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I've written for American media outlets for over a decade.
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  • Guns and the Aurora Shooting
    Many online commentators say that the tragedy in Aurora, CO shouldn't lead to tighter restrictions on gun access. I've looked at some of their arguments, and they're pretty weak.
  • Does Ron Paul Matter?
    As Ron Paul fades from the presidential campaign, a few questions remain. Is he really a purist? Did he really lead a revolution? Or is Ron Paul more political and less relevant than he may appear?
  • Travel Tips for Hayward, Wisconsin
    If you like fishing, tubing, golfing, swimming, mudding, or just plain relaxing, Hayward, Wisconsin, is the cheap and friendly place to be!
  • In the Middle of a Personal and Political Meltdown, What Does Jesse Jackson Jr. Owe His Constituents?
    Until the facts are in, we should provide Jesse Jackson Jr. with the measure of privacy that he needs to recover from his mood disorder. If he has genuinely screwed up or screwed us over, then as Stewie Griffin might say, "his uppance will come!"
  • Santa's Secret Shame
    Santa Claus cannot live up to the scriptural standards of the GOP's evangelical base. Problem is, the party's business wing still needs him. Do I smell a third party?
  • Kim Jong-il and Justified Paranoia
    Kim Jong-il's death is a reminder that paranoia about the U.S. government should not be as extreme as it is.
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  • Cracks
    A winter haiku.
  • Christopher Hitchens, Flexible Intellect
    Chris Hitchens died late on Thursday, December 15th, 2011. He will be greatly missed, both for his work and for the example of intellectual flexibility he provided.
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  • Rap and Country: Brothers from Another Mother
    Rap fans mostly hate country, and Country fans mostly hate rap. That's just crazy! Do you know why? Despite the stylistic and cultural gap between them, Rap music and Country music are more like each other than you would ever expect.

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