David Anthony Miller

David Anthony Miller

My friends call me David or Dave. I am in my thirties and enjoying a couple of children and being married to my beautiful wife. We have been together for a few years and have a teenage boy and a baby girl. The teen boy is not ours biologically and how he came to be in our custody is quite a story in and of itself. As far as professionally I have worked with computers in one way or another for my entire adult life. Most of it has been drawing with a CAD program but I also have decent general knowledge of computers in general. Also I am a writer and have been working to improve those skills feverishly for the better part of the last few years. Eventually I hope to be able to focus completely on writing.
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  • Search for Everlasting
    Religious views and paths explored through true sestina form poetry. This is a unique look at our soul's search for truth. There are many searching down different paths. Such this is a poem.
  • A Christmas Miracle Worth Waiting For
    There is something special about miracles but Christmas miracles are even better. Mine is the story of three lost souls that were placed together into a family at Christmas. A chance meeting between two like people and a lost child at Christmas.

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