Jessica Angélique

Jessica Angélique

As a devout lover of all things literary, Jessica began reading at a very early age to escape the horrors and atrocities that she experienced growing up in foster care. Reading allowed her to create a reality far removed from the one that she was living. Her love of reading naturally progressed to a love of writing as well. As a staunch proponent of foster care, Jessica has helped raise funds to benefit The Children s Aids Foundation, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, The Children s Literacy Fund, Everybody Wins USA, Children s Rights and CASA. CASA s are Court Appointed Special Advocates who are the voice of abused and neglected children in foster care. CASA, unfortunately, was just getting its start when Jessica was in foster care. Despite never having had a CASA, Jessica believes strongly in the organization and the work that they do.

As an author, Jessica focuses her writing on hard-hitting truth and world-changing reality. She writes about life and the lessons learned throughout the course of life. Her autobiography, The Road To Me I Now Know Why That Caged Bird Sang, has become recommended reading for university students wishing to enter into the field of Social Work. It details her life in foster care, her battle with cancer and the hardships of being a homeless single mother to two small children.

Jessica continues to bring us thought provoking reading with her latest novel; Alas Peace Be Still. The novel is a gut wrenching, soul cleansing account of her breakdown/breakthrough which was brought on as a direct result of the actions and words of award winning talk show host Oprah Winfrey and critically acclaimed producer Tyler Perry.

Alas Peace Be Still is being called the The tour-de-force Aha moment of a lifetime that is an emotional roller coaster ride of heartache, heartbreak, denial, depression and the ultimate surrendering of the truth. Look for it EXCLUSIVELY on AMAZON in February 2012!
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I write to linger in the subconscious with the hopes of one day becoming a conscious action



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