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Hertha Crystal

Hello, I’m Hertha Crystal. You may also follow me at Twitter (@Hertha_Crystal) or Facebook. If you like my articles or have any questions/suggestions, please leave me a comment. I will try my best to reply all questions. Thank you.
Hertha Crystal is my pen name. Hertha means Earth's child as we are all children of the Earth and Crystal symbolizes clarity as I like to see and learn things without distorted truth. In a way, I hope my writings will give readers the truth and clear vision as to motivate, to inspire, and to empower. I came from a multi-cultural background and I speak five languages and dialects. I was trained in biochemistry, anthropology, and obtained a professional training certification in Infectious Diseases from CDC. I have extensive work experience in clinical research/ pharmaceutical industries and knowledge in medical science. My passions are healthy living, medicine, science, technology, and writing. I also enjoy reading from classic literature to parenting tips, arts, movies, photography, cooking, and music. Our family enjoys seeing the world and we have visited many places in North America, Asia, and Europe. Currently, I live in Southern California with my family.
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Biochemistry/Anthropology at UC, General Studies at Columbia University, Certification in Clinical Trial Design & Development, and CDC Certification in Infectious Diseases


Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change. ~ Ingrid Bengis



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