Tsara Shelton

Tsara Shelton

Tsara Shelton is the proud mother of four chronically eating teenage boys, an avid sipper of coffee, a reluctant performer, writer of musings, and shopper of groceries. She is the oldest of eight children who were raised with creativity and love by international mental health expert, Lynette Louise. She is a sister, mom and daughter of autism who enjoys writing about the many fantastic and fun learning’s being surrounded by difference challenged her to discover. A fan of mixing insight and humor, Tsara loves sharing quirky and fun revelations daily with fans on her blog: Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton
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Wandering the world with my children


For me, the hardest part about loving people who are drastically different was discovering my own prejudices and assumptions. But with intention and a willingness to change, it became the best part!



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  • The Brain Broad Builds a Brain: A New Radio Show Sheds Light on Mental Health
    Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad has a new radio show all about shaping the brain with intention. She invites a guest from the world of mental health for each episode to explore different disorders and consider how to help build a healthier brain.
  • My Texas Body and My California Body: Different but Equal
    I am in a unique position to learn love for my body. Because I live in two different states, and have two different lifestyles, my body changes accordingly. This has given me an opportunity to see beauty in it's varying sizes and styles.
  • I Ran Away, and There I Was
    Despite being surrounded by support and praise, some people have an easier time hearing their own thoughts and discovering their personal style by disappearing for a while. I was one of those people, and this is a piece of my story.
  • Enjoying a Neurodiverse Valentine’s Day!
    Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love. For people with invisible challenges such as autism or bi-polar disorder, finding love can be difficult--but it doesn't have to be. This February 14th, celebrate the love that is revealed through difference!
  • The WingMaker by Lynette Louise--A Review
    Now available on Amazon, I read and reviewed the latest book by international mental health therapist Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD. The WingMaker is unlike any other book I've read and is filled with insights and gifts I never knew I needed.
  • Spend Money for Halloween? No Thanks!
    My boys and I have always enjoyed Halloween, and we have almost never spent any money scaring up costumes or darkly decorating our desolate and creepy cave! I mean, home. This is how we do it!
  • You're Pretty when You Percolate!
    When we take time to discover who we are and feel confident, it's easy to be kind and comfortable. Also, it makes us pretty!
  • ONE: It's Not Your Fault. TWO: What Can You Do Different?
    As a sex abuse survivor I believe in telling the victim they are not at fault. However, far too often there's an unwillingness to look at what we can do different in order to become less of a target; leaving us lost, scared, and in danger.
  • Celebrity Status and Autism
    The fabulous Annie Potts was interviewed by international mental health and autism therapist Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD for upcoming episode of her popular podcast A NEW SPIN ON AUTISM: ANSWERS! The show will be posted this Labor Day.
  • There is a Woman with a Suitcase
    Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD, like Mary Poppins, teaches families with song and a comfort in the world of intentional silly. She is also equipped with neurofeedback. That is her magic. And, like Mary Poppins, she wants YOU to see how to do it too.
  • Autism and July 4th: The Gift of a Challenging Celebration
    For so many folks on the autism spectrum (and anyone else with sensory challenges), July 4th can be rough. Fireworks and unhealthy foods are only the beginning. However, the inherent gifts offered on this day can be a blessing when enjoyed with intention!
  • A Father's Day Love Note
    I was a single mom who became a reluctant wife. Fear of co-parenting and losing myself in a relationship made me very cautious. I needn't have worried. This short love note is for my husband, who revealed to me and my boys the beauty of a Father.
  • The Brain Broad Says: This Father's Day, Let Dad Do It!
    It's important to take advantage of all our parenting skills when raising a family. This article offers a celebration of dads for Father's Day that will help them parent confidently-comfortable knowing that their kind of fun is healthy for growing brains!
  • Mental Health Hope and Answers in a New International Reality Series
    Audiences of 'Fix it in Five' join a globe trotting Lynette Louise as she works with five families, in five countries, struggling with five different mental health issues. The series is now available for viewing on The Autism Channel.

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