Becky Munoz

Becky Munoz

Born in Augusta, GA, I was
raised in the country in Albany. So, you can say I am a Georgia Peach. I am a tomboy and a country girl. I am now a grandmother and great grandmother. I have done almost everything in life and still have a bucket list. I have loved writing for many years. The secret of good writing is to write and revise daily. Working full time has never allowed me to pursue writing professionally because of lack of time. At one point in my life, I wrote a lot and submitted to every type of publisher and was rewarded with lots and lots of rejections. I asked God at that time to give me a sign. He did and I won a writing contest with Writer s Digest. That was years ago. Since that time, I have written a bi-monthly newsletter and personal poetry for friends and family along with a unique seasonal poem that a select group of friends and family enjoy. This new writing venue with Yahoo will give me a chance to polish any writing skills I possess and share with others a piece of myself. Peace, love, and ice cream, I say!
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North Augusta High School and some college courses taken.


Live and let live, do not judge.


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  • An Ode to All Fathers
    Thinking of fathers here on earth and in Heaven with love, respect and admiration.
  • Pain Be Gone
    I have to learn not to complain about my aches and pains because I inherited them honestly from my forefathers. It hurts to admit it, but that's the truth!
  • Lady Luck
    I enjoy outings and going to the casino is a wonderful outlet for me. One day maybe I will get lucky!
  • Seeking Natural Rainbows
    Rainbows represent God's blessings and can be found in the love and grace and generosity of each person we meet and know.
  • Pressure
    If you don't take anything else away from this poem, hear the words, "SLOW DOWN". Take time to smell the roses, the dog, the cat, your children's breath, everything!
  • Waiting
    Love travels over many miles, and countries, and eons. This Valentine's Day, pray for all the people who have loved ones overseas, over the mountains, or over the stairs.
  • Seeking Joy
    I believe that we are so caught up in so many things that we feel are all important, that we lose the simple joys that God brings our way, everyday.
  • My Love
    Yes boys and girls! This old girl did find love in her life time. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
  • Remember to Laugh
    A balanced life needs work, fun and laughter!
  • Soaring to My Potential
    My goodness, let's get this show on the road! It is time to be who we are and do what we must do! Bangarang my friends!
  • If I Could
    A simple psalm I would like to dedicate to my daughter, Pamela Zaneta.
  • Riding the Train
    I just went cross country twice on Amtrak and I must say, it opened my eyes to so much. You must go!
  • Seeking a Peaceful Life
    Telling the truth hurts no one. Telling lies, hurts everyone. A slandered person may forgive, but never forget.
  • The Puzzle of Life
    As we get older, we look back on the events of our lives. The pieces we see create life's path.
  • The Rest of My Life
    We know not when our final day comes. What is important is to be God's vessel fulfilling our earthly lives while on this earth. It brings peace and purpose.
  • Christmas Wishes
    Christmas wishes to last all year through.
  • Our Grand United States
    I am always amazed at the beauty of The United States of America. We need to enjoy it every day while preserving it as God intended.
  • The Black Squirrel
    Recently while traveling I met up with a new critter I had never seen.
  • A Poem Called 'Empty'
    Bottom line is to live life to the fullest while you can, always with loved ones in your heart and mind.
  • Diner Chatter
    We have all overheard people talking with much gusto about things they know not very much about. Well, so have I.
  • I Do Not Walk Alone
    We all go through life's journey, each with different loads to bear. We survive by God's will and the love and support of friends, family, and yes, strangers, whom God surrounds us with, as needed.
  • Comic Fish
    If you are a fisherman, this ditty of a poem will be right down your river! True story, by the way.
  • Awakenings
    We do not have control over the first part of our lives so we must learn and empower ourselves to overcome anything negative in our pasts.
  • I Wonder
    I wondered what it would be like to look at all my body parts when I die and if any of life's pains would be visible to anyone but my Creator. It would be fortunate to know someone who can look at you and see your pain and heartache and comfort you.
  • Fall
    An ode to the beautiful fall season which is upon us in the glorious United States of America.
  • The Total Man
    Dedicated to my bossman Ricky Dicky Micky. Gotta love him!
