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Dave Weaver was born in Pennsylvania and lived in Philadelphia or the suburbs there until age 40. The last 7 years have taken him to New York, Kentucky, Alabama, Kansas, and Arkansas, and Ohio. Dave has finally settled down where he belongs...in Maine. All the moving has allowed Dave to experience America from many different perspectives. Attitudes and people in the Deep South, or the Midwest, are quite different than the North. For a frequent political writer and election junkie , the insights gained from this exposure are invaluable.
Dave does not, however, limit himself to politics, preferring to continually expand his scope of work, always looking for the next challenge. In addition to political commentary, Dave has written works ranging from book and movie reviews, to relationship advice, to poetry, to Western fiction. By reading, and writing in as many genres as possible, Dave has been able to keep writing and earning. His works have been published on Yahoo! Voices, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! News, and the online newspaper paper.li.com.
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  • Today's Field Trip...A Plantation
    OK, children. Today we are going play plantation. First you will feel what it was like to be crammed together in the hold of a slave ship. You will pretend to pick cotton. You will be belittled by your 'masters' who will be played by your teachers.
  • Rand Paul Does the Wild Thing
    “Does anybody remember Charlie Sheen when he was kind of going crazy…and he was going around, jumping around saying ‘Winning, winning, we’re winning.’ Well I kind of feel like that, we are winning. And I’m not on any drugs.” Rand Paul, September 19, 2013
  • Commentary: Backs Against the Wall in Obamacare Showdown
    It has been 42 months since President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Friday will mark the 42nd time Congressional Republicans have voted to repeal it.
  • We All Must Act to Stop Gun Violence
    How sad is it that when reporters cover tragedies like the slaughter at The Washington Navy Yard this week, they do not have to go back very far to make a comparison?
  • The Philadelphia Phillies 2013 Starting Lineup
    The 2013 Philadelphia Phillies projected roster contains some stark contrasts, and some hints of how General Manager Ruben Amaro thinks they can find their way back to the playoffs after missing out last year for the first time in 6 seasons.
  • Medicaid Expansion a Win for Ohio, Kasich
    Obamacare is established law. It was upheld by the Supreme Court. It is not going away. With the war over, it is time to win the peace. Ohio Governor John Kasich is trying to do just that.
  • Phillies Should Not Give Up on Domonic Brown Just Yet
    Domonic Brown could be poised for a breakout year. Says who? Chase Utley.
  • The Morning After
    How did the President and the challenger fare in the first Presidential debate of 2012? Did the debate alter the course of the race, and if so, in what ways? What happens next, and what would happen in a second term for Obama or a first term for Romney?
  • One Question, One Photo, One Winner
    Gridlock and obstructionism are preventing both Republicans and Democrats from achieving anything of consequence. Can either candidate change that?
  • Barack Obama and Herbert Hoover
    History provides a reference, a path to either repeating mistakes or avoiding them, especially in Presidential elections. The 2012 race will not hinge on Reagan, or Clinton, or Bush. We need to look back farther than those, to 1932 and Herbert Hoover.
  • 2012 U.S. Gold Medal Hopeful: Kerri Walsh-Jennings
    Kerri Walsh-Jennings will join partner Misty May-Treanor in seeking a third consecutive gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. A star in her own right, can Walsh-Jennings one day top May-Treanor as the greatest female player ever?
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  • 2012 U.S. Gold Medal Hopeful: Misty May-Treanor
    Misty May-Treanor is the greatest women's volleyball player ever, and she has an opportunity to add to her legacy with a third consecutive Olympic gold medal. Can she recover from injuries? Will her reunion with Kerri Walsh work?
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  • 2012 U.S. Gold Medal Hopeful: Todd Rogers
    Todd Rogers and his partner Phil Dalhausser will seek to defend their 2008 Beijing gold medals at the 2012 Games in London. Who is Todd Rogers? Will he defend the gold, or will London mark the disappointing end of a great career?
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  • 2012 U.S. Gold Medal Hopeful: Brady Ellison
    Brady Ellison has one simple goal: to be the best archer in the world. He has sacrificed, he has trained, and now he is ready to claim his title at the 2012 London Games. So who is Brady Ellison, and can he really win gold?
