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  • 'Parks and Recreation': The Safest Show Left for Shippers
    The last month has torn apart countless TV relationships. But between the horrific "How I Met Your Mother" finale, the trainwrecks on "Community" and the breakups on FOX Tuesday nights, "Parks and Recreation" has been a rare source of comfort for shippers
  • WNBA Legend Tamika Catchings Continues Off-Court Legacy
    WNBA/Tennessee legend Tamika Catchings has won at every level on the court, yet has done even greater work off it. This includes her work with the AllState Good Works Team, which honors 10 special citizen-athletes in women's college basketball.
  • 'Her' Review
    Spike Jonze's "Her" poignantly presents a world where love between a lonely man and an automated computed system is possible, not so unusual -- and as fraught with human complications, pain and bittersweet joy as any strictly human connection.
  • 'American Hustle' Review
    David O. Russell has gotten more from Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence than anyone else. Yet the greatness he gets anew from Bale, Cooper, Lawrence and especially Adams only lifts up the merely good 'American Hustle'
  • 'Frozen' Review
    The rotten marketing for "Frozen" makes it look like a second rate Disney film about a talking snowman. Instead, the actual movie is a kind of sad, kind of satirical tale of two unique princess sisters - with the requisite laughs, magic and big songs.
  • 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Review
    "The Hunger Games" launched Jennifer Lawrence and Katniss Everdeen into cultural icons. Yet with another Lawrence at the helm, "Catching Fire" expands the scope, stakes and unrest of Panem - and Katniss - in even deeper ways.
  • Showtime's Signature Programs Are Sinking Their Network
    Showtime started becoming a cable power with Dexter, then rose to the Emmys when Homeland broke out. But the disaster of Dexter's finale and the decline of Homeland have sunk Showtime's brand, and overshadowed the good shows it still has left.
  • Oscar Race Builds Up with Only Two Real Question Marks Left
    The Oscar race is still building up, but virtually every single frontrunner or potential challenger has been seen in some way. In fact, there are only two movies left that haven't really been seen by anyone, leaving the field only mostly settled already.
  • 3D Only Useful from Masters like Cameron, Scorsese, Lee and Cuaron
    3D is everywhere in movies now, yet the vast majority of films with them fail to justify it. There are only four movies since 2009 to really exploit 3D, including Gravity - and its no coincidence that four of our best directors in any dimension made them.
  • '12 Years a Slave' Review
    '12 Years A Slave' might be oversold as an historic masterpiece, yet it is certainly oversold as too hard to watch. Its brutality comes from more unsettling means than mere beatings, thanks to Steve McQueen's unblinking eye and his three much rawer leads.
  • 'Gravity' IMAX 3D Review
    The hype and hyperbole over the experience of 'Gravity' in IMAX 3D may seem hard to believe, and easy to nitpick. But for 90+ minutes in an IMAX 3D theater, Alfonso Cuaron - with assistance from Sandra Bullock -- makes it more believable.
  • 'Captain Phillips' Review
    Paul Greengrass is Hollywood's leading re-enactor of terrible, action packed historical events. While the story of "Captain Phillips" isn't as harrowing or important as "United 93" Greengrass and Tom Hanks work every nerve in making it come close.
  • How Breaking Bad Threw Off the Curve for TV Drama - and Its Own Finale
    The brutal, uncompromising final stretch of Breaking Bad - and the five years before it - exposed the weakness and lack of guts from most other TV dramas by comparison. But ironically, it might have also thrown off the curve for its own final episode too.
  • 'Rush' Review
    Pairing Ron Howard with a true life sports movie about a famous rivalry may make audiences think 'Rush' is a typical, inspirational biopic. But the actual story of 1970s Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda irons out Howard's uplifting impulses.
  • Ranking Breaking Bad's First 61 Hours: Episodes 10-1
    The last part of a series that ranks all the episodes of Breaking Bad in order, from comparative worst to best, until the final hour takes its place among the previous 61. The top 10 best episodes follow within.
