Candace Matthews

Candace Matthews

Candace recieved her B.S. in Biology from Chowan University, where she held a concentration in Allied Health with a minor in Chemistry. While attending Chowan Candace recieved an EMT-B license to practice emergency medicine from the state of North Carolina. She is also an alumni of the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) held at Duke University.

Candace has worked in various fields of medicine and beyond. She spent 6 months working as a volunteer EMT and currently works in the field of animal medicine. Other jobs she has held include childrens programming coordinator, assistant teacher, tutor, cook, and computer technician.

Candace has a love of community service work and currently serves on her local committee of the American Cancer Society s Relay for Life event. She is also a volunteer with her local animal shelter. Candace shadows and assists veterinary medical doctors at two animal hospitals in her area. She aspires to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and work with large animals, small animals, and exotics. She currently attends veterinary school.

Candace s hobbies include cooking, sewing, and writing.
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Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chowan University 2011; North Carolina Emergency Medical Technician Basic, Roanoke Chowan Community College, 2010


The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated Ghandi



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  • The Truth About Pet Vaccination Frequency
    A recent news report made the claim that pets do not need annual vaccines. This is not true. This report was done using information given from a former veterinarian that is no longer in practice. Read on for what you need to know as a pet owner...
  • Avoid Misunderstanding at the Doctor's Office
    The physician's office is a confusing place. What can you do to avoid misunderstanding what your doctor says during your visit? The following tips will ensure you never get confounded again.
  • North Carolina Bill 956 Harms Dogs and Owners
    If you live in North Carolina you need to know about House Bill 956. This bill will require owners of so called 'aggressive breeds' to jump through hoops and pay a lot of money just to keep their dog. This is a dangerous bill for pets and their owners.
  • Giving Medication to a Difficult Dog
    Medication comes in many dorms today, most of which are flavored for your pets enjoyment. However, it is not always so easy to get them to take these meds- especially if they will be taking them for the rest of their life. Read on for advice from a vet.
  • How to Get Your Dog to Eat
    Maybe you recently had to switch your dog’s food to an allergy friendly diet or you just noticed Fido isn’t excited about breakfast anymore. Whatever the reason, if your dog won’t eat you could end have a bigger problem to deal with. Try these techniques:
  • Vitamin C: Not Just a Cold Fighter
    Vitamin C is often used by people trying to avoid a cold during the winter months. Don’t overlook this super star vitamin the rest of the year! Read about the many things vitamin C can do for you.
  • What to Do to Find Your Lost Pet
    In today’s electronic world, posting a few “lost pet” flyers will not get you the best chance of having your pet back home. The following tips should reunite you and your family pet.
  • How to Handle the ‘Unwanted’ Pet
    It happens to the best of us; A family member wanted a pet and promised to care for it but it has become your responsibility. Before you place an ad on Craigslist or contact your local shelter, take a pause and read what I did about my similar situation.
  • Social Media and Pet Adoption: The Good, Bad, and Ugly
    Is social media a blessing or a curse for our shelters and homeless animals? Read the following for the good, the bad, and the ugly of social media, and how to avoid the pitfalls.
  • Dance for Health and Happiness!
    Could dancing be the answer to all of your problems? If you find it hard to convince yourself to go exercise, or if you find yourself exhausted and mentally bored post-workout, dance may help with that. Read on for advice on recreating your workout!
  • Healthy Options for the Pumpkin Fad
    Pumpkin treats are popping up everywhere! There are many options from pumpkin soup to pumpkin ice cream. Don’t let this current food fad ruin your waistline. Read on for healthy pumpkin recipes and how to make good choices when on the run!
  • Disabled Pets May Require Less Care
    Oskar, a blind cat, is the star of the winning Friskies cat video for 2012. Disabled pets can be just as fun, loving, and helpful as a regular pet. The disabilities an animal may have vary widely. Not all special needs pets require sacrifice.
  • Is it a Poodle or Something Else?
    If it looks like a sheep it has to be a Poodle, right? Wrong! Poodles come in many colors, and many other dogs share their hypoallergenic 'sheepish' coat. Read on for how to distinguish between a Poodle and one of the breeds often mistaken for a Poodle.
  • Heal Those Cracked Hands
    Fall and winter are always harsh on the skin. A combination of cold weather and increased hand washing can dry out your hands. If you suffer from dry, cracked hands the way that I do- this advice is for you.
  • Tarantula: The Easter Chick of Halloween?
    During Easter there is always a surge in the sale of chicks. Are Tarantulas the Easter chicks of Halloween? Don’t let these beautiful creatures suffer the same fate as other 'holiday pets.' Read on for more information about their needs.