  • Freedom Road
    Traveling into new territories, enjoying life and times.
  • Sanity
    Do you wonder at everyday situations today and how this world has changed so very much? Dedicated to all those who remember the simple, sane life of yesterday.
  • Fathers and Sons
    An insightful poem of the connection between father and son. Happy Father's Day.
  • The Month of May
    Looking ahead to the wonderful month of May and all the wonders of nature that it brings.
  • Convey Your Love
    We would be nothing had it not been for our mothers. Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful, beautiful women.
  • Watching My Garden Grow
    Many things bring contentment to one's life. Being able to have the time and a place to put a garden in the Springtime has made me happy.
  • Angel in a Cloud
    Although God takes the ones we love, we can find comfort on earth when we know there are Angels watching over us.
  • The Family Gas Company
    Remembering the things we learned from our ancestors while keeping up with tradition is a mighty big order to fill. Having fun while doing so makes it all worth while. Smile!
  • Friends
    Transparent and insincere friendships hurt more than help. A true friendship lasts forever.
  • In Grief
    The sudden loss of my sister has left me sad and grieving.
  • Valentine's Heart
    Valentine's Day is the special time to tell those who love you how much you love them.
  • God is Calling Me Home
    Everyday we are closer to death. Witnessing a loved one who is dying, you are able to see into their very tortured body and their eternal soul. I love you Lynn.
  • First Person: I'm Retired, but Didn't Start Saving Until I was in My 40s
    Getting a late start on a financial plan for retirement requires a jump start to an ordinary life.
  • Pride
    Let's face all our personal issues this year and make ourselves better so that we can be a better family member, a better friend and a better person all around! BAM!
  • Look on the Sunny Side
    Mama said there would be days like this! Be happy!
  • Quality of Life
    We don't think about all the consequences of our choices in life until it is too late to do anything about it sometimes. Unfortunately, the way we did not want to live becomes real. "Comfortable", "manageable" and "controllable" becomes life.
  • I Write
    People have many ways of letting off steam, venting, relaxing. Mine is writing. I do not know how many people read what I write, but it is my way of letting off steam, venting, relaxing and sharing.
  • Little Children
    As we were once young, the little children of today will be tomorrow's parents and leaders. It is our job to protect them and guide them.
  • Rewards Are in Heaven
    The plan on earth is to live fully and give and take and work and share. There are no rewards as we labor each day to accomplish what we must do to live a full life. Our rewards will be in heaven.
  • Simply Awaiting
    Dangerous days are the very ones we live in. Having true faith in God and living the life He chooses for us will guarantee eternal life.
  • It Will Show in Your Face
    Even though we are all stressed and living on the brink of life it seems, we must live with purpose and faith and love. Our lives reflect through our faces as we care for others.
  • My Breaking Heart
    I thought I had lived through many things and seen death, sickness and craziness. Yet it seems in my golden years I am faced with struggles beyond my experiences and ones that literally break my heart.
  • My Parenting Resolution for 2013
    Becoming a parent is wonderful, and each year you want to be better at parenting. New Year's Resolutions are a way to become that parent.
  • The Electric Squirrel
    The true story of a squirrel with a love for electricity.
  • Christmas 2012
    Another Christmas, another year. Let us be grateful and supportive of our family and friends and community.
  • You
    There is someone in everyone's life who makes the struggle of life worthwhile.
  • On Angel Wings
    Daughters are a gift from God. They are true blessings and require our prayers.
  • The Art of Aging
    Aging is a big topic in today's world. We learn many things from our mother and one is the art of aging.
  • The Same
    A poem to encourage everyone to be mindful of others needs each day.
  • Feelings
    A short homage of poetry regarding feelings.
  • Singing in Your Ear
    Many things are around to make us happy. Here is the way one person finds happiness and contentment.
  • Thanksgiving Blessing
    Times are tough but everyone has something to be thankful for.
  • Initials
    Incorporating initials in our daily lives does make a difference.
  • Happy Birthday
    A short poem to say to you, 'Happy Birthday'.
  • The Secretary
    Now they are called assistants, or clerks, but they are still the heart and soul of a good business. I am talking about the secretary.