  • Ranking Breaking Bad's First 61 Hours: Episodes 20-11
    Part 5 of a series that ranks all the episodes of Breaking Bad in order, from comparative worst to best, until the final hour takes its place among the previous 61. The 20'th to 11'th best episodes follow within.
  • Ranking Breaking Bad's First 61 Hours: Episodes 30-21
    Part 4 of a series that ranks all the episodes of Breaking Bad in order, from comparative worst to best, until the final hour takes its place among the previous 61. The 30'th to 21'st best episodes follow within.
  • Ranking Breaking Bad's First 61 Hours: Episodes 40-31
    Part 3 of a series that ranks all the episodes of Breaking Bad in order, from comparative worst to best, until the final hour takes its place among the previous 61. The 40'th to 31'st best episodes follow within.
  • Aaron Paul's Best Bets for His First Post-Breaking Bad Guest Spot
    Eventually, Aaron Paul will likely be a regular on TV again after Breaking Bad ends, even if he will never have a character like Jesse Pinkman again. But until then, five existing shows can help him dip his toes back into TV for a guest spot or two.
  • Ranking Breaking Bad's First 61 Hours: Episodes 50-41
    Part 2 of a series that ranks all the episodes of Breaking Bad in order, from comparative worst to best, until the final hour takes its place among the previous 61. The 50'th to 41'st best episodes follow within.
  • Ranking Breaking Bad's First 61 Hours: Episodes 61-51
    Part 1 of a series that ranks all the episodes of Breaking Bad in order, from comparative worst to best, until the final hour takes its place among the previous 61. The 11 worst are listed first.
  • Five Weekends of Quality Movies May Actually Be at Hand
    The summer movie season was filled with divisive, disappointing blockbusters. As usual, many movie goers are waiting for Oscar season for relief - but they may be rewarded sooner with five straight weekends of films that already have raves and Oscar buzz.
  • Chip Kelly's Predecessors and Their First Seasons as Eagles Coaches
    Chip Kelly has a lot of work to do to make the Eagles a contender again over the next few years. But first he has to make Philadelphia improve in his first season, which many of his predecessors were able to do right away, even if they flamed out later.
  • 2013 Emmys: Best Drama Filled With Big Shows, Flawed Seasons
    The six nominees for Best Drama at the Emmys are six of the most popular, talked-about series on television. But for all the hype around these shows, none of them really had their best season this past year, which makes the race more anticlimactic.
  • Charlie Manuel and Philadelphia's Other Coaching Champions
    Charlie Manuel leaves Philadelphia not just as the Phillies second championship winning manager, but as only one of seven men to lead Philadelphia's current pro teams to titles. Some lasted a long time in doing so, while others came and went in quickly.
  • Breaking Bad: The True Moment of Heisenberg's Birth
    Breaking Bad fans can debate when Walter White truly turned bad - whether it was in the pilot, when he first committed murder or when he first let someone die. But the real moment when Walt died and Heisenberg took over for good wasn't until Season Three.
  • Breaking Bad: Should Fans Start Hating Jesse like They Hate Skyler?
    The end of "Breaking Bad" has made everyone celebrate the show, yet most refuse to celebrate Skyler White for nagging against Walt, his business and his evil deeds. By that logic, these fans should be consistent and start hating beloved Jesse Pinkman too.
  • "Breaking Bad"'s High Tolerance for Improvisation
    If things always went to their original plan on "Breaking Bad" the majority of its legacy would be different - and not just because Jesse would have died in Season One. Improvising and changing plans are really what made Walter White and his show legends.
  • Breaking Bad's Most Epic Showdowns, Monologues
    Breaking Bad is built on extremely long showdowns and monologues as much as blue meth, porkpie hats and moral downfalls. Here's a list of the most epic battles in the first four-and-a-half seasons.
  • 'Man of Steel' Review
    Superman fans are pouncing on Zack Snyder for making their 'Man of Steel' and his new movie like one of producer Christopher Nolan's humorless, violent Batman films. But the real crime is that Snyder can't match Nolan's depth in darkness or action.
