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I was raised in the military and spent most of my adult life associated with the military life, traveling to many places stateside and overseas. Having raised four beautiful children, they have now graced me with fIve amazing grandchildren.

I enrolled in nursing school rather late in life, but after 18 years of a wonderful career in nursing, I retired this year. There was a time in my life, over 30 years ago, that I loved to write but somehow it was put on the back burner until this past year.

This past year has been a whirlwind as I began to put my pen to page. The words began to flow from me like a fast moving river, bringing with it many new adventures that I never dreamed.

I published my first children’s book called Sunnie and her Peeps, when the inspiration came as for the first time, I became a full time back yard farmer, raising six chickens. I then found myself publishing a few eBooks also found on Amazon and Smashwords. I have two other books that are my hearts work. One is called When Delilah Smiles and Gods Playbook. You may find both books on Amazon. When Delilah Smiles is a story of an older woman who had a visually and hearing impaired baby. Their journey is one that will bless your heart. You will fall in love with Delilah. Gods Playbook was co written with my brother, Kevin Kruise. This is a story of great faith and how God intertwines in our lives and in those whom we meet. I am sure it will bless you. I also enjoy illustrating children s books.

I enjoy my new found love as a creative writer and find my days are filled with many inspirations to draw from. My greatest hope is that my writing inspires and encourages others. I love to take everyday situations that come into my life and turn into stories.

I am so happy to be a part of the Yahoo community of talented writers.
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Creative Writer, Retired Licensed Nurse, US Army


You are only as happy as you make up your mind to be..Abraham Lincoln
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  • A Matter of the Heart
    Only twelve miracles are issued every twelve years and Tamera has received her golden ticket to get her miracle. She wonders what this miracle may be as only the heart knows.
  • To Sore Like an Eagle
    A time of grief at Christmas is never easy. One man realizes that God is still comforting him and loving him.
  • The Little Drummer Boy
    One little boy learns that he does have a gift to give the King, as he plays his drums ever so sweetly for the new born King.
  • An Adventure on the Austin Steam Train
    The Austin Steam Train is a nice way to spend your day, site seeing part of Central Texas Hill country and getting to know the history behind this wonderful organization and railroad cars.
  • From the Heart, the Mouth Speaks
    Words can never be taken back once they are placed into the air
  • One Writer's Thoughts: Writing for Money, Fame, and Recognition
    There are many thoughts that will motivate a writer such as money, fame, and recognition but these ideals should never be a writers number one motivator.
  • Please Do Not Feed the People
    I had to ask myself recently what the world was coming to when I got my hand slapped for giving a homeless person money. Is giving no longer an option?
  • How Not to Fly by the Seat of Your Pants
    Not everyone has flown on an airplane and they do not know the steps needed to make the trip go without a hitch. I am going to offer my own advice on packing, booking, and getting through the airport. Buckle up...this is going to be a smooth ride.
  • Fighting Over Grandma: How One Grandma Overcame Rivalry Amongst the Grandchildren
    Grandparents play such an important role in the life of their grandchildren and learning to spread the love amongst the little ones can be a difficult task but not impossible.
  • Preteen Madness
    She is a preteen in all its glory and there is not an instruction book in sight.
  • Always Daddy's Little Girl
    They say a woman will always be daddy's little girl but only time will tell.
  • When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Creative Writer
    Sometimes it takes us adults a life time to find our niche in life. It only took me 53 years to realize I wanted to become a creative writer. It is never to late to live our dream.
  • A Fathers Day Tribute: My Retro, Old School Dad, a Rare Breed Indeed
    Fatherhood is the most important job a man will ever have. My dad being old school gave me many things that would forever shape my life. Young dads could learn a lot from the retro dads of the past.
  • Baby's Daddy
    Children are coming into this world as many continue to have sex, giving no thought that one could end up having a baby with a total stranger.