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  • 2012 U.S. Gold Medal Hopeful: Phil Dalhausser
    Phil Dalhausser and his partner Todd Rogers will look to defend their 2008 Olympic gold medals from Beijing at the London 2012 Games. What makes Phil the Michael Jordan of beach volleyball? Can they top the Brazilians?
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  • The Chicago White Sox's All-Time Team: A Fan's Look
    The Yankees and Giants have almost enough Hall of Fame players among their alumni to fill out a full roster. But the White Sox are not far behind. What would the White Sox's all-time dream roster look like?
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  • Storm Damage in Central Ohio: Darkness on the Edge of Town
    The severe storm which tore through Central Ohio Friday night has left darkness and destruction behind. But here in Zanesville, we are coping the best way we know how: by sticking together.
  • CNN: The Least Trusted Name in News
    Thursday morning, the Supreme Court announced their ruling on the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, better known as Obamacare. In an effort to be first with the outcome, CNN reported the wrong verdict. What now?
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  • The Top 5 Pin-Up Girls of Wimbledon and the Olympics: Beauty on the Court and Off
    It takes world-class tennis skills to win at Wimbledon, or to win an Olympic gold medal. But what women combined world-class beauty with that talent, to take tennis to a new level? Here are the 5 most beautiful winners.
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  • We Don't Need Laws to Punish Political Liars
    The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday debated prohibiting the use of deceptive practices in federal elections. Would silence reign if politicians could speak only the truth? Where is the line between lie and truth? How could this law be enforced?
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  • The 2012 Summer Olympics Field Events Format: How Athletes Compete and Win
    Interested in following the field events at the 2012 London Olympic Games? Check out this guide to the events and format. What are the events? When are the prelims and finals? How do athletes advance, and most importantly, how do they win?
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  • The Events of the 2012 Summer Olympics Field Games: How Athletes Compete and Win
    Combining ancient challenges with modern athleticism, the field contests at the 2012 London Olympic Games offer something for everyone. The events cover all three ancient disciplines: running, jumping, and throwing. What are the events?
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  • The 2012 Summer Olympics Field Competition: A History of the Events
    Why are the field competition events to integral to the Olympic Games? How did they start? When were women allowed to compete? When were the specific events included? Who were some of the greatest champions of all time?
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  • The 2012 Summer Olympics Modern Decathlon: How Athletes Compete and Win
    What is the Olympic Decathlon? What are the individual events? When and where will the events take place? Most importantly, how is the competition scored, and what does it take to win?
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  • The Events of the 2012 Summer Olympics Decathlon: A Guide to the Games
    The winner of the Men's Olympic Decathlon is considered the greatest athlete in the world. Past American winners include Jim Thorpe and Bruce Jenner. What are the events of the decathlon, how are they contested, and when will the decathlon take place?
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  • Gay Republicans Endorse Romney
    On Wednesday, the gay conservative group GOProud endorsed Mitt Romney for president, choosing to ignore Romney's positions on every social issue. Not to worry though, they have a reason: it is all Barack Obama's fault for pushing divisive social issues.
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  • A Matter of Privilege: Barack Obama and the Congress Do Battle
    Wednesday morning, President Obama invoked executive privilege for the first time since taking office. Is there something he is hiding, or is he looking to define what is the business of Congress, and what is not? He might trip over his own words though.
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  • The Events of the 2012 Summer Olympics Heptathlon: A Guide to the Games
    While men and women both compete in Olympic pentathlon, the women have the Heptathlon all to themselves, with men competing in the decathlon. What are the seven events that comprise Heptathlon? When and where are the events contested? How do they win?
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  • The 2012 Summer Olympics Field Events: A Guide to the Rules
    Rules matter in athletic competitions. They allow everyone to compete equally. For major competitions like the Olympic Games, every possible contingency is accounted for, down the minute details. Here are some of the more outrageous rules.