  • The Mixed Efforts of Movies, TV to Hide Spoilers and Villains
    'Game of Thrones' just spawned a major debate about keeping spoilers and major secrets. Yet in the movie world, 'Oz' 'Star Trek Into Darkness' and 'Iron Man 3' had the same recent issue with their spoilers and villains, with much more mixed results.
  • Zack Snyder in Nearly No-Win Scenario with 'Man of Steel'
    If 'Man Of Steel' disappoints, director Zack Snyder will likely get blamed, as he did from those who hated '300' and 'Watchmen.' Yet even if it hits with critics and audiences, the best Snyder can do may be to share credit with producer Christopher Nolan.
  • Have Christopher Nolan's Dark Superheroics Run Their Course?
    While Christopher Nolan is only producing 'Man of Steel' it looks every bit like his usual intense, brutal, psychological epics. Is that still the future of superhero movies, or has Nolan lost ground to Marvel's lighter fare?
  • How Summer 2013 is Rebooting the Biggest Villains of the Early '80s
    Although it is 2013, 'Star Trek Into Darkness' went back to 1982 in rebooting one of that era's biggest villains, with a more gritty take - if not more iconic. But soon "Man of Steel" will use the same formula in resurrecting General Zod after 32 years.
  • 'Fast and the Furious 6' Review
    One of the most improbable franchises in memory has achieved the more unlikely feat of getting better in its fifth and sixth movies. "Fast and the Furious 6" is less of a guilty pleasure than "Fast Five" but the epic crashes and chases are still there.
  • 'Arrested Development' Season 4 Netflix Review
    It took 7 1/2 hours to watch the entire new season of "Arrested Development" today - but it will take even longer to sort out each plot point and foreshadowing, and sort out how much of it works overall. But some parts instantly work more than others.
  • 'Star Trek into Darkness' Review
    J.J. Abrams rewrote Star Trek history four years ago, yet saved the franchise anyway. "Star Trek Into Darkness" takes a different approach, in a way that has many strengths - but which can also be weaknesses as well. Spoilers within.
  • Warriors Recover from Game 1 Heartbreak Just like Grizzlies: A Fan's Take
    The Grizzlies and Warriors were already huge underdogs to the Thunder and Spurs before coughing up Game 1 upsets. But instead of crumbling afterwards, the Grizzlies got their upset in Game 2, then the Warriors had an even greater recovery in San Antonio.
  • 'Iron Man 3' Review
    Once again Iron Man kicks off the summer - this time with a threequel that often resembles one of writer/director Shane Black's 80's and 90's action movies. But that may not be good for everyone, depending on how some big twists land.
  • 'Zero Dark Thirty' Review
    In 3,000 words, I examine ‘Zero Dark Thirty’’s torture treatment, praise its reenactment of the rest of the hunt for Osama bin Laden, analyze how it reflects America’s post 9/11 journey, and hail Jessica Chastain for humanizing it all.
  • 'Django Unchained' Review
    Quentin Tarantino's latest history rewrite has an ex-slave taking down the South's vilest slave owner. But while "Django Unchained" has Tarantino's usual verbal, violent fireworks and dynamite cast, the bar from his greatest hits is too high.
  • 'Les Miserables' Review
    'Les Miserables' soars when it focuses on the heartwrenching story of Jean Valjean, the heartwrenching work of Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, and the iconic musical cues. However, director Tom Hooper puts way too much more into the mix.
  • 'Silver Linings Playbook' Review
    To this native Philadelphian, 'Silver Linings Playbook' is tailor made for me with its look at mentally disturbed Philly residents and Eagles fans. But it still might have fallen short without Jennifer Lawrence lighting up the screen with Bradley Cooper.
  • 'Lincoln' Review
    Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis make 'Lincoln' unlike anything they've done before - and show the Emancipator's fight to end slavery like never before on film. While the movie is a talky slow-burn, its weight and power becomes crushing over time.
  • "Flight" Review
    Robert Zemeckis hasn't worked on non-motion capture movies in a decade - and Denzel Washington hasn't had a real juicy part in about that time either. But they both return to form, in different ways than usual, in their bumpy "Flight' together.