  • We Won Billions of Dollars
    Big money can change people if hearts are not in the right place, even causing divisions. We may not be prepared for the changes that go along with being wealthy. All of us have wondered what would we do if we won the big one.
  • In the Trenches
    A woman meets a presumed homeless man in church as he faces her judgmental attitude until she finds out he is not who she thought he was.
  • Someone's Son
    One mother meets a young man who reminds her of her own son. She feels a motherly connection and attempts to reach out as she knows her son was once in his shoes.
  • Sleepless in Texas
    An old cowboy remembers a love he once knew. His memories of her rob him of his sleep.
  • David’s Trumpet
    A young man is called to step up to help his mother when all hope seems lost. God has called him even though he is a young man, equipping him with a gift that will be used for good.
  • Making Sense of Our Emotions when Tragedy Strikes from Afar
    We all have been affected by recent events, maybe not directly, but on some level it has moved us, causing us to feel the hurt of others. We sometimes have trouble knowing what to do with these emotions.
  • An Angel and a Pair of Shoes
    Two little girls enjoy the world of imagination exchanging one pair of shoes for a fanciful flight.
  • A Working Relationship in Action
    You can bet if you are in a relationship there will be many hurdles to cross.
  • Writers Block and Finding a Room with a View
    As writers, we all have those moments where we share the dreaded writers block. I would like to share my story and a few ideas that may help you get through those times.
  • A Womans Choice to Make
    Millions of woman have to make the most difficult decisions to have a mastectomy. Some by their choosing and some in order to save their lives, as death has come at their front doors. Judgements flare in all directions but we are not in their shoes.
  • Don't Cry for Me, I Am Heaven Bound
    A young woman is on a journey to heaven, no longer bound by a body that has failed her.
  • Let Go and Let Them Fly: A Grandmothers Tale
    As parents it is always hard to let go and sometimes as grandparents we tend to hold on a bit more. There comes a time when we have to let our children be parents, stepping aside, so they can fly.
  • The Wise Old Oak Tree
    Sometimes we overlook the smallest of provisions when we are hit by life's down pours of troubles. Thankfulness for the smallest of things is always a good start.
  • Unanswered Prayers
    Sometimes we may feel our prayers are not heard, casting doubt in our faith. We must trust in God who loves us so that he always has our best interest at heart.
  • Grammy and the Violin
    This is a story of one Grammy's dream of learning to play the Violin and the love of her granddaughter..
  • Do Not Play with Fire
    Fire representing temptation to do something that we know is wrong but then we do it anyway. We suffer the consequences of our actions and in the process hurting many along the way.
  • I Prayed for You Today
    The smallest of prayers means so much and may bring love into a hurting soul.
  • Life is a Journey, Forever Changing
    Dreams can change and so can the journey that life has first called us to do. Finding our way is never easy but sometimes we just have to keep trying to find our little niche in life.
  • Unspoken Words
    Some are trapped inside their own bodies, unable to communicate to those around. We must always remember they deserve the utmost respect, care, and love.
  • Replaced by Another Female
    I was replaced by a female, I never saw it coming. She stole his heart before my eyes.
  • So I Write
    A writer has many ideas and thoughts buried deep within and sometimes the only way to share ones heart is to write them down.
  • Mommy Slow Down
    Being a mom is the hardest job in the world but sometimes as mothers we have to slow down and realize our little ones need us more.
  • In 1964
    One little girl so bravely walked into the future of change. May we never forget her courage which ushered a much needed change.
  • The Blood in Snake River
    Two young women think they have hidden their sin, but the earth cries out for justice and soon the truth will be revealed.
  • At the Mercy of a Bully
    Bullying continues to plague many of our schools and children continue to suffer at the hands of their peers daily.
  • Forgiveness, a Powerful Tool
    Forgiveness is a mysterious action that brings people together in love, healing the most repentant hearts and unloading the burdened hearts of others.
  • A Creative Writer's Soul
    A creative writer is not bound by the worlds standards of rules and loud chatter, only bound by his own words and imagination.
