youngsters being connected.
  • Celebrate the Magic of Christmas at the Disneyland Resort
    Every year around this time, visitors to the Disneyland Resort in California are overwhelmed by the beauty and grandeur of the park's holiday decor and festivities. 2011 brings a few new holiday surprises with all the old favorites.
  • The Top 5 Ski Resorts in the Eastern United States
    As an avid amateur skiier, I've spent the large majority of my life's paid vacation skiing as many different rns as I could find in order to discover the finest slopes on Earth. Here is my list of the top five in the Eastern United States.
  • The Top Ice Fishing Destinations in the United States
    Though ice fishing destinations can be found in just about every region that boasts both a body of water and freezing temperatures, any good fisherman knows that some locales are just better than others when it comes to reeling in the big catch.
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  • Picking the Right 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner
    While the Heisman Trophy has nearly always been given to the top player on offense (even though defensive players are eligible), recent trends have seen the popular media darlings, not statistically superior candidates, take home the prestigious award.
  • The Best Ski Resorts in the Western United States
    As a dedicated amateur snowboarder (and part-time skier as of late), I have spent the large majority of my vacation time in pursuit of the finest slopes within the confines of some incredible ski resorts. The resorts here offer more than just great hills.

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