  • "Skyfall" Review
    The 50'th anniversary tribute to James Bond pays homage to Bond and calls him over the hill - though it's too early to apply that to Daniel Craig. Yet "Skyfall" delivers the old Bond thrills in a new, unlikely fashion from unlikely director Sam Mendes.
  • Celtics' Stars Come Through Just Enough to Beat Wizards: A Fan's Outlook
    The Celtics struggled once again to beat the Wizards, but their stars all played a part in helping them survive. Brandon Bass, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Jason Terry and even a struggling Paul Pierce all managed to do just enough.
  • Celtics Survive Latest Surprising Rollercoaster with Wizards: A Fan's Recap
    For the second straight time, the Celtics had to fight and claw to beat the Wizards, of all teams. But once again, the Celtics survived although it took five extra minutes to do it. However, more consistency may be needed at some point.
  • 76ers Offense Slightly Less of a Problem Against Hornets: A Fan's Analysis
    The 76ers don't usually win with offense, yet that proved to be a pretty big problem against the Knicks this week. It was also a problem against the Hornets last night as well - but not a big problem since the Hornets only had 62 points of their own.
  • 76ers Get Back to Being Carried by Defense in New Orleans: A Fan's Analysis
    The 76ers were let down big by their defense in two straight losses to the Knicks. But when they face a team that can't run up the score, like the Hornets, the Sixers make out better - as they did in a 77-62 victory at New Orleans.
  • Eagles-Cowboys Showdown Turns into 'Elimination Bowl': A Fan's Take
    In the old days, the Eagles and Cowboys used to have high stakes when they played together. But with both teams at 3-5, this Sunday's game will mainly determine who has lost their season first - although both of them probably already have.
  • Eagles Inspiring More Indifference Than Passion Now: A Fan's Outlook
    Despite an embarassing loss on Monday night, Philadelphia isn't calling out for Michael Vick and Andy Reid's heads more than usual. Since it appears that even firing them won't save this season now, indifference is starting to settle into Philly.
  • Celtics Need Much Stronger Performance Against Wizards: A Fan's Preview
    The Celtics struggled much more than they should have to put away the Wizards for their first win last Saturday. After a few days off, things should presumably go better for the Celtics in tonight's rematch at the Garden.
  • 76ers, Hornets Are Each Missing Their Centers of the Future: A Fan's Take
    Ideally, tonight's 76ers-Hornets game would be a true showdown between established star Andrew Bynum and star center of the future Anthony Davis. Instead, the Sixers and Hornets are each just trying to survive right now without their big man saviors.
  • Eagles Can't Take Advantage of Weak NFC East yet Again: A Fan's Analysis
    Last year, the Eagles were a win away from winning the NFC East at 9-7 and stopping the eventual world champions. This year, the NFC East is pretty weak again, with the Eagles in second place at 3-5 and still unable to take full advantage.
  • Eagles Barely in Top 20 of Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: A Fan's Outlook
    With every loss, the Eagles drop to a pretty low point in the NFL power rankings. Going into Week 10, the Birds are lucky to even be a top 20 team, although there's plenty more room to fall with another few losses.
  • Knicks Take Decisive Leap Forward Over 76ers: A Fan's Perspective
    The 76ers and Nets were hyped as the biggest Atlantic Division challengers to the Celtics, with the Knicks largely dismissed. But the Sixers can't dismiss them anymore after being blown out by them twice in under 48 hours.
  • 76ers Do Even Worse Against Knicks at Home: A Fan's Recap
    The 76ers were fairly lousy in their first game against the Knicks, but the rematch at home should have gone much better. Instead they were destroyed even worse, as the Knicks lit up the nets and cruised to their second straight blowout over the Sixers.
  • Eagles Actually Make Saints Defense, Running Game Look Good: A Fan's Analysis
    Since the Saints have no defense and have no real help for Drew Brees, the Eagles should have taken advantage last night. But instead, they made the Saints' defense look good -- in the red zone anyway - and were torn apart by three running backs as well.
