Kerry Joe Miller

Kerry Joe Miller

I served for 10 years in the US Army Reserves as a Medic, Chaplain Assistant and a Career Counselor. For the last 10 years I have been involved in soldier support.
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Let Freedom Ring


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  • Veteran for Peace
    As a 10 year army veteran I have seen first hand what war does to soldiers and families. While I know there is a need for the military I do pray for a time when humans can learn to live in peace.
  • Ethan's Story
    This is a story about a son who lost his mom, and how he reacted to the crisis.
  • The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
    He was excited about his future as he would soon be getting married, but something happened that changed it all. Read the rest of the story to see what happened.
  • Do You Want to Go Bowling?
    My dad showed me love that I didn't deserve.
  • Did You See Those Flowers? Taking Time to Notice the Things Around You
    I have learned to take time to notice the beauty around me.
  • A Proud Single Dad in 2013
    This is my story of being a single dad and how by never giving up it made a difference in my son's life.
  • Changes Needed in the Military
    This is my opinion of changes that are needed in the military at this time.
  • A Different Kind of Christmas Lights
    Christmas with family is always great, and this year it was even greater. This was a Christmas I would never forget.
  • I Really Tried to Love Her
    A short story about my former girlfriend who I still love and care for.
  • A Soldier's Cry
    I am writing this story based on a true story, and I wrote it as if the person was writing it. I am leaving the name of this person out of the story, but the message is moving and comes from the heart.
  • Soldier Man
    This is a song dedicated to all who are serving.
  • Freedom is Not Free
    I wrote this to honor all who have served in the military, to those who are serving, and to those who will serve.
  • Through the Years
    I wrote this song as a testimony of my life's journey.
  • My Son's Song
    I wrote this one day while thinking about my son and the years that have gone by.
  • We Were Soldiers
    This song was written in 2005. It is dedicated to all those who have served, who are serving, and to those who will serve.
  • Freedom Song
    I wrote this song to honor our soldier's and their families.
  • How to Be a Successful Part-Time Parent
    A book on how to help single parents or divorced parents.
  • Christmas Child
    This is a poem about Christmas and the joys the season it can bring.
  • My Christmas Gift to My Mom
    As children we are always excited for Christmas morning because of the gifts we would get. But this year I was excited to see what my mother would get.

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