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I am the youngest of six children. I was born in Oroville, CA to Darrell and Doris Baker. I attended all local schools. I graduated from LP high school in 2003. I earned a scholarship and attended Butte College for 2 yrs. I currently work in education.
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    Well, that answer is not so difficult if you have knowledge of the 26th President of the United States. That man was Theodore Roosevelt. He was also affectionately known as Teddy.
  • Psychology and Long-Term Dating an Hour Apart
    Five steps can make dating a person who lives away from you as easy as riding a bicycle. You just have to learn how to use psychology.
  • Tips for Planning a Night at Home
    Are you running out of ideas for things to do? Relax and try planning a night at home. Here are tips for meals and activities. They will make you a hit with friends, family, and your significant other.
  • Hosting a Successful Karaoke Pary is Easy
    The goal of any karaoke event is a large attendance and people willing to get up and sing. The right dj and facility can make all the difference.

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