  • Eagles Suffer Most Illogical Defeat yet to Saints: A Fan's Take
    The Eagles actually ran the ball, drove into the red zone countless times, and actually forced turnovers against a 2-5 Saints team last night. And yet they never stood a chance, as their inexplicable woes continued in a backbreaking 28-13 loss.
  • Anthony Sets Knicks Apart from Bynum-Less 76ers: A Fan's Outlook
    Both the Knicks and 76ers are missing big name players as they meet for a home-and-home series. But the Knicks still have Carmelo Anthony- an Anthony who's been on fire to start this season - and he is putting the Knicks a step ahead of the Sixers.
  • 76ers Defense Far from Enough Against Knicks' Offense: A Fan's Recap
    The 76ers usually win games with defense, but it doesn't work as well against a hot offensive team. The Knicks have been such a club in these opening days, which they proved by running over the Sixers to start their home-and-home series.
  • Vick Must Save Eagles like McNabb Did in 2008: A Fan's Analysis
    In 2008, Donovan McNabb was almost run out of Philadelphia, until a brilliant performance on Thanksgiving night triggered his last Super Bowl run. Four years later, Michael Vick needs a similarly brilliant prime time game to save himself and the Eagles.
  • Vick Has No Case to Blame Media for Eagles' Turmoil: A Fan's Take
    Michael Vick accused the media of creating more turmoil for the Eagles this season. But the media isn't the one who said that the Eagles had a potential dynasty in training camp - Vick was. Therefore, there are better things to blame for him being wrong.
  • Celtics Not Better Off Without Allen so Far: A Fan's Analysis
    The Celtics thought they'd be okay with only losing Ray Allen this summer, yet it hasn't turned out well so far. While they struggled in the opening week, Allen has already made a splash with the Heat, especially with a winning four-point play last night.
  • Celtics Struggle More Than They Should for Their First Win: A Fan's Recap
    The Celtics thoroughly shut the Wizards down at the beginning and the end of their game last night. But the moments in between were what almost cost them, as Boston needed to rely on defense just to escape with their first win of the year.
  • 76ers, Knicks Stage an Early Statement Series: A Fan’s Preview
    The 76ers and Knicks each have goals to overtake the Celtics this season, and each has a nice opening game win to start off. Now a home-and-home series starting in New York today will start to show who the Celtics’ top challenger is.
  • Can Eagles Keep Up Their Winning Ways in Election Years?: A Fan’s Analysis
    Since 1988, the Eagles have made the playoffs right after every presidential election, and even went to the Super Bowl in 2004 and the NFC title game in 2008. By that logic, there’s still time for the 2012 Eagles to avoid getting voted out as well.
  • Eagles Hope for Improved NFC Playoff Picture Before Saints Game: A Fan’s Preview
    The Eagles technically have nothing to do today before their Monday night battle in New Orleans tomorrow. But their playoff standing will still be affected before then, as several teams in front of them in the wild card chase battle it out.
  • Celtics Continue Ice Cold Start in Home Opener Loss: A Fan's Outlook
    Losing to the Heat on opening night was excusable for the Celtics, if not disappointing. But coming out flat in their home opener against the lowly Bucks was more troubling, as the Celtics scored only 30 first half points and never really caught fire.
  • Can 76ers Handle a Full 82-Game Grind?: A Fan’s Perspective
    Last year’s 76ers started on a tear, yet got cold in the second half – and if the season went longer than 66 games, they could have kept slumping long enough to miss the playoffs. But will this year’s team better endure a full 82-game docket?
  • Can Asomugha Ever Stop the Bleeding in Philadelphia?: A Fan's Take
    The beginning of the Nnamdi Asomugha era in Philadelphia brought a lot of Super Bowl-worthy hype. Yet things keep going from bad to worse for Asomugha and the Eagles, with his failed coverage of Julio Jones last week symbolizing rock bottom.
  • Eagles Must Start One of Their Customary Second Half Rallies Now: A Fan's Analysis
    The Eagles are fairly relieved that the first half of the season is almost over. Traditionally, they've done much better in the second half, and they'll need to do it again to save Andy Reid - and they need to get started right now.
