Dana R. Arevalo

Dana R. Arevalo

Dana is a featured lifestyle contributor. Extremely passionate about writing and blogging, Dana manages a fitness blog and is a contributing author for a second. Topics include, fitness, beauty, anti-bullying, and POV.

Writing allows her to express her thoughts freely. She states, People should do what they love to do and what makes them happy. If you are doing what you love and give it your all you will be extremely successful.

Professionally, Dana has worked in hospital support services and management for 11 years. Her ultimate dream is to write a novel. She is knowledgeable about several diverse topics from business to fitness.

I truly love to motivate and inspire others. ~ DRA

danaarev@gmail.com ~ networking opportunities.
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  • Sound Decisions
    Listen to instinct and intuition. Pursue visions as they lead to sound decisions.
  • 69 Days Till Summer
    Summer is around the corner. Stick with me in order to achieve your fitness goals. No more excuses!
  • United
    An expression of two exploring the qualities of one another.
  • Dear Knight
    Every lady deserves a knight to hold her throughout the night. Written for the one I consider "my knight".
  • Trapped
    Feelings of being stuck or trapped in a situation or spot where one loses their rights.
  • Time
    Happy New Year! May 2014 allow you to use your "time" wisely. Please enjoy a short personal perception of time.
  • The Neighbor
    Do you enjoy reading fiction and suspense? You will be intrigued by this excerpt from Extraordinary Love.
  • Spellbound Love
    An enchanting love poem.
  • Unconscious Shadow
    Lost in an unconscious evening shadow. Dreaming; surreal.
  • I Get so Emotional
    They say, you are what you eat. Emotional eating is an eating disorder where one believes that they are hungry when in fact they are only seeking comfort from food.
  • Far, Far Away
    The fear acquired from anxiety can pause life causing one to retract from society. The emotion in this poem is felt, loud and clear.
  • Spouses Vanishing: Part II
    When a loved one goes missing family members become distraught. When a loved one vanishes without a trace it becomes a stressful devastating mystery that may go unsolved. This article provides an update on the disappearance of Patricia Viola of NJ.
  • The Broken Flower
    A broken flower can heal when given the proper nurture and environment. People can also heal and change when they realize they have the means to get there.
  • Why, Smile?
    Why do individuals smile? Examining the distinct purposes of a smile.
  • The Black Ascent
    Is light better than dark? Is it a choice or preference? They both serve a purpose.
  • Angel Eyes
    Love is all about chances. The scariest risks could lead to the biggest rewards.
  • Define Your Necessity
    Life is deeper than the basic needs of food, shelter, air and water. We need and require things, items, motivation to accomplish what we need to feel successful in life. Start today by defining your own necessity.
  • What If?
    What if this....and....what if that? Will you truly be there to support me the way I need to be? A poem of uncertainty and love.
  • Precious Angels
    There are no perfect words or emotions to express the loss of a child. The following has been written for the precious angels of the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.
  • Sheltered Heart
    An account of dangerous desire seducing a broken heart.
  • Take Notice
    Things are not always what they seem.
  • What Happens When?
    A poem for my love...True love never dies.
  • Let's talk: Family Thanksgiving dinner conversation
    Family traditions make lasting impressions. Make Thanksgiving all about your child's beliefs, thoughts, and imagination.
  • Child's Play (Haiku)
    This is me as a young child, down the shore, late 1970s or early 1980s. Childhood memories of the beach stick with one forever. At the Jersey Shore.
  • Be You
    As hard as it may be...believe in you and your dreams will be accomplished; believe and see.
  • Lean on Me
    We all have that one person that we can lean on always. Dedicated to someone who means a lot to me. I am always here.
  • Surreal (Haiku)
    A short poem (Haiku) about mystical fantasy. Read if you dare.
  • Angelic Touch (Haiku)
    A haiku about angelic touch and protection.
  • A Super Disaster
    A tribute to those who suffered true loss by Hurricane Sandy.
  • Melodic Silence
    A beatiful poem, for an inspirational melodist.
  • The "not so" perfect storm
    A personal account of hurricane Sandy. A strong sense of togetherness and direction was felt about.
  • No More
    Release negativity and positive things will happen.
  • Positive Thinking
    The mind is extremely powerful. Human beings must stop and truly think about their feelings and thinking patterns and release any negativity that they may have. After time, these actions will welcome positivity.
  • Sweet Perspiration
    An in-depth poem filled with the intense feeling of fear and anxiety. Fear must be accepted and learned from.
  • He Watches Her
    In honor of Breast Cancer awareness month for those that are suffering. As hard as it seems, be strong. I also dedicate this poem to all who have lost a loved one to cancer.
  • Weathered Base-Ball
