Kassidy Emmerson

Kassidy Emmerson

Since Kassidy Emmerson became a professional freelance writer in 2000, she’s had thousands of digital articles published, and more in print publications. She started contributing material to Associated Content in 2005 when the website began. She continues to be a regular contributor to Yahoo! Emmerson is an avid “do-it-yourselfer” with decades of “hands on” experience. She specializes in Home Improvement, Gardening, Health, Lifestyle, Pets and History.

Emmerson’s work can also be seen on many other websites including The Denver Channel, Pennsylvania Insurance Network, Woman’s Day, 417 Health, Kraft Foods, ABC 10 News, and The Heart of New England.

She originally wanted to be a teacher. Instead, she decided to teach through non-fiction writing. Kassidy Emmerson lives to write and writes to live.
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If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it. -Margaret Fuller
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