  • Avoid the Dangers of Pet Treat Recalls
    What do we really know about the ingredients and the companies we are putting so much faith in? With more and more pet food recalls, can we afford to risk our pets health for a treat? Read on for some simple options for ways to reward your pet.
  • Avoiding Poodle Health Problems
    Poodle's are an excellent breed of dog. They are one of the smartest dogs in the world. They come in many sizes, from teacup to standard. If you are considering owning this dog breed there are some health hazards you will need to look out for.
  • Protect Your Pet This Halloween
    Holidays are stressful for us all, even the family pet. Keep your family pet safe this Halloween with the following tips.
  • Could One Cookie Destroy Your Diet?
    One cave-in to a sweet temptation could be all it takes to destroy your healthy eating habits. Read on for why, how, and what you can do to satisfy that craving without risking your success!
  • The Dangers of Pet Obesity
    As Obie, the 77 lb doxie, makes headlines we need to look at our own pets. Could your pet be overweight? For some pets, a one pound weight gain makes them obese. Each pet is different, but the health problems that result are all devestating.
  • Cheap Replacements for Expensive Pet Products
    Owning a pet is not cheap. As part of a multiple-pet household, I need to cut corners anywhere I can. Here are some of the swaps you can make to save money on typical pet care products.
  • Do You Have a Bad Dog, or a Misunderstanding?
    If you think you have a 'bad dog' you may just not understand what is bothering the canine. Many problem pooches are merely bored or doing what they were bred to do. Read on to find out what causes common 'bad dog' issues and how to resolve them.
  • Using Biofeedback to Treat Overactive Bladder
    Biofeedback can be very beneficial in correcting problems of the muscle. Biofeedback is particularly useful in correcting bladder issues in women. Read on to find out what biofeedback is and how it can be used to retrain the bladder.
  • Yogurt: A Diet’s Best Friend
    The health benefits of yogurt are great. Most brands offer high protein values, vitamins and minerals, and probiotics to assist digestion. Yogurt can be used as a healthy cooking substitute in many of your favorite recipes.
  • Keeping your home pet-odor free
    Having pets is an endless joy, but the odors that tag along are not so celebrated. Your home doesn’t have to smell like you live with animals. With a little routine cleaning and discipline your home can smell fresh again!
  • Fun fall activities for your dog
    Looking for fun activities to do with your dog this fall? As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to fall, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. Try some of these fall favorites with your pet this year!
  • 8 Family Activities that Include the Dog
    Family activities are meant to bring the family closer together. All too often the family dog gets left behind, bored yet forgiving. Throw some of these family activities into the mix to bring the whole family out for a good time!
  • Safe Weight Loss for Those Over 50
    Age is really just a number; People of every age can benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Cardio and muscle building exercises are the best way to lose weight and stay in shape.
  • Popular ‘Healthy’ Snacks May Be More Like Desserts
    Many foods we consider healthy may not be as great as we think. We munch on granola, nosh on yogurt, and down fruity smoothies in the name of better health. Are these snacks more like treats than we treat them? How can we fix them?
  • Men: Eat Right for Healthy Aging After 50
    Eating healthy can be manly too; It isn’t all about salads and salmon. While the list of super foods may be a short one, I can tell you which ones you WANT to start eating. So put down the pretzels and pass the mixed nuts, we’re eating to erase the years!
  • Does My Dog Need a Kennel?
    Dogs need kennels for all of the same reasons a child (or even adult) needs their own room. A kennel is a personal space and a safety zone. Every indoor dog needs a kennel. Here is why, and how, to use one.
  • Breast Enhancement: The Natural Way
    No scalpels, no padding, just boobs! (You should note I said ‘natural’ and not easy.) There is definitely a way to make your bust look larger to yourself and others, even while naked. I have had results myself from this technique. Read on for the secret!
  • Advice for the Unemployed, Inexperienced: Volunteer
    Young Americans are feeling the pain of a weak job market worse than their parents. Americans ages 16 to 24 have double the unemployment rate of older Americans. What is the problem, and what can today's youth do to help themselves?
  • Brown Widows Taking Over Black Widow Habitat
    As with any known turf-war situation, local inhabitants need to be ever-vigilant. Read on for information about a deadly territory dispute between Black Widows this summer and how to protect yourself and your pets.
  • Will Spaying/Neutering Cause Dogs and Cats to Go Extinct?
    Many people do pose this question to those of us working for shelters and other animal protection agencies. Are spaying and neutering threats to our beloved pets? Read on to find out.