    Baseball is one of America's favorite pastimes. A short Haiku in appreciation of it's main symbol.
  • Searching for Answers
    We all need a push from time to time to embrace the qualities that we already possess. Forget the past..move forward.
  • If Fear Is...Imagination
    Fear is a strong emotion that can make one lose focus, become terrified, and retreat. Do not be vulnerable to fear as most often it is imagined.
  • Shared Parenting Custody: A Guide for Newly Separated Couples
    Divorce is difficult for children. Parents need to put their differences aside when making decisions about their children. A short guide for separating couples to consider in determining custody.
  • Happy Birthday, Compact Disc
    Happy 30th CD. I practically grew up listening to CDs and they will forever be a part of my life. I am from Paterson, NJ.
  • Gazing at the Same Moon
    A bond between two lovers who are apart in distance, yet tied by a bond forever.
  • Consumer Confidence is Short-Lived
    The consumer confidence seven month high is definitely short-lived. Show us stable job growth and a solid decrease in the unemployment rate and then Americans should consider being confident.
  • Animated Sky (Haiku)
    A short poem appreciating lightning. Lightning is dangerous, yet beautiful.
  • Chris Christie Delivers Hope to America
    The keynote address that Chris Christie delivered was impeccable. I enjoyed listening to him bring the nation together, allowing us to believe that together we could stand strong. .
  • Cruise Ship Disappearances
    Suppose you are traveling with someone who vanishes into thin air? It seems like a perfect crime, if such a thing existed. What happens to these people?
  • Lance Armstrong Still Remains a Hero
    Sports hero Lance Armstrong decides to move forward from negativity. His decision comes with a strict punishment.
  • Spouses Vanishing Without a Trace
    Each year there are many cases of spouses who vanish. At times, foul play is suspected, however, many times they vanish without a trace.
  • Chocolate Dream
    A humorous account for the love of chocolate.
  • Sparkling Sky (Haiku)
    Beauty, power, & fireworks. Haiku.
  • Untamed Treasure (Haiku)
    Appreciating beauty in desolate spaces.
  • Savor the Flavor
    Ice-cream is one of my favorite treats. For this reason, I do not purchase it often. A cute poem about Ice-cream.
  • Advice for Our Family Dog
    Please help us determine a method to stop our pets bad behavior.
  • Sustaining Nature (Haiku)
    The beauty of nature can be modest, yet extremely powerful.
  • Vivid Lips
    A Haiku about vivid lips.
  • Abandoned Beauty
    Haiku. Sustainable through strength.
  • Lovers Lost in Heaven
    A Haiku of genuine love.
  • Together (Haiku)
    Togetherness always prevails.
  • Mesmerized at Sea (Haiku)
    A child lost in imagination. Peaceful beach scene.
  • How-to Generate a Site-Map for Google's Blogger
    Besides being a Yahoo! Featured Contributor, I also love blogging. I decided to add a site-map to my fitness blog with many dead-ends. Here is a simple How-To Guide to eliminate problems.
  • Introducing Your Tween to Blogging
    Today tweens and children are social media butterflies. They are connected with their friends via various different devices. Teach them a way to utilize their technological skills in a positive manner.
  • Fading Innocence (Haiku)
    Early morning thoughts, capturing the beauty of nature. A cloudy white sky hiding angels, will eventually fade away as the sun pushes through.
  • Open Skin
    A poem about, love, mistrust, abuse, and pain. Overstepping boundries to feel alive.
  • P.S., I Think I Love Him
    Does true love exist? I have so many questions about love and relatioships. Strong connection...miles apart looking forward to each and every message.
  • Broken
    Lovers lost needing one another. Feeling broken, heart shutting-down; only to be repaired by one another.
  • True Love
    If something was meant to be, it will be. Fate ripped away, returning slowly with thoughts of you.
  • Reaching the Olympics
    Reaching the Olympics is every athletes dream. While individuals have the potential to achieve accomplishments, they require inspiration and guidance to believe in their abilities.
  • A Tribute to Mentors
    Mentors help others become successful. I am extremely lucky and thankful to have a mentor as she graciously shares her professional experiences with me. Thank you, Melina. Your guidance is extremely valuable.
  • Penguins Dress Alike
    A moment between father and child. A cute account of penguins and their identity.
  • Writing Passion
    Writers appreciate words and are able to emphasize words to make the reader feel that they are truly present in the writers world.
  • Resumes Being Accepted, FWB Need Not Apply
    Individuals are required to submit their resume to prospective jobs. Would dating become easier if men and women were required to provide love resumes to potential mates?
  • Parents Beware: Drugs, Alcohol, and Applications
    A recent study on teen internet usage sparked some serious concern about applications and internet safety. Parents concerned with drugs and alcohol, and now "applications" have come into play.
  • A Monster is Near
    Every child fears a monster in their closet or under their bed. This is a cute poem about my son and I searching for a monster who is close.