  • Celtics Look to Stay Ahead of Teams Other Than Heat: A Fan's Take
    The Celtics will measure themselves against the Heat all season, yet they won't face them again for months. As such, they have to focus on staying ahead of non-Heat competition, starting with tonight's home opener against the Bucks.
  • 76ers Lock Up Holiday as Pillar of Their Future: A Fan's Outlook
    The 76ers are building a big future with Andrew Bynum, but he isn't guaranteed to stay beyond this season. However, thanks to a deal right after the season opener, the equally valuable Jrue Holiday will lead the Sixers for the next four years regardless.
  • 76ers Need Next 25 Years to Go Better Than Last 25: A Fan's Outlook
    The 76ers are honoring their 50'th anniversary in Philadelphia, yet most of their real highlights have come in their first 25 seasons. Hopefully, the next 25 years will go much better and offer fresh highlights to honor their 75'th anniversary season.
  • Eagles, Saints Paying the Price for Self-Inflicted Wounds: A Fan's Analysis
    The Eagles and Saints are used to being top contenders, yet they have each sunken to the depths this season - in each case, due to self-inflicted wounds like 'Bountygate' in New Orleans, and trusting Andy Reid and Michael Vick in Philadelphia.
  • Do Vick, Eagles Have Enough to Keep Up with Brees, Saints?: A Fan's Outlook
    The Saints and Drew Brees may not be very strong right now, yet Brees is still as deadly as ever. At the least, Michael Vick will need to be at his very best to keep up with Brees this Monday night - which may be too tall of an order right now.
  • Flyers May Have Hosted Last Winter Classic Until 2014: A Fan's Perspective
    The Flyers hosted the fifth annual Winter Classic on New Years 2012 - and the next one may not take place until New Years 2014. If that's the case, then the Flyers-Rangers Winter Classic will have been the last one of a golden era.
  • Hawes Reminds 76ers They Have More Than One Big Man: A Fan's Outlook
    All of the 76ers' hype was tied to Andrew Bynum, yet he isn't their only seven-footer. Spencer Hawes was rather valuable last year, and he was even more so in this year's opener, as his offense and defense powered the Sixers past the Nuggets.
  • New Look 76ers Look Much like Last Year's 76ers in Opening Win: A Fan's Take
    Things have changed for the 76ers, yet their method of victory hasn't. Much like last year, this year's Sixers won their opening game over the Nuggets with defense, three-point shots, big second half play and more defense in a largely ugly victory.
  • Eagles' Offense Has No Excuse Not to Run Over Saints: A Fan's Analysis
    The Eagles haven't had a breakout game on offense all year - yet they haven't faced a team as weak on defense as the Saints have been all year. Yet if the Eagles can't even run up some points on the Saints, then all is really lost.
  • Eagles, Saints Equally Desperate Heading into Monday Night Battle: A Fan's Outlook
    The Eagles are now nearly as bad off and desperate as a 2-5 Saints team in the middle of 'Bountygate' But if the Eagles can't take advantage of the Saints' own numerous problems, it would show just how bad off Philadelphia is right now.
  • Celtics' Opening Loss to Heat a Symbol for Things to Come?: A Fan's Take
    The Celtics weren't blown out by the Heat in their season opener, but they didn't really come that close to beating them and were held at arm's length throughout. Now Boston has to hope that doesn't apply to their rivalry with Miami at large.
  • Celtics' Stars Still a Step Behind Heat's New 'Big Four': A Fan's Outlook
    The season opener between the Celtics and Heat proved that not much has changed between them since June - except for Ray Allen being in Miami. But Allen helped the Heat Big Three easily outpace the Celtics' Big Three anyway.
  • Reid Should Be Coaching for His Job in New Orleans: A Fan’s Take
    If the Eagles lose to the Saints next Monday night, Michael Vick would probably be benched then and there. But if the Eagles had any guts, Andy Reid would be fired right then as well – and that threat should be on the table right now.