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  • The 2012 Summer Olympics Field Events: A Guide to Frequently Used Terms
    Field events date to ancient Greece and the original Olympic Games. Many have been part of the modern Olympic Games since 1896. To better enjoy the Games, you need to know and understand the terms used.
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  • The 2012 Summer Olympics Heptathlon: How Athletes Compete and Win
    When, where and how will the Olympic Heptathlon be contested? Who is participating, and most importantly, how is the competition scored and how are winners determined? The scoring system is complex, yet fair, so do not be discouraged.
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  • Happy Birthday, Prince William
    Prince William turns 30 on June 21. We asked contributors to send along birthday wishes, goals and suggestions -- in 30 words or less.
  • Stunning Testimony as Jerry Sandusky Defense Begins
    The defense portion of the Jerry Sandusky trial began Monday, with some amazing testimony from two former Penn State assistant coaches. This testimony will not go far in proving Sandusky's innocence, but was that really what this trial was about anyway?
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  • Swing State Surprise: Why Ohio Might Not Matter
    Despite crucial swing-state status, Ohio has played a determining factor in the presidential election only three times since 1900. While Obama can win in 2012 without Ohio, Romney likely cannot. What is Romney's recent strategy in Ohio, and will it work?
  • Rodney King and the Public's Presumption of Guilt
    The Rodney King trial changed America. No longer were the accused presumed innocent. Yet the four police officers accused went free. Later trials saw O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Casey Anthony go free. Is Jerry Sandusky next?
  • Obama Heckler Needs a Timeout
    By interrupting President Obama yesterday, Neil Munro called attention to himself and his publication, Daily Caller. Keep in mind, this was not unwanted attention, for profit is primary. There is no such thing as bad publicity, just bad behavior.
  • The 2012 Summer Olympics Modern Pentathlon: A Guide to the Rules
    From the serious to the sublime, all athletic competitions need rules to ensure safety and fair play. What are some of the rules in place for the Olympic Pentathlon at the 2012 Summer Games in London?
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  • The Greatest College World Series Team of All-Time: Alumni Version
    Using two alumni from each team playing in this year's College World Series, I compile an All-Star team of major league greats.
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  • Maybe Romney Has Some Reagan in Him After All
    On Wednesday, Mitt Romney shifted his plan of attack, and took aim at President Obama with the same strategy Ronald Reagan successfully used against Jimmy Carter. What was his brilliant move, why will it work so effectively against Obama?
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  • A Winning Strategy? Mitt Romney Stops Campaigning
    On Wednesday, Mitt Romney shifted into a new phase campaigning: Stop trying so hard to win, keep your mouth shut, and give President Obama room to lose. This strategy is a conventional one in sports and politics, for front-runners. Is Romney winning?
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  • The 2012 Summer Olympics Modern Pentathlon Format: How Athletes Compete and Win
    The modern pentathlon to be contested at the 2012 London Olympics measures all aspects of an athlete's mental and physical performance. When, where, and how will the winners be decided?
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  • The Events of the 2012 Summer Olympics Modern Pentathlon: A Guide to the Games
    With a grueling series of five events in different disciplines crammed into a single day, the winner of the modern pentathlon could be considered the greatest athlete in the world. What are these events, and what does it take to bring home the gold?
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  • The 2012 Summer Olympics Modern Pentathlon: A Guide to Frequently Used Terms
    To better enjoy the Modern Pentathlon at the 2012 London Games, it is important to know the terms used in the five disciplines contested: fencing, swimming, riding, running, and shooting.
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  • A Fourth of July Limerick
    A catchy limerick style poem about the Fourth of July, the brief joy we call summer, and summer's inevitable march towards Fall.
  • A Valuable Lesson from Gabby Giffords
    A gun was never meant to be a tool of political change. History has proven otherwise. But our founders provided us another weapon more powerful than any gun: The Constitution. This week, Gabby Giffords reminds us all what it is to be Americans.
  • A Bounty on Obama's Head
    President Obama faces a new concern: a bounty on his head, and that of Secretary of State Clinton. Both are untouchable, outside the political arena. So what if the terrorists, with the help of Republicans and Super PAC, team up to bring down Team Obama?
