Niema Ronni Williams

Niema Ronni Williams

I'm a late 20-something

I was born babbling; I learned to write before I learned to make friends, lol not really...but while I was still in a baby walker my mom said she knew I'd be a writer or a lawyer. I'm a little bit of both, but I'm only degreed as one.

I'm a nerd, I've accepted it, I embraced and lately, I flaunt it...but who says GOD doesn't have a sense of humor? Cause, I'm also dyslexic *BEWARE*...I believe in GOD but I'm not about to beat you with a Bible, I'm about life so my opinions can be conditional and may surprise you. I believe in writing that speaks to you from the page/screen.

I believe E-readers are the end of literate world :-D *(I'll explain that in an article, one day...)

My writing will speak for me better than anything I could tell you here...
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Central High School, Temple University, Saint Joseph s University...Philadelphia Born & Raised


I think before I write, if not before I speak...


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  • Sitting Table Top
    Being a wallflower has perks but more costs. Getting up the nerve to overcome wallflower-ness only to be a day late and dollar short is poetry.
  • From Beyoncé Hater to Beyoncé ‘Stan’
    Why are people haters? Sometimes right is right and wrong is wrong, pointing it out will have you labeled a, 'Hater.' Other times, it's a miscommunication, a lack of experience or understanding that causes us to 'hate on' someone. Here's my experience.
  • Eye. Heart. U
    With the election approaching, I think we need to be reminded of a few things...
  • The First Poem I Ever Wrote
    Parent-Child relationships are difficult, because children don’t want or are taught not to see their parents' humanness yet parents generally fail to hide their human struggles. These are only pieces of the poem.
  • Betrayed
    How do you handle it when the slightest detail gets overlooked and changes your reality? A segment from the book, "November's Reigns." A little prose, mostly poetry all speaking from the page.
  • Harry Potter…Twilight…Hunger Games
    For better or worse, certain things make genre lit, genre lit. My first exposure to Sci-Fi/Fantasy was Orson Scott-Card’s, "Ender’s Game." I’ve read a lot since then. I don’t need a strong lead character but I need a realistic one. There will be spoilers!
  • Paper Dolls:
    People don't belong in boxes. People aren't one-sided. Yet, when they present themselves in such a way for so long, it can take a serious chain events for us to see them differently.
  • Thisability: What is Osteo-genesis Imperfecta?
    I’m a late 20-something and I have a brittle-bone disorder. I was diagnosed at 6-months old. I have had over 35 fractures and 5 surgeries since I was 3-months old. But what is my disability, exactly?
  • ROUTE 52
    For Philadelphian natives Rt. 52 is infamous. This anchor-poem investigates all you'd see along the ride. This is only page one from the forthcoming book, "On tha Deuce."
  • You’re 20-what?! Go Somewhere and Have Babies!!!
    Don't know if you're a feminist? Do the concepts of womanhood boggle your mind? If you said, "Yes." Then we're similar. But one thing I know is, we women-folk are not all the same. So go find your voice and roar...if you want to.
  • Thisability:
    Missing letters are missing letters and totally forgotten or reversed sentences don’t go unnoticed.
  • Thisability:
    I have a disability and I’m a grown woman. Lately, I’ve read many articles on raising a “special needs” child. Here’s the advice of a former, “special needs” child: Raise us with little to no difference than you would your non-special needs child. Why?
  • Forget It!
    Seven poems inspired by Jojo's rendition of Drake's "Marvin's Room." This is the (PG-13 version of the) third.
  • Strange
    This poem is an Excerpt from, "November's Reigns" ( It was written in high-school as an English assignment and later used in an African-American History Month competition.
  • Based on True Events…
    It's funny the influence entertainment has on life. I thank Tyler Perry for his influence.
  • Off to a Rocky Start:
    Guilt is a tool of the devil to keep you away from GOD. So many surprisingly little things can make us feel guilty. Praise HIM anyhow. Praise HIM in spite of yourself. And yes a reflective, short-piece can accomplish this.
  • Choosey Lover
    High School ends whether you believe it not and the concept of having a High School sweetheart isn't as beautiful as it seems. I hope my friends don't kill me.
  • Sleep Then Work, Sleep Then Work
    Some are asking what's wrong with these 20-somethings. Some 20-somethings are feeling hoodwinked by their college degrees. This 20-something says go back to school and get desperate.
  • Louise-Kay
    Most say they find poetry hard to understand. I believe poetry should speak from the page. Where else can you express yourself better with inanimate objects and fragments than a whole 442-page novel?

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