Melody S. Peale Fugazzotto

Melody S. Peale Fugazzotto

I am a full-time mom of a preschooler, Army spouse and recently retired military officer who is living overseas (again). I love to be creative but found my last career sometimes straitjacketed my creativity (I shut down my personal blog soon after arriving in Afghanistan in 2010) but love to wander around with a camera/cameraphone, a pen, and my notebook or smartphone. My work over the past decade has afforded homes overseas and travel throughout the US, Asia (Far East and Afghanistan), and Europe. I have a great appreciation for those in the service industry, those who serve and those who serve the friendly skies. I look forward to a richer experience now that I am a mom...what does world travel look like through my child's eyes?
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Although I started as a PoliSci/Russian Studies major, I ended up in healthcare: BS in Healthcare Mgmt from Southern Illinois Univ; Masters in Healthcare Admin from Baylor University


When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


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