  • Obama Channels Dickens
    President Obama ran on a campaign of hope, change, and bipartisanship. That was 2008. His re-election campaign is all about blame. Friday, he implored those he refuses to work with to work with him, and to pass his big government policies. What is next?
  • National Emergency: We Must Save Joe Frazier’s Gym
    Our national treasures are in peril. Time is running out to save some of America's most historic treasures from decay, development, or worse, the wrecking ball. We must act now to save Joe's gym and Malcolm's sister's house.
  • The Wisconsin Race is Not Over
    Governor Scott Walker held off challenger Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin recall election. Romney phoned in congratulations. Obama earlier tweeted support. How can this state, with only 10 electoral votes, have such an impact on the November election?
  • Miss Pennsylvania Says Miss USA Pageant was Fixed
    Miss Pennsylvania resigns. A Victoria's Secret model resigns. Suddenly being a sex object is sinful. Well, maybe not suddenly. Maybe only after they achieve all the wanted to achieve. Only when richer than thou, do they become holier than thou.
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  • Off His Rocker?
    Former baseball pitcher John Rocker weighed in with a plea for values and principles in accordance with what America's founders had envisioned. Despite the offensive nature of his argument, he was right on. Home run, John.
  • A 2012 Father's Day Gift Guide for Chicago White Sox Fans
    Often lost amid the spring holidays, Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to help dad show of his true colors. When those colors are the black and white of the Chicago White Sox, the hardest thing is choosing from all the great gear.
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  • Obama Hides as Final Wisconsin Recall Polls Released
    As the final two polls were released Sunday afternoon, showing incumbent Scott Walker and challenger Tom Barrett tied heading into Tuesday's recall election, tens of millions in outside contributions headed to Wisconsin, but President Obama did not.
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  • Does a German Museum Have the Same Rights as Holocaust Victims?
    History is often written by the conquerors. Compensation is sometimes offered to the victims. But what happens when the plunderer becomes the victim? Is it a comeuppance? Do we simply say they got what they deserved? Or do they have rights as well?
  • The Unfair Portrayal of Activist Judges
    The 1st US Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston joined courts in Oakland and San Francisco in finding the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. But are these rulings really the work of liberal, elitist, activist jurists legislating from the bench?
  • We Love Sticking to a Family Budget
    Many people work harder so they have more money to waste. Paying attention to small things can save hundreds each month. This is money you can save, or even better, money you can use to do the special things you could not afford before.
  • Moms, Please Show Some Modesty
    Breastfeeding has been a front page story this month, from the Time Magazine cover a few weeks back to today's controversy over military women breastfeeding in uniform. Society needs to step up and make accommodations, but are moms really to blame?
  • The Five 'Knows' of Marketing
    There are five simple marketing strategies you can employ to grow sales volume, capture market share, and leave the competition wondering why they just cannot seem to keep up. Avoid the traps, and employ these tools, and your business will prosper.
  • Why Obama Has Already Lost
    Early in a campaign, it is critical to define your opponent, to create a picture in the electorate's mind of what you want them to believe he stands for, whether accurate of not. Mitt Romney is winning that battle, and soon it may be too late for Obama.
  • All You Need to Know About Carly Cat
    A limerick about Carly Cat, the meanest and longest cat in the world.
  • Summer Olympics Sailing Competition: All You Need to Know to Enjoy the Races
    When and where are the sailing events of the 2012 London Olympics? Who is competing, and how are the winners determined and medal awarded?
  • Summer Olympics Sailing Rules: 7 Keys to the Competition
    With a 31 page rule book covering everything from the mundane to the arcane, the rules governing the sailing competition at the 2010 London Olympics read like a legal brief. Let's cut through all that and focus on the 7 that everyone should know.
  • Our Nightmare Summer Trip to Boston
    Economy should mean smaller. It should mean less amenities. There should never be a sacrifice of cleanliness. The room should be inhabitable. My family and I learned the hard way that is not always true. Thank goodness for air freshener.
  • A Father's Day Limerick
    Words cannot ever really express all that a father means to a son. But start simply, and speak from the heart. I promise dad is listening.
