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I was born in Brooklyn, NY. Currently live in Northern Virginia. USAF 1972-1992. Published one book, People Don t Watch Enough Television, through Publish America. Have published an article through Hub Pages.
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Bachelor s Degree from Strayer University, 1993



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  • Andrews AFB Joint Service Open House: A Look Back
    Each May from 1976 - 2012 Andrews Air Force Base had a Joint Service Open House. This is some of the memories of these open houses.
  • The National Air & Space Museum’s Heinkel He-219 Uhu
    The Smithsonian has part of an He-219 on display at its Udvar-Hazy Center. The He-219 a number of borrowed innovation and a brand new innovation that is now standard on fighter planes.
  • Contextual Vs. Stand Alone Aircraft Museum Exhibits
    When a museum puts aircraft on display should they be stand alone exhibits or part of a historical context exhibit? There are advantages and disadvantages to both strategies.
  • Planning My Next Family Vacation
    The hotel, the food, and admission tickets are three ways to spend or save money. On my next vacation I plan to try to save on all three.
  • Notable Air Disasters Over Water
    Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 disappeared over the South China Sea. As of this writing the plane is still missing, Here are some examples of other modern jetliners that were lost over the sea and how they were lost.
  • My Worst Job Interview
    When I was looking for a job I went to an interview. Before long I felt like I was a talentless contestant at a reality talent show.
  • Itinerary for a Solo Traveler Near Dulles, Virginia
    If you are near Dulles International Airport and you want to do something but don't want to travel, there are many places nearby for you to fill the day.
  • Five Important Homeownership Lessons From a Homeowner of 20 Years
    There were a number of things I learned during my time as a homeowner.
  • My Proposal From the Other Side of the World
    When I was transferred I had to leave the woman I had fallen in love with. I decided to accept the love can not be. I immediately regretted my decision.
  • The Olympics Event I Attended in 1984
    Los Angeles hosted the 1984 Summer Olympics. Since I was on the east coast I though all my Olympics viewing would be on TV. Then I found out they were playing some of the soccer games at Annapolis, Maryland.
  • The Right Place for the Me-163 at the Udvar-Hazy Center
    The Smithsonian has its Me-163 in a niche that lies between its space hanger and its airplane hanger. That is exactly where this rocket powered fighter should be.
  • My Christmas Away from Home
    The one year I didn't get home for Christmas was a good and most memorable time for me.
  • Bay Ridge at the Time of President Kennedy’s Assassination
    In 1963 most things seemed well with the world in Brooklyn. Then there was the Kennedy Assassination and the decline of the borough.
  • The Atomic Bomb Exhibit at the American University
    In August 1995 the American University had a special exhibit on the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The exhibit contained many of the artifacts the Smithsonian's Air & Space museum wanted to put in its display but was pressured to omit.
  • The Smithsonian’s Arado Ar-196
    One of the aircraft in the Smithsonian's collection is an Arado Ar-196 that was on the Prinz Eugen. It is one of only three surviving Ar-196s.
  • Aircraft and Submarine in the Korean Freedom League’s Display 1985-1991
    In 1985 I accidentally came across a display of Korean War Vintage military equipment. The display had both US/Republic of Korean and Communist equipment.
  • The Me-262 at the Smithsonian
    The Me-262 in the NASM was a participant in air combat at the end of World War II in Europe.
  • Sandra Bullock's 90s Movies Have Lessons for Today
    Four Sandra Bullock movies from the 90s had good lessons then that are even better lessons now.
  • Good and Bad Movies from H. G. Wells Books
    In 1960 George Pal directed "The Time Machine", a wonderful adaptation of the H. G. Wells novel. In 2005 Steven Spielberg directed "War of the Worlds", an entertaining movie but a disappointing adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel.
  • The Accidental Fans
    One night in 1964 sisters Anna and Martha were having a girls night out. They ended up in a theater that was showing a movie they knew nothing about.
  • Watching for a Possible Housing Bubble -- Again -- in Our Washington, D.C., Suburb
    I purchased a house in 2009 for 663,000. A year later it was worth 650,000. Since then it has risen to a current value of 672,000. Should I be happy about the boom or worry about a bust?
  • 5 Lessons I Learned from the Simpsons
    There are many lessons that can be learned from watching The Simpsons. A close examination of the characters reveal there is more to them than zany comedy.
  • Now I Prefer Watching Movies to TV Shows
    I use to prefer watching a television episode to a movie but that has changed to the point where I avoid watching television shows and watch movies instead.
  • There is Something About Comedy in Black and White
    "One, Two, Three", "Young Frankenstein", and "Ed Wood" are three comedies each give a sense of a time and place and bring back memories that transcend the movie. They are also very funny.
