Adrian Frank

Adrian Frank

Adrian grew up in Central Texas. He joined the Navy after high school, where he served on several submarines. During this time he traveled to several ports, including Honolulu, Australia, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands, and the Mediterranean Sea.

While in the Navy, Adrian met Jamie. They soon joined together in a spiritual union and civil partnership.

Adrian retired from the Navy, and he and Jamie moved to Texas, where Adrian went to work for Southwestern Bell Telephone, installing voice and data lines. He became interested in computers, and went to a local community college to earn a PC Maintenance and Repair certification.

This certification enabled him to obtain employment at Pilgrim s Pride, and then the State of Texas, as a PC repair technician.

Then Jamie s father gave Adrian and Jamie five acres in Jamie s home town of De Queen, Arkansas. Jamie and Adrian moved there, and live there now.
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