Donna Iadipaolo

Donna Iadipaolo

Award-winning journalist & certified public school teacher in math, English, and social sciences since 1988. I earned my Bachelor s degree from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and graduated with honors, where I studied English, mathematics, social science, engineering, and education. While teaching full-time during the day, I earned my Master s of Arts degree at night, earning a 3.8 grade-point. Currently, I am working on an additional graduate degree, a Master s of Science degree.

Contributed to the writing, editing, and publishing of various stories for publications such as The Michigan Daily, Metro Times, The Village Voice, Ear Magazine of New Music, Insurance and Technology, Ypsilanti Press, Ann Arbor News, The Dexter Dispatch, Ann Arbor Family Press, Ann Arbor Observer,The Ann Magazine, Ann Arbor Journal, Saline Reporter, Dexter Leader, Manchester Enterprise, Milan News-Leader, and Chelsea Standard.
In 2012, won award from the Michigan Press Association for article in a shared-series on “Remembering 9/11”
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Bachelor--University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; M.A. Eastern Michigan University; M.S. Drexel University


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