Amanda Barber

Amanda Barber

Twenty-six years old, Amanda Barber is the author of numerous short stories and essays. In 2009, Amanda collaborated with her brother, Justin Barber, to produce an album of original compositions with a complimentary narrative, entitled Children’s Suite. Early in 2011, she wrote and co-produced a radio broadcast which aired on 106.7 FM Radio Harbor Country, Three Oaks, MI. She recently completed her first novel, The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse, and is currently seeking publication. Her next novel, 27, is in progress.
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Amanda is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in technical and professional communications through Ferris State University.


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  • Finding Relief with the Itch Stopper!
    Review of an electronic gadget developed for itchy rashes.
  • A Different Way to Gel
    I describe the way I keep my wavy hair smooth and curly instead of wild and frizzy with aloe vera gel!
  • Independent Filmmaking: Our Experience
    An inside look at the work and fun involved with low-budget, independent filming.
  • Beauty in the Ashes
    Beauty in the Ashes shows how the Colorado Springs Wildfire has impacted family and friends.
  • Timeless: Why I Read Jane Eyre Over and Over Again
    Timeless is a book review of sorts, explaining why the novel Jane Eyre is such an exceptional story.
  • Books! Spring Reading for the Nerdy College Student
    My reading aspirations for April, May and half of June.
  • Your Dad
    Your Dad is a flash fiction story in 100 words. It deals with the often overlooked effects meth has on innocents.
  • The Resurrection: How I Came to Believe
    "The Resurrection" discusses a passage of Scripture which points to the importance of Easter's key event--the resurrection of Jesus Christ--and its importance to Christianity.
  • Night Shift at the Hospital
    A story about one nurse's trying and rather funny night at work.
  • Justice Peace
    Justice Peace is a story told through the eyes of an orphaned boy, about a black cowboy who wanders into a dusty town looking for work.
  • Grandma's Will
    Frances Cooper was born prematurely in 1916, before fancy incubators and high-tech medical equipment. Yet she defied all odds and lived well into her 80s, inspiring a grandaughter to write.
  • Last Night
    Last Night is a flash fiction story in one hundred words
  • Dreary Lane
    Sad, rainy days can seem cheery when you are with someone you love.
  • The Place
    A science fictional foray into alternative realities. An intelligent woman develops technology to send people into different realities--realities which correspond to their greates dreams and desires.
  • My Girl, Lauren
    My Girl, Lauren, is about a little five-year-old boy who falls in love with his babysitter.

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