Risa Stewart

Risa Stewart

I live to write and entertain. If I m not writing I m thinking about what I m going to write next. I was born and raised in Brandon, Vermont. I now live with my three young children and husband in North Carolina. I am a published author and have experience working in television production.
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Long Ridge Writers, Stafford Technical Center and high school graduate
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  • Pretend
    A poem about using your imagination and the power of passing it on.
  • The Backroad
    Wes gets a call from a friend who is in need of some help.
  • Stormy
    A poem about abuse and how the desperate choose to end it.
  • While You're Airing, I'll Be Staring
    TV shows that continue to go strong and we'll watch it as long as they are on.
  • Being Mom
    What it means to me since I've become a mom.
  • My Top Five Embarrassing Secret Confessions
    Everyone has them. Here's mine. Sorry, Mom.
  • Guilt Free Cheeseburgers with Veggie Pasta
    Here's a way to satisfy your family's Cheeseburger craving without the guilt.
  • Save Money on a Family Vacation: Atlantic Beach, NC
    Planning a summer vacation for you and your spouse or your entire family is hard enough but having very little spending money makes it even tougher. Don't worry! I got the perfect spot and it won't break the bank.
  • My Young Love
    A poem about the struggles of letting someone go that doesn't deserve you.
  • Nina and the Turkey Dinner
    TURKEY DINNER Nina had two sides to her: A front and a back. Outside she posed as a merry ole’ soul; a Santa sort of character. In truth she was much different and she was hungry as usual.
  • Soaking Up the Sun in the Summertime
    Enjoy your Summer.
  • Fine
    No one likes a break up but there's a light through that tunnel and a love that deserves yours back.
  • I Cannot Take You Home
    Love is forever. Life is precious. Every moment counts.
  • Little Hand and Tiny Toes
    Motherhood sure is tough when your baby is growing up and moving away.
  • At the End of the Day
    A poem about raising kids.
  • The Bitter Cold
    Two brothers go hunting only to discover they are not alone in the wilderness.
  • Treat
    A poem about Halloween.
  • Bully
    A poem about confronting a bully many years later.
  • Scary Movies You Haven't Seen but Should
    Here's my pick of some scary movies that you might have not seen but really should give a chance.
  • The Ghoulish Stranger
    A poem about death knocking at your door.
  • She
    A girl falls in love for the first time.
  • Uncle Mike
    Our family lost a great man but we gained so much for having him in our lives.
  • Breaking Loose
    A poem about losing someone you love.
  • The Choice
    A poem about strength.
  • Deep End
    A poem about hesitation of falling in love.
  • Brandon on the Fourth of July
    The best place for the Fourth of July is where you grew up.
  • Life
    A Poem
  • Sisters
    There is no one quite like your sister.
  • Fathers
    A poem for Father's Day.
  • You Are My Mother
    My poem to my wonderful Mother. I love you so much.
  • The Longest Journey is a Journey Well Spent
    Action, adventure, puzzles; it's what every game WISHED they could be.
    Episode Two: The group meets Danny Green and Thomas.
  • Yikes! the Power Went Out!
    Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your children entertained during a power outage.
  • The Squad
    Episode One: Jess Walker is an EMT worker who always feels like something is missing in her life. When her car breaks down and she needs to use the bus late at night, she witnesses something from the pages of a sci-fi novel.
  • I Could
    A short poem for my husband. I'll love you even more tomorrow.
  • The Woman in the Window
    A woman wants to become a mother badly. Her wish comes true but with a price as anything does.
  • The Stressed out Mom
    A short brief poem about the stressed out mom.
  • Atmaja
    Atmaja doesn't know much about who she is or where she came from. She is determined to find out. Finding out the truth just might save her life.
  • A Golden Life
    The fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin gets a make over in this steam punk version short story. Tom is raised by his controlling uncle, an oil baron when he meets Miller, a young beautiful girl. He plans to rescue her before she weds the baron.

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