  • The Drive-In Movie
    Summer means being outdoors. In the northeast, that means drive-in movies.
  • Summer Olympics Sailing Handbook: A Landlubber's Guide to the Terms of the Boat
    Sailing is an exciting sport, and will be showcased at the 2012 London Olympics. To fully enjoy the competition, it is important to know the terminology used by sailors and by the broadcaster covering the events. This guide covers all the basics.
  • Concept Cars - Creativity or Catastrophe?
    Some concept cars are only made for show, like the 1970 Ferrari 512S Modelo. Some look ridiculous, yet still make it to production, like the 2001 Pontiac Aztek. There are reasons car makers build these prototypes, and they are always worth a look.
  • The Gods of the Aztecs
    The Aztecs had hundreds of lesser gods, worshiped for their favor in everything from childbirth to goldsmithing. But five stand above the others, the Creator Gods. Why are they so important? And how did one lead to the downfall of Aztec civilization?
  • Lockerbie Bomber's Death is Not Justice
    Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, better known as the Lockerbie Bomber, died peacefully at home in Tripoli. He should never have been released? What message does this send to terrorists that 270 deaths equals only 8 years in prison? This is not justice.
  • New York Court Legalizes Child Pornography
    On Monday, the New York Court of Appeals handed down a ruling in the case of convicted child pornographer James Kent. The overturning of two counts effectively legalizes the viewing of child pornography online. How did this happen?
  • Why Virginia Might Decide the Presidential Election
    The November election in Virginia will be a referendum on Barack Obama's stewardship of the economy, on whether Virginians approve of Governor McDonnell's social policies, and may just swing the Senate back to Republican control.
  • Reverse Racism
    Once again, a white police officer is acquitted of assaulting an African-American suspect on videotape, much like Rodney King decades ago. But who is to blame for the acquittal? White people? What role does race play? And what happens next?
  • Ricketts, Racism and Retraction
    Major League Baseball has no tolerance of hate-speech. But can a team owner use his Super PAC to do the talking? What if the talk is about the President of the United States, and is filled with bigotry? Denials aside, Ricketts and Bud Selig need to chat.
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  • Two Boys, but Only One Happy Ending
    Two boys, both reported missing in the 1970's, were in the news this April. One had a happy ending, the other remains unresolved. But the lesson is to never give up hope.
  • Senate, Harry Reid Take the Easy Way Out on Filibusters
    There were renewed calls this week from Senate Democrats to change the filibuster rules. There was the usual opposition from Republicans. But how did we get into this mess? What can we do to change it? And most importantly, what can we do in the meantime?
  • Deb Fischer and the Insurgency
    Deb Fischer scored a huge upset Tuesday night, with the backing of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party insurgents. But can she win? Or will another primary upset (like Christine O'Donnell in 2010) lead to defeat in November and a Democratic hold in the Senate?
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  • Chris Christie - Real Reformer, or Just a Bully?
    Despite his willingness to confront and insult those with opposing opinions, Christie is keeping silent on the scandal facing his Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. Will his silence on this issue hurt his prospects at the Vice Presidential nomination?
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  • Building Hype by Listening
    Using proven techniques, adapted to our situation and with input from our own customers, we pulled off something truly amazing. How did we create the buzz? Will this work for your business? How can you capitalize on 'your' big chance?
  • What a Weird and Wild Week of Injuries
    Jumping children, stronger than expected fire extinguishers, bike seats, and lightning all sent people to the hospital this week. Are we safe anywhere?
  • Romney, Republicans, and the Cult of Christianity
    Mitt Romney seeks to court conservatives and evangelicals, pivoting to a stance on social issues previously espoused by Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Is Romney sincere, or is this a reflection of the hypocrisy of the religious right?
  • We Need Real Economic Solutions
    Governments continue to rack up deficits, but are hesitant to cut spending or increase taxes, as re-election depends on keeping constituents happy and prosperous. We cannot continue this way. We need straight answers, and bold action. We need a leader.
  • Getting Kids on the Trail: The Best Mountain Bikes for Kids in 2012
    I will be honest. Before I developed a passion for mountain biking, I did not know bicycles have new models each year like cars. Just like a car, know your price range, and get the most for your money.
