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Hi my name is Diane. I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have lived in Canada most of my life. I also lived in Miami, Las Vegas and Argentina South America for a few years. I will one day go back to Las Vegas when I retire. I'm a baby-boomer generation. I have changed careers 4 times in my life and had the opportunity to own a bed and breakfast and a beauty salon in the 90's. I've had the good fortune to travel many places for business and pleasure.
I have two beautiful children. They are all grown up now, 2 girls, 25 and 31. I work part time between jobs until I get back to the job I like most, selling new homes. A few years back I took a course to write a book. I started writing 3 years ago and hopefully will finish my book early next year. I decided to try and write a few articles with this site, sounds interesting. I've read many articles on this site and enjoyed every topic. I know I will enjoy every minute writing. This is my passion.
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