D.G. Williams

D.G. Williams

A devout fan of film since birth, D.G. lives for the intellectual depth and emotional intrigue of a good story. As a freelance writer, he focuses on his creative writing and critical analysis of the primary storytelling mediums, particularly movies and television.

A child who didn't believe he was good at writing, D.G. found his passion for the written word when he was abruptly pulled out of regular school and home-schooled by his mother. Though initially jarring at first, D.G. now looks back on the experience with nothing but positivity, as it became something that opened him up to his passions and abilities that were previously undervalued and undiscovered.

When he isn't writing or in search of a good story, D.G. is an avid video game player and huge fan of the sport of hockey. A lifelong follower of his hometown Philadelphia sports teams, he has been known to write articles on the state of their four major franchises on occasion.

D.G. currently resides in the Philadelphia area, and hopes to apply his passion for storytelling and narrative in the entertainment fields of filmmaking, television production, video game design, theme park conceptual design, or published fiction.
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Life can only be understood backwards, yet it must be lived forward.



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