  • Look for the Real People
    Finding real people should be the goal of all those who want genuine friendships.
  • Dreams
    Getting a lot of sleep not only helps our health, but causes us to dream. Dreaming can become reality.
  • Kiss Me I'm Irish
    It doesn't matter if it is St. Patty's Day or not to me. Kiss me! I'm Irish!
  • The Color of the Ball
    Bingo is a fun game when you are a child, but when you are a senior, it is serious business and there are lots of things to learn. "B" - blue ball. "I" - red ball. "N" - white ball. "G" - green ball. "O" - yellow ball. BINGO.
  • Celebrity Conncections
    Now more than ever we should be concerned with the world and all the problems therein. We should help those who cannot help themselves. Most of us cannot do much, but celebrity stars can help if they will spend that mating ritual money on charity.
  • Our New Cooks
    The honeymoon is over and the wife takes over the kitchen. Or does she? It's a different world of cooks out there!
  • Grandparent's Day
    One of the days that should be most revered is almost forgotten. Grandparent's Day. Here is an ode to Grandparents, one and all.
  • Above the Clouds
    When we are faced with a dismal day, thing above the clouds. That is where sunshine always makes life brighter.
  • Serious Senior Situation
    Doctors evaluate patients and prescribe medicine which will take care of the problem. Problem is, medicines prescribed create more problems.
  • First Person: Remodeling a Bedroom in Our Modular Home
    Complete remodel of spare bedroom in a modular home by two senior citizen women.
  • Shame on Lance Armstrong
    Lance Armstrong has not only lost his titles, he has lost favor with the world.
  • Appreciating Olympic Athletes
    There is nothing like the Olympic games in ways of sports, friendship and competition. It is with great pride that we watch our athletes compete and perform.
  • Hummingbirds
    An ode to the hummingbird.
  • Girl Friends
    A look at some of the things that best girl friends share as they get older. A special look at what I find friendship to be with my own friends.
  • Have You?
    How thoroughly do you try to figure someone out?
    Dedicated to all Bingo fans who love to play the game.
  • Union Station Embarrassment
    A serious look at Union Station's situation today and the shame we should have for our oversights at this landmark location.
  • The Honeymoon
    Nothing seals a marriage like an eventful honeymoon.
  • Age
    Age is just a number.
  • Luck
    Is it true that some people are luckier than other? If so, why? Is there such a thing as luck? Really?
  • My List
    A poem about the dreaded list that we always make and then can't find it when we need it. This poem was inspired by Ms. Carole Bates, one of my biggest fans. Thank you Ms. Carole!
  • Games
    There are many games that are played on the world's stage.
  • Tin Roof
    Listening to rain is one thing, but hearing it rain onto a tin roof can be a very exciting thing for lovers.
  • Unbelievable
    A poem about love and being loved and wanting that love and trying to understand that love.
  • Just Love
    A poem about true love and devotion for life.
  • Love in the Morning
    A romantic poem of true love and satisfaction.
  • My Fantasy
    Even a lover in your dreams can be fulfilling.
  • Time
    A poem about a lasting love that will bring heartbreak if not addressed.
  • Slap Me, Beat Me, Sue Me
    Love cannot be turned on and off like a water hose.
  • My Special Man
    Sometimes love can sneak up on people who have completely given up on it.
  • The Wait
    Love overtakes people when they embrace and this poem tells how it is hard for someone to wait to be with their loved one again.
  • Missing You
    A day is not complete until you spend time with the love of your life.
  • Love's Sweet Passage
    Being able to love your partner in every way is important no matter how old you are. Just tricky when you get older.
  • Questions
    Ah, the perfect one has arrived in your life. This poem poses some of the many questions that may arrise during the relationship.
  • Thinking of You
    A poem about life and love and being together in a world that is far from perfect.
  • Another Father's Day
    A short poem for Father's Day.
  • Your Birthday
    You can say it in a Hallmark, but here is a true birthday poem for the one you love.
  • Saying Goodbye
    It is hard to say goodbye to your lover but wonderful when you can see them again.
  • Maybe You Are Right
    True love captures hearts and minds and souls. There is a feeling that cannot be found anywhere else when someone you love guides you in life.
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