  • Eagles Not Out of Playoff Race by a Long Shot: A Fan’s Outlook
    The Eagles have become a playoff afterthought, as fans are more focused on a future without Andy Reid and Michael Vick instead. However, only two teams other than the NFC divisional leaders have a winning record, so a wild card berth is within range.
  • 76ers Enter Season with Their Highest Expectations in a Decade: A Fan’s Preview
    The 76ers are inspiring real hope for a step forward this year – which they haven’t done since around 2001. After the peak of the Allen Iverson years, it was easy to ignore the start of most seasons – yet that isn’t the case for tonight’s season opener.
  • 76ers, Nuggets Both Hope to Take a Step Forward This Season: A Fan’s Outlook
    The 76ers and Nuggets are below the elite in both their conferences, yet their busy offseasons have given them hope that they can start inching closer. Fittingly, they’ll face each other on opening night to start their respective quests for respect.
  • Vick Should Not Be Scapegoat for Eagles' Loss to Falcons: A Fan's Outlook
    The Eagles may wind up benching Michael Vick in order to provide a jolt after the terrible loss to the Falcons. However, that loss was far from Vick's fault, so benching him for that might turn out as bad as when they fired Juan Castillo two weeks early.
  • Eagles in Second Tier of Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: A Fan's Analysis
    After hovering in the bottom of the top 10 or top 15 all year, the Eagles are now in the second tier of the NFL power rankings after Week 8. With their situation, and the strength of the top 10, the Birds may stay in that low spot for a while.
  • Celtics-Heat Rivalry the Big Show of Eastern Conference: A Fan's Take
    It is fitting that the Celtics and Heat are starting the season together tonight, and not just because of how they ended last season. This year, the entire East will be looking up at the Heat and Celtics, whether they play each other or not.
  • Iguodala the Headliner of 76ers-Nuggets Opener: A Fan's Outlook
    The 76ers first game was supposed to be headlined by Andrew Bynum's Philadelphia debut. Instead, with Bynum sidelined, the return of Andre Iguodala will be the big storyline, as the Sixers will see how much they may or may not wind up missing him.
  • Unlike Phillies, Giants Are More Than One-Year Wonder: A Fan's Analysis
    In the 2010 NLCS, the Giants did everything the Phillies couldn't and began Philadelphia's decline. And in 2012, the Giants overcame all the obstacles the Phillies couldn't and more, proving the now two-time champs are everything the Phils are not.
  • Celtics' Fate Rests on Terry Filling in for Allen: A Fan's Take
    The Celtics have everyone back but Ray Allen, although fellow NBA champion Jason Terry has been plugged in. As such, Terry may be the swing man that either puts the Celtics over the top, or keeps them behind the Heat.
  • 76ers Hit 30'th Anniversary of Last Championship Team: A Fan's Perspective
    This is the 30'th anniversary season of the last 76ers championship team. Few teams in NBA history, let alone Sixers history, have matched the 1982-1983 champions, with the 2012-13 Sixers just trying to create building blocks.
  • 76ers to Quickly See Who They Are Without Bynum: A Fan's Outlook
    The 76ers built up massive hype when Andrew Bynum came to town. But since his debut is indefinite, the Sixers will find out right away if the rest of the team is worth hyping, or if they'll just be a one-man show.
  • Eagles' Defense Takes Startling Step Backwards Without Castillo: A Fan's Take
    The Eagles fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo after the defense did pretty good this year, except for the last few minutes of a few games. But since the defense did terribly for 60 full minutes yesterday, perhaps the Eagles were too rash.
  • Eagles Perfectly Torn Apart by Perfect Falcons: A Fan's Recap
    The Eagles knew they were facing a perfect team in the Falcons, but they wound up making them even more perfect. With the defense unable to do anything for 55 minutes, and the offense in a hole all day, the Eagles suffered a perfectly devastating loss.
  • Eagles Hope to Avoid Tumble into Last Place in Week 8: A Fan's Outlook
    The Eagles could conceivably get within a half-game of first place in the NFC East today. But with a loss to the Falcons, a Cowboys win over the Giants and a Redskins upset over the Steelers, the Eagles would become a last place team.
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