Nabin Sapkota, MD

Nabin Sapkota, MD

A Board Certified Physician specializing in Internal Medicine currently practicing as a Hospitalist, Dr. Sapkota writes regular health column in "The Columbus Telegram". He has participated and presented cases in several national medical conferences throughout the United States. He wants to bring his patient centered approach to teaching to a wider audience here in Yahoo. He is currently working on his new book project called "Symptoms and Diagnosis". You can visit the project website to tell the publisher if you have any specific topic you want discussed in the book.
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  • Liver Damage from Alcohol: Seek Help Before it is Too Late
    Liver damage from alcohol progresses through several stages. A doctor working in ICU in the Midwest describes how many patients die from advanced liver failure. He hopes to educate patients about liver damage from alcohol and encourage to seek help early.
  • Pneumonia Symptoms: Hospital Acquired Pneumonia
    Pneumonia symptoms in patients with hospital acquired pneumonia are very subtle and diagnosis can be challenging. Board certified MD doctors explains the symptoms with an example.
  • Aspiration Pneumonia After Stroke
    Doctor describes aspiration pneumonia in a patient with recent stroke. She improved with physical therapy and followed speech therapy recommendations after a swallow study to avoid further aspiration.
  • Pneumonia: Shortness of Breath in a Young College Student
    Dr Sapkota describes a case of severe community acquired pneumonia in a young patient with shortness of breath. She had her spleen taken out as a child. She developed severe ARDS and required intubation and was hooked up to a breathing machine for 3 days.
  • Pneumonia: An Elderly Female in a Nursing Home
    The signs and symptoms of pneumonia in the elderly patient are very different from the typical cough and fever present in younger patients. They may not have fever and are generally very lethargic and somewhat confused.
  • Fibromyalgia: The Pain is Real
    Fibromyalgia patients have severe and miserable pain but they have normal diagnostic tests. Some doctors in the medical community are skeptical of this diagnosis and worry about drug seeking behavior. Some patients also have anxiety and depression.
  • Costochondritis
    Costochondritis is a common cause of chest pain. But this diagnosis is usually only made after the doctors have ruled heart attack, pulmonary embolism, aortic dissection or other similar life threatening causes of chest pain.
  • Chest Pain: Is it a Heart Attack?
    A doctor describes how doctors and hospitals approach patients presenting with chest pain and make the diagnosis of heart attacks. He offers his opinion about the practice of testing and admitting low risk patients to avoid missed diagnoses.
  • When Saving a Life Conflicts with the Hippocratic Oath
    A doctor practicing medicine in the Intensive Care Unit describes how conflict can arise between the goals of saving life and relieving suffering of the dying patient

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