Jody Provost

Jody Provost

At the age of 42-I accomplished my ultimate goal-I published my own book. Over a year in the (writing) I did research both in libraries and online to be able to learn about the 1930s. I finally finished it, giving up on finding the right illustrator in the process, and published it on September 15, 2012. (link to purchase below)

I have been with the same wonderful man for 26 years and married for 23 of them. I have raised my two children, one in their teens and another in their twenties, a young mother, and am now helping to raise my granddaughter. I have been with the same wonderful man for twenty-five years and am about to celebrate 23 of those years being married come May 6, 2012. I have a large fur family and am an advocate in saving shelter animals and improving circumstances for the world as a whole. I believe I am always learning and forever trying to understand the world at large. I have strong beliefs, but am open-minded enough to listen to others views. My family comes first.

I have been a seamstress for 23 years, making doll clothing for the collector as well as the child next door, so to speak. I love to write and am in the process of finishing my 1st novel about to be self-published.

People, government, the economy, romance, relationships, children s rights, troubled teens, and so much more interests me. I am controversial, I am funny, I am kind, and above all else...

I am unlimited.

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  • Innocence Lost
    Watching your children grow up can be sweet sorrow sometimes.
  • 100th Story at One World Trade Center Moves Us One Step to Healing
    Is the earmark of the 100th floor an earmark for success and healing, or one of potential disaster?
  • How to Overcome Anger
    Those who anger you ultimately control you. Your actions, your thoughts, your lifestyle. Not for me, anymore! Learn how I became a nicer person.
  • Five Tips to Recharge Your Sex Life
    Monotony getting to you after years of one another? It doesn't have to be that way.
  • The Gift of You
    No materialistic things can replace that of the love and touch from your partner.
  • I Am an Animal Rescue "Crossposter", Hear Me Roar!
    Animal rescue networking on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter have gained popularity. What happens when one person decides to make a difference and hooks up with hundreds that do the same? Rescue networking saves lives!
  • Hope Lives
    Just when you think there's no hope, a sign is delivered to keep you going.
  • Self
    Feeling lost beneath life's hardships.
  • First Person: My Father Died in My Arms
    Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a parent.
  • You
    Longing to feel for real rather than a distance what must be love's first awakening.
  • Frothing of the Green
    A bit of St. Patty's day humor!
  • Twenty-five Years and Counting: 10 Tips to Help Your Marriage Last
    Monotony and routine is a marriage's worst enemy. Learn by using these top 10 tips from someone who has been married to and loving the same man for the past 25 years...and counting.
  • Mother Earth
    How many of us truly respect what the earth gives us?
  • The Dog Who Barked Meow
    Illiivat had never known what love was before this. She was a free spirit, roaming the landscape until she met Atka, a wise, old cat. Together, they save a little girl, and in the process, Illiivat is the one whose spirit is saved.
  • The Element of Surprise
    Everything was perfect. The kids were gone with the husband shopping. Snow fell silently in the backyard. She had everything she needed that day to do whatever she wanted. She had just forgotten what that could possibly be.
  • Blindsided by Love
    Just when you think you'd never be happy again, someone comes along to change it all for the better.

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