  • 2012 Summer Olympics: Breeds Inspirational Athletes
    I find all Olympic athletes amazing. It takes focus, dedication, and will to acheive a spot in the Olympics. A memorable experience for all.
  • 'Tampered' Fits Negative Obama Ad Well
    As an undecided voter for the 2012 Presidential Election, I find 'Tampered' misleading and false. In fact, every campaign ad is directed negatively against the opponent. These ads in no way sway me.
  • Strength
    One can do anything that they set their mind to. Feel as if you are lacking strength? Read this.
  • Meant to Be
    Some feelings are meant to be explored while some are meant to be ignored. While fate happens, it is your choice to make it last. Written for someone special.
  • Entering High School
    This poem was written for a special girl who is about to enter High School and begin new adventures. Best wishes for a great HS experience, Mikayla!
  • Seven Days....Seven Ways
    A creative, fun poem to give its readers a "push" through the week.
  • Merry-Go-Rounds Bring Joy
    Merry-Go-Rounds will always be a favorite at the boardwalk, amusement park, or carnival. They bring both children and adults joy.
  • Ladybugs
    I appreciate ladybugs, their look and meaning. The spots on their back does not equal their age, that is a myth. Enjoy this cute poem about ladybugs.
  • Friday the 13th
    Many hold superstitions on Friday the 13th. Do you have any? This is a short poem as a tribute to one of my favorite horror movies.
  • Sonic
    A short poem about our family dog, Sonic. Last year my children and I rescued him. He appeared dirty and abused. In fact, he would not even walk. I often wonder, how could someone abuse an animal.
  • Unidentified
    A strange encounter.
  • Vital Tools for Writing
    An enjoyable piece about writing. To be creative one must find what sparks their overall creativity.
  • Empowering Voice
    A poem filled with hope, strength, and empowerment.
  • Laying on the Beach All Night
    A special appreciation of the beach and its surroundings.
  • It is Time to Begin Exercising Today
    Written with exercise and motivation in mind. At times we all need an extra push to get started. I am here to help.
  • Just a Mirage
    People are not always true or geniune. At times, men and even women try too hard impress, and come off as someone different. Always be yourself and it will eliminate confusion and untrue feelings.
  • A Sense of Summer
    Summertime is upon us. During the summer children are able to relax and have fun. Their laughter is loud and it is a joy to watch them run around, partcipate in activities, and play.
  • Let the Sunshine In
    At times, people feel that they are weak. Loved ones don't know how to help. They rather sit in silence, until they on their own reach inside and allow the sunshine back in.
  • Why I Chose Divorce
    I firmly believe in traditional family values, however, an individual should stand up for what is right when things go wrong. I am telling my personal story in the hope I can reach out to other women who are lacking the courage to leave.
  • June Events to Support Autism in New Jersey
    Don't miss out on these great events. Have fun while supporting a great cause. Support autism all weekend long, one event falls on a Friday evening and the other the next day, Saturday. I'll be there.
  • Abduction in Tennessee: Three Children and Their Mother
    No one can ever be too careful. Three girls and their mom have gone missing from the Tennessee area, their family members and friends only hope they will be found alive.
  • Handling Talking Back with Patience
    At times, regardless of your parenting technique, your child may talk back. Be prepared to respond patiently,yet firmly. We lead our children by example, teach them how to communicate patiently and effectively.
  • He Inspires Me Because
    Not many people are inspirational, true leaders, those who are rarely understand their positive effect on others. He truly inspires me to be better, to keep moving forward and to achieve results.
  • The Dating Game: Game on or Game Over?
    Both men and women alike swear dating and love is not a game. I am not buying the notion. The more you give, the more they pull away. Then when one is ready to give up on the game forever, the other jumps back in.
  • Student Loan Anxiety Rises as Schedule Rate Increase Nears
    Student loan debt, often thought of as "good" debt is not the way to go. In fact, the loan interest rates are set to double, giving the Presidential candidates a huge advantage on their campaign trail, targeting millions of borrowers and students.
  • Social Dating: A Short Guide to Social Media Mishaps
    Years ago, a woman would sit around and wait for a phone call. Now it's a text, an IM, an email, a poke and so on and so forth. It can become extremely annoying. Steer clear of falling for someone with the wrong intentions.
  • Maybe Should Not Have Existed
    Have you ever experienced a kiss that you cannot seem to forget about? A kiss filled with passion, a kiss that should be repeated. A kiss that just may be the first and last kiss. Some kisses mean nothing this meant a hell of a lot.
  • A Tribute to My Children for Mother's Day
    I could only hope that I fulfill these qualities to my children. I love my children with all of my heart.
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