  • 2012: The Year of the Tortoise?
    There has been a lot of drama in the Tortoise community in 2012! June has seen tortoise birth, death, and even divorce as the world looks on. From San Diego to Australia the tortoise is making headlines. Will 2012 be the year of the tortoise?
  • 5 Foods to Satisfy Your Salty Cravings Safely
    Craving salt? Put down the peanuts! There are more options out there for satisfying the salty snack craving without taking in a flood of sodium. Try one of these healthier options.
  • What to Expect During a Urodynamic Study
    A urodynamic study (or test) tells the physician how your bladder reacts to stimuli. To your bladder, stimuli is filling with urine, holding urine, and releasing urine. Here is what you can expect during a urodynamic study from someone who has had one.
  • How I Save Money by Re-growing Produce from Scraps
    Certain foods forgo my compost heap as I have learned they are re-growable! Celery, potatoes, and green onions are some of the things I have started re-growing. Read on for what and how you can re-grow.
  • Will Street Drugs Cause the Zombie Apocalypse?
    Make no mistake, this is not a merely ‘theoretical’ article. A Florida man was recently found naked, displaying primitive behavior, and eating another man’s face. The culprit? Police officers speculate the man was high on the LSD drug ‘bath salts.’
  • No Bully Breeds Allowed
    The Staffordshire Terrier, also known as the Pit Bull, has been black listed and discriminated against for a very long time, but why? Shouldn't we punish the irresponsible dog owners that create 'bad dogs' instead of an entire breed? Read on for more.
  • 5 Healthy Foods to Satisfy Your Sour Cravings
    The hardest part of sticking to a healthy diet is learning how to best handle your cravings. The next time you have a sour craving try one of these delicious alternatives to candy! There is something for everyone in this listing of sour foods.
  • At-Home HIV Test Coming Soon
    A convenient and safe HIV test may hit pharmacy shelves soon. Pending further FDA approval, the OraQuick at-home HIV test could change the way people approach disease testing. Read on for details.
  • Pet Treats and Obesity Prevention
    How much is too much when it comes to giving your pet treats? Read on for advice from a veterinary assistant.
  • The Urge to Pee: What Does It Really Mean?
    We all know what it feels like - that ‘time to start looking for a bathroom’ feeling. We tend to take that ‘gotta pee’ feeling pretty serious. Just how serious is that urge really? Read on for educational information and some advice on controlling urges.
  • While Walking
    This is the story of Noah and his girl. Keep an open mind as you read because the story is not what it seems. This is a story of hope and rescue.
  • How to Be PAWSome: A Story of a Community Run Shelter
    PAWS of Hertford County has changed the lives of thousands of shelter animals. The people accomplishing these great feats are in a very tiny town and work full time jobs. For counties who think a community run shelter won’t work- consider this.
  • Keeping Up with the Kindles
    A partnership between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble could mean big changes for the e-reader market. The familiar operating system may be available on Nook devices, offering many benefits to users. Read on for the good that may come.
  • Pain During Intercourse: Tips for Speaking With Your Doctor About This Private Subject
    Sex. You read about it, you see it in movies, but do you talk about it? Sexual problems can be a sign of a more serious issue. It is not always easy to talk to your physician about such personal problems. Read on for advice on how to address the topic.
  • Fixing Your Diet, the Easy Way
    There is a reason dieting does not work for everyone; diets are not one-size-fits-all. With my tips you can create your own 'diet' without suffering through someone else's rules!
  • Healthy Versions of America’s Favorite Foods
    American’s love to eat. Fried chicken, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, pizza and french fries are must-eat delicacies. Try a healthier spin on these classics with the following tips.
  • Turtle Precautions: Salmonella May Hitchhike
    If you are one of the kind samaritans that helps a turtle cross the road, or a parent who gives in to your kid’s pleas of ‘can we keep it?’ there are a few things you need to know for your health. Turtles can carry salmonella that makes humans very sick.
  • Dog Breeding as an Investment: The Start Up Cost
    Dog breeding can be profitable, but it can also be very expensive. As with most ways of making money, the old adage is true ‘you have to spend money to make money.’ Consider the following before deciding to breed.
  • The Best Pets for Easter Are Not What You Think
    This Easter, think twice before purchasing the cliche bunny or chicken. While they are adorable at first, the novelty wears thin and the pet and family get hurt in the process. Try a more practical pet gift if you intend to pick up a pet this season.
  • First Person: I Save Money by Making My Own Easter Baskets
    Hippidy Hoppidy Easter is on its way! Why buy a store made basket when you can make the perfect basket for half the price? Read on for how I make my own baskets and save a lot of money while making everyone happy!
