Jeanette Flint-Zalfini

Jeanette Flint-Zalfini

Jeanette has 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren and lives with her significant other. She shares her home in the Southern California Los Angeles area, with a long-haired Dachshund (Auggie-doggie), a long-haired Chihuahua (Toby) and Sneaker, our cat. Jeanette's pets not only bring her immense personal joy, but also provide her with great inspirational writing material. She works for the American Red Cross and looks forward to retiring in December, 2014. Writing is one of her greatest passion among many; dancing, golfing, reading, and everything computer/internet related.
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Life is Good. It is better to look good than to feel good!
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  • Absentmindedness - when the Mind Takes on a Mind of Its Own
    You may forget, but your mind does not. It can be triggered by an image, a melody or a particular fragrance. It remembers everything that you do not.
  • Baby Boomer Nostalgia - We've Experienced it All
    The aging process, particularly for women, is something we´d rather not think about. The golden years are not always as bright as the phrase suggest. Nostalgic memories can brighten this time in our life.
  • The Silent Killer – Ovarian Cancer
    This deathly killer need not be a death sentence. Equipped with good information you can be for-warned and for-armed. Women should maintain a good rapport with their doctors in order to communicate well about their symptoms.
  • Tobacco Companies – Can Their Consciences Be Swayed?
    It certainly can’t be denied that tobacco companies continue to be a part of the downfall of people’s health. It also begs the question as to even a twinge of guilt on the part of CEO’s. You have to wonder if they have any scruples at all.
  • Toby - No!
    Puppies are like babies except with sharp teeth. How soon we forget what babyhood and early puppy days are like. Hectic though it may be, it's not something to be missed.
  • Keep Fit Mentally - the Baby Boomer Perspective
    Live a longer and healthier life just by taking a few simple suggestions. It doesn't have to be like work, particularly when you're at an age where budget and health is a deal breaker.
  • Oprah, the OWN Network
    During such troubled times in our beloved America, it's nice to know that even though we're struggling now, it's nothing compared to the daily struggles of deprived countries such as India. We truly do live in the best country in the world!
  • The Golden Years of Marriage
    Marriage at any time can be challenging and tiresome to say the least. Again, this is true at any given point in a marriage. I believe the benefits of a changing marital relationship in the golden years far outweighs any negatives.
  • Losing My Mind and My Belongings!
    When life starts falling down around you, just make excuses for it. Don't forget to laugh, at everything. Seniors can get away with this; don't need a reason; just laugh at everything. IMHO, it's the answer to everything in the universe!
  • Staying Fit - Baby Boomer Style!
    Keeping healthy as we age should be an important part of our agenda as we enter our retirement years. Most of us have looked forward with glee to this time in our lives. If we neglect our health, it won't be the joyful period we hoped and planned for.
  • Sexism, Racism & Vulgarity – STOP Already!
    The internet has become the absolute best way to communicate and interact with others. However, when you allow nasty comments and abusive language, we just set a precedent for it to continue. Websites are monitored but we've failed miserably.
  • Acer Netbooks Under $300
    All the new technology thrown at us these days can be very tempting. But it pays to do your research before you make what might be unnecessary purchases. A lightweight netbook can negate the need for extra gadgets.
  • Fantasy Sports - No More Screaming at the TV
    I suppose we have to expect the evolution of technology to change way we live in general. Fantasy sports seems to add to the enjoyment of watching the games,so guess that's a good thing. But connecting with peoples in a personal way is lacking.
  • My Dog is a Crazy Psycho Killer!
    Why do we have to put labels on everything? Because I treat my pet differently than you, does that make me a "co-dependent pet owner"? I think ‘loving’ pet owner is more appropriate term, and Lord knows we need more of that; for our pets and our humans.
  • Woman in Pink
    Imagine love just walking right out in front of your car as you're driving to work one day. But there's a catch. How do you stop a potential love interest in the middle of a busy street? How do you get her attention without scaring her away?
  • Making Ends Meet in a Tough Economy
    Many of us have never thought about how much we waste and how much we really need. Our current economy has given us a great opportunity to think about these things. And once we do, when the economy recovers (and it will), we will be in better shape ever
  • Valentine's Day from Hell
    Love between two people can be a glorious thing. But when a jealous third party enters the picture, anything can happen.
  • The Pet/People Connection
    Have you ever wondered about the connection humans have with their pets and even wild animals? If one takes a closer look, a lot can be learned from this connection.
  • Good Parenting Doesn't Have to Be Bootcamp Type Tactics - Choose Your Battles!
    There is no perfect science to raising kids. If you do it with humor and and common sense then you are on the right track. In the end your kids will grow up to be what they will be, despite your efforts. Maybe one of them will be president one day!
  • Customer Service, a Dying Art
    Some things cannot improve unless we were to step back a hundred years or more. As much as we complain about the lack of human connection, we can't have it both ways. Stepping back means no great technology and no fun toys. Instead, we could have a mean
  • Thanksgiving, Come and Gone
    When did the holidays stop being fun? Did old lady crankiness sneak up on me? I have sunk from being the life of the party to being the party pooper!
  • The Courtyard
    During the hustle and bustle of your workday, take a break and seek the outdoors. Nature alone has a relaxing affect, but take a book along for an added escape.
  • The Imp and the Grandma
    It's always a joy when a child and an adult can connect in such a way that their ages mean nothing. Make an effort to get into a child's mind and see if you don't find it delightfully true.
  • Contact Sports - An Excuse to Rage
    Do Sporting Events Promote Violence? It's bad enough when our youth are exposed to violent gaming videos and rough TV. It's hidden well under the guise of All American Sports.
  • Remembering Mother
    Life should be filled with fond memories, not regrets. Carrying around negative baggage does nothing to preserve those memories and certainly nothing worth perserving for our children.
  • A Day in the Life of Brodie
    Lurking around every corner it seems we have a watcher, be it a parent, teacher, truant officer, or various other authoritive figures. Sometimes we just want to get away. But at the end of the day, most of us realize how great we really have it.

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