  • Our Tax Return Goes Toward Mortgage Relief
    This year, and probably every year forward, our tax return will go towards the mortgage. It isn't good to depend on the tax return for mortgage relief but it is better than the alternative.
  • First Person: My Son is on 'The Spectrum,' the Autism Spectrum
    My son was diagnosed with PDD when he was 4. He is now 21. This is a short description of his living with PDD.
  • Homeownership Was My Best Long-Term Financial Move
    I bought a house in 1995. At the time it seemed a questionable decision to me but as I look back i see it was the best financial decision I could ever make.
  • Caring for My Son on the Autism Spectrum
    Our autistic son is now 21 and we wonder if anything we've done has really helped his situation.
  • The Back Yard Deck: My Biggest Financial Regret
    I had a deck built in my back yard. Although it is not normally considered a bad financial decision, the value ended up not being worth the money out of pocket.
  • The MiG-21 at the Udvar-Hazy Facility
    The MiG-21 at the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy Center has an unknown history. Could it possibly be the same MiG-21 that was obtained under circumstances befitting a spy novel?
  • First Impressions of Pope Francis I: Simple Lifestyle, Concern for Poor a Plus
    There are many things about Pope Francis I that give Catholics reason for optimism. While there is some controversy surround him that could probably be said of anyone who was chosen as Pope.
  • The Next Pope Should Focus on Religious Freedom
    Religious freedom is an important issue. In the U.S. and other western countries there are attempts to restrict religious freedom. In other parts of the world there is severe persecution.
  • The State of the Nation for Me Personally – Lousy
    Because a bureaucrat wanted to make HUD's small business set aside numbers look good I loose over $30,000 a year. I wish the government would do away with small business set asides.
  • He-111 at Leesburg Municipal Airport
    The last flying version of the He-111 was at the Leesburg Municipal Airport, VA open house in August 2000.
  • First Person: Christmas Day 2011 at Ground Zero
    On December 25, 2011 my spouse, son, and I went to Manhattan. One of the places we visited was Ground Zero. There we found a very special Christmas Tree.
  • First Person: Thanksgiving on I-95, a Holiday Tradition
    I, and many others, spend a good part of Thanksgiving Day on the road. So we might as well enjoy the trip.
  • First Person: Early Morning Voting in Loudoun County
    I voted this morning at Legacy Elementary School. I arrived at 6:30.
  • The Church on the Scrimmage Line II
    A month earlier I walked through the parking lot of a Catholic Church during a Sunday service and observed election bumper stickers. I repeated the process a month later.
  • First Person: Under Obama, Four More Years of Military Decline
    In the last 4 years the U.S. seems to be moving in the wrong direction froom a national security standpoint. Will the U.S. continue this decline over the next 4 years? Will the U.S. pay a serious price for these past 4 years?
  • The Church on the Scrimmage Line
    St. John Neumann Catholic Church is in Fairfax County. On Sunday, September 16 I walked through the parking lot an took pictures of bumper stickers. There weren't many bumper stickers but the stickers gave President Obama the advantage.
  • On the Ground at Romney’s Manassas Stop
    Romney made a campaign stop in Manassas, Virginia on August 11. I was among the crowd there and am giving my buried in the crowd, fly on the wall, view of what happened.
  • Pictures from Gov. Mitt Romney's Campaign Stop in Manassas, Va.
    Some pictures from Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign stop in Manassas, VA, August 11, 2012.
  • The Men’s 4x400 Relay; A Race of Many Winners
    The final in the Men's 4x400 Relay had a man with prosthetic feet and a man who recovered from three gunshot wounds to his leg. The U.S. team was in the race because of a man on the U.S. team who wasn't running in the race.
  • Steven Bradbury’s Gold Medal
    Steven Bradbury made his way into the 1000 meters final in Short Track speed skating. He had little chance of winning against Apolo Ohno and the other strong competitors in the field. He seemed destined to be an also ran.
  • Refinancing Despite the Hurdles
    In 2009 we bought a new house. In 2010 we looked into refinancing. We spent much of 2011 trying to get refinanced. In 2012 we are glad we did.
  • The Apollo 11 Mission: the Most Important TV Event
    The Apollo 11 mission showed the technological advancements mankind had made in one decade. This event was not an act of nature, or a madman. It wasn't a display of pageantry. It was a display of what was achieved by mankind.
  • The Underemployed Doctor
    Victor, a doctor, because of unfortunate circumstances has to take a job as a product demonstrator.
  • July 4, 1976, My View of the Bicentennial
    On the Bicentennial weekend I got to see Operation Sail from the Brooklyn side of New York Harbor. It was a great spectacle I am glad I didn't take the advice of simply watching it on television.