  • Hertford County Volunteer Organizations
    Hertford County has volunteer opportunities for everyone. Here is some information about two of the volunteer organizations I work for, and how you to can help. Relay for Life and P.A.W.S animal shelter can always use extra hands and ideas!
  • Tiny Dog: Big Problems
    The birth of a tiny dachshund mix pup in California has the world excited about small dogs again. Before bringing home a petite pet, learn about some of the common health difficulties to look out for.
  • E-Reader Fans Finally Gain Access to Harry Potter Novels
    After a long 'Will it? Won't it?' waiting period, the Harry Potter series is not available to e-readers everywhere! Read on to find out where and how to purchase the books for a special price.
  • Quick and Easy Breakfast to Shed Weight
    Lose weight while feeling full, without spending a lot of time in the kitchen! I eat this breakfast every day and have watched the pounds shed. You don't have to follow my meal though- I also explain why it works so you can make your own power breakfast!
  • First Person: I Supplement My Income Through Barter
    Income does not always have to be money. Anything that saves you money can be considered income as well. Read on for how I supplement my income through trading things with people I know.
  • My Pap Smear Results Are Positive: What Happens Now?
    There are some times in your life you don’t want to be positive, and a pap smear is one of those occasions. Read on to find out what to expect if your pap test is abnormal.
  • What Human Medication Recalls Could Mean for You and Your Pet
    We are not that different from out pets; Humans often share pharmaceutical companies with their pets. We suffer many of the same illnesses and take different versions of the same medications. Human drug recalls can affect pets, read on to find out more.
  • Laser Treatments May Light the Way to Pet Recovery
    Class IV Laser Therapy is being used by veterinarians to treat many pet ailments. The application of laser light to problem areas can be used to treat various conditions in lieu of surgery or medications. Read on for more about this beacon of light.
  • NC State University Celebrates 125th Birthday
    On March 7, 2012 North Carolina State University celebrated its 125th anniversary. Read on for some of the history of the public state school.
  • AKC Announces Top U.S. Dog Breeds for 2011
    The American Kennel Club has listed the top dog breeds from the year 2011. Few surprises are in the listing of 'most owned' thoroughbreds, but some pups are climbing the charts from previous years! Read to see where your favorite pooch ranks.
  • What You Need to Know Before You Add Salt to Your Food
    When you reach for the salt shaker consider this: the amount of sodium in your diet should be less than a table spoon daily. The average American consumes almost twice this much. Is that extra sprinkle really worth the health woe to follow?
  • My Experience With an Underdiagnosed Condition: Urethral Diverticulum
    Urethral Diverticulum may be one of the most underdiagnosed causes of pain and discomfort in women. I developed UD as a young child and was not diagnosed until I was 23. This is my story and what every woman needs to know about this health threat.
  • First Person: We're Eating Well on $30 a Week
    We all want to cut our costs anywhere we can. This is how I am able to buy groceries for 2 adults with only $30 a week and eat healthy and hearty!
    Also published on:
  • Relay for Life of Hertford-Gates County's 2012
    Relay for Life is a National fundraiser sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Hertford County and Gates County in North Carolina hold their Relay event in April each year on the Chowan University Campus. Read on for details of the 2012 Relay Event.
  • Reproductive Rights of Men Under Question
    A woman that gets an abortion kill’s one potential child, a man that gets a vasectomy kills thousands of potential children; this is the argument made by Georgia Democrats on Tuesday Feb 21st with the proposal of House Bill 116.
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  • First Person: I Put Off Paying My Student Loans for a Year
    For many of us, finding the money to pay back loans after school is hard if not impossible. This is the short story of how I was able to snag myself one more year free of student loan payments.
    Also published on:
  • First Person: From Working Poor to Working For
    I thought I needed to accept the first job that came along, but I ended up with a lousy dead-end job after graduating in the top of my class. Now I am happier than ever and working toward a goal.
  • What is Chronic Wasting Disease?
    Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) commonly infects deer and elk. It is a very serious illness that can decimate populations. Read on to find out about CWD and whether you or your pet are at risk for catching the illness.
  • The Benefits and Risks of Calcium Supplements
    We are always being told to take vitamins and supplements; women are especially encouraged to take calcium. Benefits from medicine usually come with risks. Read on for a personal experience and important information about calcium supplementation.
  • Picking the Right Cat Food
    When picking a cat food, make sure it has 'taurine' or 'animal protein' on the label. A cat without enough taurine in the diet can suffer terrible consequences. Read on for information on taurine and it's importance to our feline friends.
