Hertha Crystal

Hertha Crystal

Hertha Crystal is my pen name, Hertha means Earth's child as we are all children of the Earth and Crystal symbolizes clarity to me as I like to see things clearly. I hope in all my writings will give my readers clear vision to motivate, to inspire, and to enjoy.

Here is a brief background of myself. I am a working mom has extensive years of work experience in the healthcare industry and a freelance writer. Being married to a physician, working in the healthcare, and as a writer, my passions are medicine, science, technology, and writing. I also like literature, arts, and music. Our family enjoys travel and visited many cities in North America, Asia, and Europe. I speak 5 languages and dialects. My hobbies include cooking (trying out new recipes from different regions of the world), reading from classic literatures to parenting tips, movies, and photography. Currently, I live in Southern California with my family.
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General Studies at Columbia University, Certification in Clinical Trial Design & Development, and CDC Certification in Infectious Diseases


Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change. ~ Ingrid Bengis



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