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I live, breathe and eat sports 24 hours a day. I have covered the NFL since 1981, and my work has been published by, and ESPN Magazine. I have written eight sports-related books, including Who's Better, Who's Best in Football. I am also a long-time youth sports coach.
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  • Chicago Bulls Looking at the Big Picture
    With Derrick Rose battling turf toe and back woes, the Bulls know they can't risk their season by selling out to maximize their regular-season victory total. The goal remains beating the Miami Heat in the playoffs.
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  • How Bad Can it Get for Ovechkin
    There's a big problem in Washington. The Capitals hitched themselves to Alex Ovechkin after he recorded four 50-plus goal seasons in his first five years. He should be in the prime of his career but he's struggling to put the puck in the net.
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  • America's Team Has Become America's Afterthought
    It was all there for the Dallas Cowboys in the final month of the season. They had two games with the New York Giants and one win could have given them the division title. Instead, they watched New York roll to the Super Bowl.
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  • Joe Maddon Contract Means Rays Remain a Force
    The Tampa Bay Rays deserve your respect. Their assets are quite thin, yet they are forced to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox every year and they have more than held their own. The key is manager Joe Maddon, who may be the best manager in the game.
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  • Bruins Must Start Grinding Again
    Last year's Stanley Cup championship was the result of great goaltending, tough physical play and clutch scoring. Something is missing as the Bruins move towards the home stretch of the regular season. Can Claude Julien figure out how to ignite this team?
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  • Struggling Hawks Stubbornly Stay Course
    The Blackhawks had designs on winning their second Stanley Cup in three years as the season began. After a promising start, it's all come undone and head coach Joel Quenneville's team is enduring a mind-numbing losing streak.
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  • 'King' Lundqvist States Case for MVP
    There's nothing fluky about the New York Rangers. They are playing coldly efficient hockey, taking advantage of every opportunity and avoiding mistakes. They also have the NHL's Most Valuable Player in Henrik Lundqvist.
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  • Moss Has Much to Prove in Order to Come Back
    When you examine the numbers in Randy Moss's career, it seems obvious that he has the kind of ability to make an impact if he comes back in 2012. However, the numbers just tell part of the story for Moss.
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  • New York Giants Have Decisions to Make During Free Agency
    When you win the championship, you become the hunted. That's the position the New York Giants find themselves in. The Giants may lose some of their core free agents and general manager Jerry Reese must be prepared.
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  • Don't Bury Woods Just Yet
    Tiger Woods has been stuck in the mud since personal troubles overwhelmed his life in 2009. His once-stelllar golf game has been grist for the mill and he has been belittled by the haters. Will he ever return to his past glory.
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  • David Ortiz Deal No Reason to Celebrate
    David Ortiz agreed to a new contract with the Red Sox that will pay him $14.575 million in 2012. Both sides wanted to avoid going to arbitration, so they agreed on this compromise figure. However, don't expect Red Sox fans to start turning cartwheels.
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  • Phil-Tiger Showdown Is Top Gift for Golf Fans
    Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have had rather lengthy lulls in their spectacular careers. However, their final-round confrontation in the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am indicates that memorable battles may be ahead this season.
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  • Goaltending Remains Key to Stanley Cup Contenders
    Goaltending has to be the backbone of any team's defensive system. A team knows that a great goaltender can rescue them on a night where the rest of the team is not performing up to par. Here's a look at the top 5 goaltenders this season.
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  • Bruins Need Second Meeting with Rangers to Go Their Way
    The Rangers are in first place in the Eastern Conference, seven points ahead of the Bruins. The powerful defending Stanley Cup champions have been treading water in recent weeks while the Rangers have been razor sharp.
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  • Disciplinary Hearings Not Enough; Fighting Must Go
    Brendan Shanahan has taken over as the NHL's dean of discipline this year and he has been thorough, consistent and strong. However, player safety dictates that the NHL has to go further when it come to keeping players from suffering severe concussions.