  • Things You Never Knew Were Included in College Tuition
    Beyond the 12 credit hours of lectures and labs, your tuition has paid for you to enjoy many other perks. Here are just a few of the benefits your tuition probably already paid for, whether you chose to take advantage of them or not.
  • Strategies in the Battle Against Fleas and Ticks
    What do you do when the drops, sprays, collars, and baths can not seem to keep hitchhikers off of your pet? Having a flea free home doesn't have to be as tedious and expensive as you think. Read on for tips.
  • LeRoy Residents Suffering from Unexplainable Illness
    18 teenagers who attend LeRoy Junior-Senior High School and a 36 year old woman all hailing from LeRoy, NY developed physical and verbal tics in the past few months. What could cause this?
  • Egypt Soccer Riots Kill and Wound Over 200 People
    The February 1, 2012 post soccer game riot in Egypt yielded an unforgettable body count. It is being called the worst soccer riot in history. Read on for details.
    Also published on:
  • Could Your Health Problems Be Caused by the Click of a Button?
    There are many human problems becoming more and more frequently discussed these days: sleepless nights, body aches, weight gain, short attention spans, short fuses…. These and more may be remedied if you STOP taking it easy. Sound crazy? Keep reading.
  • The First Feline Total Knee Transplant Goes Smoothly
    Cyrano the cat returned home today, January 31st, after receiving a state of the art knee transplant at North Carolina State University this week. Cyrano is the first feline in the U.S. to receive an artificial knee transplant.
  • Scouting for Treats
    January marks the beginning of a new year, and the start of Girl Scout Cookie sales! Learn about all the cookies and how you can purchase a box.
  • Pinterested? is the latest online website sensation. What is Pinterest and how can you become of part of the fun?
  • Simtastic! The Sims as a Force in PC Gaming
    In the year 2000 EA released a game no one could have known would be such a hit. The Sims quickly became one of the best PC games available. What makes the game continue to thrive after 12 years? Read on to find out.
  • Couples Restaurants in Murfreesboro, NC for Valentine’s Day
    In the Murfreesboro, NC area and looking for a place to eat for Valentine’s Day? Read on to find a list of restaurants in the area to take a date during any time of the year.
  • Organ Transplantation: Who Gets What, and When?
    A doctor at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) denied Amelia Rivera a potentially life-saving kidney-transplant. This issue continues to strike up lively conversation on air and online. Read on for national transplant policy information.
  • A Novice Review of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
    On November 1, 2011 Naughty Dog released the newest addition to the much loved Uncharted series. Is Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception a disappointment or a masterpiece? Read on to find out.
  • Equine Herpes Virus-1 (EHV-1)
    EHV-1 is a timeless disease that effects horses and camelids. Educating people about this public health threat is the best form of prevention. Read on to learn about Equine Herpes Virus-1 and how to stop the spread of this terrible disease.
  • Revelations About Assassin's Creed
    Assassins Creed Revelations is the latest addition to the Ubisoft Assasin's Creed Series. How does it measure up for today’s gamer? Read on to find out.
  • Eating the Big Apple Part 1
    If you are visiting Manhattan, New York anytime in the near future this list of delicacies is a must have for any food fan. From the classic pastrami sandwich to a candy store that looks like a museum, there is something for everyone to munch on.
  • Brushing Up on Your Dogs Health
    In pets, as in humans, tarter buildup can be a sign of a much more serious issue. Poor dental health is very dangerous for your dog. With these simple tips you can prevent large vet bills in the future and prolong your pet’s life.
  • Scarlet's Sacrifice
    Nothing is as it seems in this science fiction short story featuring a murderess and her prey.
  • Nostalgic Entertainment System: Why NES is the Best
    It is true the gaming systems on the market today are astounding. However, the best gaming console of all time has to be the Nintendo Entertainment System also known as NES. As an 80’s child the original NES will always be the mecca of gaming for me.
  • Skyrim: The Reigning Leader of 2011 Video Game Releases
    The latest game in the Elder Scrolls series creates the ultimate gaming experience in an open world environment. The character customization is as limitless as the playing field in what has easily become my favorite game of 2011.
  • Cooking Up a Warm and Cozy Winter Hobby
    Looking for a winter hobby? Try combining friends, food, and fun and you will be cooking in no time! Cooking during the winter months is a great hobby. Making things for yourself, your loved ones, or even the family pet can be heartwarming and engaging.
  • A Request for St. Nick
    A heart warming Christmas poem for our family men and women in service!

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