Stacy Littner

Stacy Littner

I am a 30-something looking to take on a new project/challenge. I have had an extensive career in the Cosmetology industry and hope to contribute a great deal of the amazing things I've learned to others. I am a licensed Cosmetologist as well as a licensed Cosmetology Educator. I absolutely love teaching and education.

Some other passions of mine are animals, volunteering, party planning, personal finance and budgeting (I love seeing how far I can stretch a dollar), children and entertainment (i.e., movies, television, music, etc...).

I am engaged to be married in October, 2012 so I have really gone into bride mode (no Bridezilla here though!). I'm actually doing a very small, DIY style wedding and love to find new ideas and suggestions from others who have experienced this life milestone already.

I am often described as a "people person" and am always trying to find new ways to meet and network with new people. Everybody has an interesting story to tell and while I can be quite chatty, I make a great listener as well!
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Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Cosmetology Educator, Some College Courses and a great deal of self studying on a variety of different topics.


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