  • A Mishandled Transition from Military to Civilian Life
    I spent 20 years in the military. I mishandled my transition to civilian life and after 20 years I am still felling the repercussions of my mistakes.
  • The Saber Tooth Affair
    Ann was an unwitting partner in a scam. When the con artist runs off with the money Ann turns to Pamela for help. Pamela is an ex-con artist who once swindled Ann out of some money. Ann has been turning to Pamela for help ever since.
  • How I Spent 20 Years in the Military Without Getting What I Enlisted For
    I entered the Air Force to be involved in aerospace. I spent 20 years in the Air Force and had little involvement in aerospace.
  • Toyota Highlander, the Vehicle that Got Me There and Back
    My criteria for what makes a car good is how it handles in bad weather or in emergencies. My 2004 Toyota Highlander has always been able to handle these bad circumstances well. I've outlined some specific incidents I experienced with my Highlander.
  • Donna 998
    Donna 998 is an android at a theme park. The theme park has numerous venues that involve playful combat scenarios. Jack Crouch first visits the park with his parents when he is 6 and has two encounters with Donna 998.
  • U.S. Forces Gather Around Iran
    The USS Enterprise is deploying to the Persian Gulf. The move deployment means for a time the U.S. Navy will have two carriers in the Gulf. Meanwhile the USAF has deployed 40 F-15Cs to Southwest Asia to participate in exercises.
  • World Trade Centers 1979-2011
    A series of snap shots of the World Trade Center in New York and the surrounding area from 1979 - December 25, 2011.
  • The Tiny Mr. B
    Hiroko and her family go to Seoul, Korea on vacation. Her grandfather is with them. She recalls how her grandfather always tells stories of the suffering caused by Mr. B, the American B-29 Superfortress.
  • The Three Students
    Charley was a C average student in his Catholic elementary school. One of his classmates, Monica, was also a C average student. Another of his classmates, Johnny Boy, was a straight A student. After they graduate they grow apart.
  • The Knowledge Exchange
    A space ship from 61 Virginis travels to Earth to make contact. Their purpose is to gather information from the Earth's sentient beings. The radio and television transmissions they have been monitoring has caused them more confusion then enlightenment.
  • Return to the Castle Ruins
    Bridget O'Connor takes a last look before her family leaves for America. Cathy MacGrew,her last living descendant finds herself drawn to make a trip to Ireland. She will be the only one of Bridget O'Connor's descendants to return to Ireland.
  • Easter at the Patriot Center
    One year my family attended an Easter Sunday service in a large arena. Attending this service was a wonderful experience.
  • Inside the Tent
    Walking Bear captures Linda Lou Larson. Walking Bear's sister, Autumn Leaves, is married to Ian, a white trapper. To Ian all is right with the world. Linda Lou is living a nightmare.
  • Zeit Historian
    It is 2023, among the many scientific advances in Germany is time travel. Hans Barkhorn, a skilled traveler is sent to 1923 to record a pivotal event in German, and world history.
  • Talking Breeze
    A British observer who is with the Confederate forces in the summer of 1863 has made a number of inventions. Could one of them mean victory for the Confederate in the upcoming Battle of Gettysburg?
  • Passion Surprise
    My wife was invited to a Valentine's Day party for women only.
  • Ghosts of Valentine's Day Past
    Phil doesn't know what he should do for his wife Jill on Valentine's Day. It seems Valentine's Day never goes well for Jill. Phil would like to break this bad luck streak.
  • Patriots on the Mall
    James Gadson, Director of the National Museum of Natural History, is unhappy about the government's security measures. He feels they are both a diversion from the countries economic troubles and one of the causes of the economic troubles.
  • Fortune from Misfortune
    Lenore's womanizing gangster boyfriend will be arrested soon. Lenore plans to turn his misfortune into a way for her to make a fortune.
  • Late Summer Night Tales
    John gets some things of his deceased Uncle Bill's that sheds light on Uncle Bill's past and a story he told him as a child.
  • F-4 Phantom II
    Photographs of the F-4 Phantom II.
  • P-51 Mustang
    Images of P-51 Mustangs on display.
  • F-86 Sabre
    Photos of F-86 Sabres on static display or as flying museum pieces.
  • Artwork on Aircraft
    Pictures of artwork put on aircraft. It includes nose art, unit crests, and other artwork on aircraft.
  • B-29 Images
    Pictures of Enola Gay, and other B-29 Superfortresses on display.
  • A-4 Skyhawks
    Images of A-4 Skyhawks on display. It is a series of images, most several decades old.

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