  • Simplest Advice to Graduates: Do What Is Right
    There is one bit of advice, and one so simple, for young people beginning their post-graduate lives: Do What is Right.
  • "Oil Can" Boyd and Jackie Robinson
    With the integration of baseball, the barriers between white society and black society began to fall. While not ignoring the benefits, Boyd points out one significant negative. I explain what he meant, and why he is right.
  • The End of NCAA Football?
    Should NCAA football be banned? Should players be paid? Are concussions too great a risk? Experts on both sides of the argument weigh in, with some surprising claims.
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  • Our National Debt
    The White House recently released a graphic detailing where the money went that was added to the debt in the last decade, and who spent it. But it is fairly apportioned? Is it accurate?
  • Silence is Also Speech
    Do Presidential candidates have an obligation to speak up when someone asks an offensive or misleading question? Or do they, as the Republican candidates have shown, remain silent until the room is empty and express their feelings in soundbites?
  • My Test Drive - 2012 Ford Focus
    In the market for a new car at a reasonable price, I compared three vehicles (two I already own) and was surprised one led the pack.
  • Political Heavyweights Weighing in on Amendment One in N.C.
    Same-sex marriage, domestic partnership, and religion. Bill Clinton and Joe Biden weigh in from the left. Billy Graham and God weigh in from the right. Tuesday, voters have their say. Will they send a message that will resonate through November?
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  • Sticking to the Basics of Marketing
    Marketing is about connecting with and keeping customers. What works? What only seems to work? What radical ideas brought me some of my greatest successes? I am happy to share!
  • Political Doubletalk, Romney-Style
    Does Mitt Romney know that the words campaign and candidacy are not interchangeable? Perhaps he does and phrases his statements that way on purpose?
  • My 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier: The Best Vehicle I Ever Owned
    Over the last 30 years, I have owned a dozen or more cars, vans, and SUVs. Some I loved, some I despised, but one stands out as my favorite. And it is the most unlikely of choices.
  • Health Care, Hypocrisy and Arizona
    The new law enacted in Arizona restricting healthcare funding for abortion providers uses Consitutional justifcations we have heard from Republicans before, to defend funding of faith based organizations. Is this sound policy, or hypocrisy?
  • Mitt Romney Replaces His Etch a Sketch
    Mitt Romney and advisor Eric Fehrnstrom did an about face this week on Romney's position on the auto bailouts, now claiming all the credit instead of assigning the blame. But why now? And how did they know exactly when to make this move?
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  • The End of the Line for Jim Thome
    Jim Thome needs to retire, the Phillies need a bat they can rely on to produce runs, and we all need to reflect on what this relationship meant.
  • The Second Largest Ponzi Scheme Ever
    Bernie Madoff went to prison for his lifelong Ponzi scheme. Our elected officials simply return to Washington. The Ponzi scheme the Federal Government is perpetrating is the second largest ever, behind only Madoff's. Is no one paying attention?
  • KFC Loses $8.3 Million Lawsuit Over Salmonella
    KFC was ordered to pay $8.3 million by an Australian judge in the lawsuit of an 11 year old girl left a qadriplegic after severe salmonella poisoning. Was KFC really to blame, or is this just another case of sympathy for the victim outweighing justice?
  • Denying Dying Vet a Refund a Black Eye for Spirit Airlines
    Spirit Airlines, which made news earlier this week for its racy ad featuring Secret Service agents and girls in bikinis (and flights to Cartagena) is back in the news today for something less amusing: denying a refund to dying veteran.
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  • First Person: We're Stuck in Our American Dream
    In the last decade, we have only experienced two huge problems with our house: buying it, and selling it. We made mistakes: inexperience, bad advice, just bad decisions. We have learned a lot, but we are still stuck in a nightmare.
  • My Summer 2012 Movie Picks
    And no, I am not speaking of the “Bourne Legacy” with Jeremy Renner replacing Matt Damon or “The Amazing Spiderman” with Andrew Garfield replacing Tobey Maguire.
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