  • If I Only Had a Thousand Years
    If only we had a thousand years to do all the things we wanted to do.
  • A Summer Breeze and the Sweet Georgia Sun
    Memories of Georgia fill my mind and a love that is forever lost in time.
  • Preventative Care: My Food Continues to Be My Health Insurance
    Eating healthy and using food to combat a visit to the doctor may save one tons of money in the long run. It is called preventative care.
  • A Poem: No More Dogs!
    Even though we had decided "no more dogs" somehow we changed our minds and thus this poem was born.
  • A Natural Method in Hair Care
    Giving up shampoo and conditioner, using more natural products, can change the condition of your hair and possibly your health.
  • A Father's Love is Deeper Than the Ocean
    If by chance a father reconnects with his daughter, it truly can be a gift of a lifetime.
  • Life's Curve Balls
    Sometimes life throws some curve balls and there is nothing we can do but hold out our gloves and attempt to catch them with some sort of grace.
  • Fallen Dogs of War
    We salute our Soldiers as they serve in the military, but there are also other soldiers that sometimes do not get the recognition they so deserve -- our military Canines.
  • An Easter Message: He Was Unconditional Love
    Jesus represented love on so many levels that to this day we are still talking about him.
  • The Integrity of a Woman
    The integrity of a woman is interwoven into the depths of a woman's heart. One should be so blessed to encounter a women of integrity.
  • A Work of Art
    A human being is one of Gods most beautiful works of art.
  • The Whittler
    From an old piece of wood, the Whittler carves something into being. It is any ones guess what that something may be. Even to the Whittler, it may remain a mystery until it comes to be.
  • A Bed Made of Gold
    Not all the riches in the world can save one couple as all their time was spent investing in wealth but not in others.
  • A Man's Reflection Speaks
    One man's reflection spoke to him and shared the inner most parts of his own heart
  • Frugality: Buying Cheap Gifts Without Appearing Cheap
    In today's economy it is no doubt that many are struggling and having a hard time meeting their needs to even think about buying gifts. With some planning and thought, one can save money without seeming cheap in gift giving.
  • Out of the Mouths of Babes: Time Out
    The greatest joy in having children is not knowing what may come out of their mouths. One little girl had another idea when it came to picking up her toys.
  • On Bended Knee
    A different type of worship stirred the spirit within
  • Angry Birds and One Grandma
    This grandma has picked up a new game and now I cannot put it down.
  • A Young Athlete in the Making
    There is no greater pride than watching a son or daughter learning to play their first sport. Ideas of grandeur may fill their parents minds but whatever comes one thing is for sure...they must be encouraged to try.
  • The Elf's Position is Officially Closed
    Santa is in great need of hiring a new head Elf. After many applicants, he has decided on a new head Elf.
  • Two Soldiers
    Two Veterans share a moment in time, a common bond that only they can understand.
  • The Humanity of a Chicken
    Raising chickens was such a life changing time for me, causing me to think about how animals were treated as they waiting for their fate and how our food sources came to us.
  • An Evergreen Kind of Love
    A play on words about love using the color green.
  • A 70's Kind of Love
    Love in the 70's spoke a slightly different language but in the end, love was love.
  • Burt and Birdie: A Cowboy Hat for Burt
    Burt decides he wants a cowboy hat. He never had one in his young years. Being 75 years of age, he decides now is the time.
  • Articulation at Its Best
    Writing has helped me become a better conversationalist and become more articulate. While I have many miles to go, I feel I have grown leaps and bounds. Just ask my dog!
  • Review: Petsmart Doggy Door
    Recently we decided to invest in a doggy door. Not all doggy doors are made alike but after much investigation we found one to meet our needs.
  • It Takes a Village
    It is not always good to be an island to ones self. Sometimes it does take a village, reaching out beyond our own front doors.
  • An Unlikely Addiction
    Addictions come in many forms, taking over our lives before we know it. Social media sites are wonderful tools but can be addicting without any warning.