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  • Marlins Will Be a Significant Story -- in Windy City
    White Sox fans will keep their eyes on another team this season besides the team that plays at U.S. Cellular Field. No, it's not the Cubs. Instead, White Sox fans will have quite a bit of interest in the Miami Marlins and their manager Ozzie Guillen.
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  • Kenny Williams Fails to Provide Robin Ventura with Key Ingredients
    The White Sox had their fans swallowing hard when they announced that Robin Ventura would be their new manager in 2012. Ventura's lack of experience is going to be a big obstacle and the lack of talent on the roster makes the job almost impossible.
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  • Williams Leads Retirement Season in NFL
    Ricky Williams has called it a career after a sometimes successful and sometimes embarrassing run in the NFL. Several other players should follow Williams' lead and head off into retirement on their own terms.
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  • Unsung Players Take Big Step Forward in NHL
    The concussion/soft tissue injury that has kept Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby sidelined for most of the last 13 months and the slumping Alex Ovechkin in Washington have given others the chance to find the limelight. Here's our top 5 unsung players.
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  • The Rangers State Their Case
    At the start of the season, the New York Rangers were just another team who hoped to step up and perhaps win a round or two in the playoffs. As the season rounds the clubhouse turn, the Rangers are looking more like a championship contender.
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  • Playoff Race Should Come Down to Final Games
    The final three playoff spots in the Eastern Conference should come down to toughness, clutch scoring and goaltending. However, there are no sure things. The teams that look like they belong in February may disappear by early April.
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  • Luck, RGIII Will Emerge as Top Prizes of 2012 Draft
    Drafting quarterbacks is a risky business in the NFL. Quarterbacks like Tim Couch and Ryan Leaf can be taken at the top of the draft and turn out to be busts. However, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III appear to be dynamic leaders and winners.
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  • Slumping Flyers May Find a Way to Rally
    The Flyers play the Rangers. The Flyers lose again. They have dropped seven straight games to the Rangers, including five this season. Depression is thick in the City of Brotherly Love but all may not be lost.
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  • NHL Follows NFL as 'copycat' League
    Depth will be the key factor for teams that consider themselves Stanley Cup contenders as the NHL trade deadline approaches. The defending champion Boston Bruins went for "depth" players last year and other teams will try to follow in their footsteps.
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  • NHL Jumps Gun with Winter Classic Announcement
    Not even a month and a half into the new year, the NHL has made it official. The Red Wings and the Maple Leafs will be playing next year at Michigan Stadium. Coming out with the announcement at this point is way premature.
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  • Free Agent Wide Receivers That Will Be in Demand
    The Giants won the Super Bowl because they had three big-play receivers in Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham who could make big plays. In the copycat NFL, teams will be looking for big-play wideouts during free agency.
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  • Manning Must Prepare to Leave Indy
    The handwriting has been on the wall for weeks. The Colts have the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and will almost certainly choose impressive Andrew Luck from Stanford. Peyton Manning has to come to terms with this and make his next move.
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  • NFL: Pass rushers will make big free-agent splash
    NFL general managers must do a searing analysis of their team as they prepare for the offseason. Teams that appear to be talented may be teetering on the brink of disaster if they depend on aging stars. Rosters must be replenished with efficiency.
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  • Defense Ready to Make a Comeback in NFL
    The overpowering offenses of the Packers, Saints and Patriots dominated the regular season. However, the Giants slowed down the Packers and the Patriots and won the championship. In the copycat NFL, defense is ready to make a comeback.
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  • Eastern Dominance
    Normally, as the trade deadline approaches, all playoff contenders think they have a chance at hockey's holy grail. This year, only the Rangers and Bruins have a realistic chance of representing the Eastern Conference.
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  • Julien Makes All the Right Moves: Bruins' Coach Demotes Krejci to Third Line
    In an effort to light a fire under the Bruins' talented center, head coach Claude Julien has taken David Krejci off the Stanley Cup champions' top line -- at least temporarily.
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