  • When Darkness Meets the Light
    This is a creative writing piece that describes darkness and light, representing our souls and how they work within our lives.
  • Listening: A Forgotten Art
    Listening is an art form. Having a productive conversation is a two way street and if we are to have a valuable relationship, we must learn to listen too.
  • Progress on Walton's Mountain
    Progress finally makes it to Walton's Mountain, forever changing the life of John Boy.
  • Tough Love: A Young Man's Tale
    Tough love is always hard and sometimes it is all we can do.
  • Short of a Miracle
    We never know who we may meet as we walk through life. It may be an angel or God himself.
  • A Senyru: Praising God
    A Senyru Poem offering praise to God.
  • A Senyru: A Quiet Place
    A poem about two little girls finding their quiet place.
  • Love in Action
    Life throws us many curves and at any time we may feel like throwing in the towel or calling it quits. When you have the love of another supporting you and loving you, the sky is the limit.
  • The Birds of the Air Do Not Worry
    The birds of the air do not worry but spend their time doing the job they were designed to do without care.
  • Ten Steps in Avoiding Caregiver Burnout
    Being a caregiver is one of the most difficult jobs there is, taking a toll on us emotionally and physically. Here are ten ways that may help in burning out.
  • The Big Winner
    A couple buys a scratch off, hoping to win the big one.
  • I Can't Hear What Your Texting
    Learning to text was a challenge but once I got the hang of it, I started to really enjoy it. Sometimes we can not understand nor relay exactly what is meant to be said, an art in itself.
  • The Differences in Men and Women's Brains
    The differences in brains of men and women are very different but once we understand what is actually going on inside our heads, I believe we will be able to get along much better.
  • Not Just a Carpenter
    Joseph was a simple carpenter, called to the earthly father of Jesus.
  • Twenty Two Summers
    We do not know how long we have on this earth but we can safely say time does go by very fast. We can only hope that we live each day to its fullest.
  • Tea for Two
    One woman has trouble making up her mind, causing her significant other much grief.
  • Small Scale Gardening
    A small scale garden can be fun and a great way to grow your own food in a tiny space. It does not have to be hard nor time consuming. With some creative thinking, a small space can be turned into a wonderful garden.
  • The Warriors Among Us
    The warrior is an over comer and has walked through circumstances with determination and strength. The warrior now walks through this world with a weapon that God has bestowed upon them.
  • When the Giving Spirit Forces Your Hand
    Sometimes we are asked to give before we know why or the reasons for something. A situation is put in our path, forcing our hand so gently, and then we are able to see the whole picture.
  • Awake My Precious Songbird
    A gift of song that was once lost is now found.
  • Pondering Thoughts of One Writer
    One writer questions her responsibility as her words are put to flight within the pages that she writes.
  • I Dreamed We Had Wings
    A dream about two people who flew above the earth, sharing a special moment.
  • I Want Justin Beiber Hair
    One young boy discloses to his mother that he wants Justin Beiber hair.
  • The Time Travelor
    One time traveler travels through time in hopes of finding love once more
  • The Wiles of the Female Dog
    A poem about the female dog who uses her sultry eyes to get what she wants from her master.
  • What to Pack and Not Pack when Going to a Chemotherapy Appointment
    Chemotherapy appointments can be very long and stressful. These are just a few ideas when having to go or accompany someone who is receiving chemotherapy.
  • The First Time Gambler
    A first time gambler learns the many ups and downs of gambling.
  • The Little Vegan: A Thanksgiving Story
    One little girl makes the decision to become Vegan on Thanksgiving, having no idea what being a vegan is all about.
  • Same Song Second Verse: Second Time Around
    They decided to renew their vows for another 20 years, knowing there are things they can do better the second time around.
  • The Ultimate Holiday: Taking a Cruise
    Deciding to go on a cruise for the first time may be a bit stressful and leave someone scratching their head as where to start. I would like to share my experience and offer some helpful tips I learned through the process.
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