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Gail Cohen

Gail Cohen taught junior high school social studies in Miami (FL) and produced public affairs programming for WICD-TV (an NBC-TV affiliate), Champaign, Illinois, before discovering the giftware industry as a marketer, writer and designer in 1980. Her feature articles have appeared in consumer and trade publications including The Chicago Tribune, Northshore magazine and R.R. Bowker’s Library Journal. Cohen authored two weekly columns and personality profiles for the Daily Herald until the end of 2003. Until she retired from teaching in 2007, she taught advertising theory, copywriting and design, public relations, magazine writing and design, fundamentals of journalism, feature writing and sundry other classes to undergraduate and graduate students at Harper Community College and National-Louis University. In 2010, Cohen was named one of Demand Studios’ top 16 contributors for website content appearing on such sites as, Tyra Banks’ and USA Travel Tips. Her body of work for Demand surpassed 2,000 published articles. Cohen’s tongue-in-cheek reference book, George’s Wictionary! (an homage to a certain president with a penchant for mangling the English language) was published by AuthorHouse in 2008. As a member of the Suburban Write People group, she contributed to the anthology Save the Last Stall for Me in December 2009 and Heavy Petting – a collection of quirky pet stories published by Musa -- in December 2011. Mélange Press published her first romantic novel, The Christmas Quilt, in December 2011. Cohen has a slew of children, grandchildren, ex-husbands and ex-literary agents.
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  • How Libraries Save Me a Whole Lot of Money
    Think your library is nothing more than a book-filled building? Think again. I no longer spend money buying books, magazines, films or music because I can enjoy all of these benefits thanks to my library card.
  • How To Save Your Sanity When Traveling
    Pre-ship your luggage? It’s not just for princesses these days. A growth industry made up of established shippers and boutique start-ups would love to remove the burden of your luggage worries and offer you a downright pleasant travel experience.
  • First Person: Why I Didn’t Flip Out When My Latest Housing Flip Backfired
    Whether it’s your first flip or just the latest, it’s time to learn that every situation is different and you can’t control the economy—even if your fix and flip record is big, longstanding and impressive.
  • First Person: Affordable Chicagoland Paint Contractors? Found One!
    It’s no secret that Chicago living is expensive. Collect contractor quotes in Chicagoland and you may require a paper bag to deal with your hyperventilation. But I found a painting savior. And his quote was so reasonable, I doubled the size of the job.
  • Lessons Learned From Renting a Car in a Foreign Country
    We were too confident for our own good, assuming all it took to tour Europe in a rental car for a month were passports, car keys and adventurous souls. Let’s just say that we’re no longer smug.
  • Dive Into Wood Dale, Illinois’ Unique Bar Scene
    Locals swear dive bars located in Wood Dale, Illinois--five miles west of O'Hare Airport--are the epitome of down-and-dirty drinking joints, but take a closer look and you'll find quite a variety within the two mile stretch connecting them.
  • Prescription Drugs Are Not the Only Way to Recover From Restless Leg Syndrome
    My doctor was reticent to tell me that my weird symptoms were sure indicators of Restless Leg Syndrome because she knows my attitude toward prescription medicines. Doing my homework and using simple tips, I stopped the symptoms in months.
  • 12 Muy Bueno Tips for a Mexico Surfing Trip on the Cheap
    Gone are the days of uber-cheap Mexico vacations when dedicated surfers had no need to save for them. That was then. This is now, so employ these 12 primo peso-pincher tips before priming your boogie board for the action.
  • Intermittent Fasting Brought My 50-Year Weight Struggle to an End
    Weight Watcher's? I'm a lifetime member. Diet drinks? You bet. I've tried calorie counting, carb restriction and every crazy diet under the sun until I learned about Intermittent Fasting and tried it for myself. Now, even my doctor is a believer.
  • 12 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Condo in Thailand
    Thanks to wireless communication, adventurous souls move to exotic destinations on a dime these days. Thailand is a particularly popular destination because it has a huge condo market. But don't shop for a home until you've read this article.
  • Sex and the Clinical Trial: Why I Loved Being a Guinea Pig
    Eager to help find an answer to the problem of libido diminution as women age, I jumped into a clinical trial that proved an eye opener in many ways. Did things change for me after four years of participation? Find out when you read my story.
  • First Person: Publishing a Book Doesn't Have to Be Difficult
    You may not be aware of this, but there are a number of ways to publish a book. I know because I've tried most of them and I wouldn't be hesitant to use any of these methods in the future.
  • We Partied like it was 1964 when the Beatles Arrived
    The Beatles were landing. That was my excuse to throw a party at my place when the Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. I had my mini-skirt pressed and my go-go boots polished. The Queen couldn't have receive a more enthusiastic reception!
  • Why I Think President Obama Should Prioritize Senior Health Care
    With myriad crises jockeying for position on President Obama's topic list for his State of the Union Address, I am convinced that the state of health care for America's aging population deserves to be prioritized.
  • First Person: Why Hillary Clinton Is Wrong on Gender Concerns
    I've witnessed the meteoric rise of women's workplace power over a 50-year career, so when Hillary Clinton expresses concern about the clock turning back for women, I say impossible. Let me tell you why ...
  • How I Entertain on a Shoestring Budget
    You don't need a bundle of cash to feed friends and relatives if you employ some of my strategies for entertaining folks you love on the cheap
  • How to Learn a Foreign Language on Your Own
    You’ve met a great girl from Warsaw or you have an opportunity to vacation in Spain. Perhaps a new job depends upon your ability to converse in another language – but you’ve neither the time nor money to invest in classes. These tips can help.
  • First Person: 70 Years Old and Realistic When Looking for Jobs
    I learned some valuable lessons about my own limitations when I started searching for a job after my business collapsed in 2008. Coming to terms with my new reality has made me happier, wiser and hopeful.
  • First Person: How I Afford College Textbooks
    I confess. I’m a perpetual student. Non-credit classes? Nope. I love challenges that come with credit courses -- but not the textbook tab accompanies them. Scholarships and loans bolster my tuition, but affordable books call for my most creative thinking.
  • First Person: How I Got Control Over My Credit Cards
    Credit cards are addictive and I didn’t have the maturity and discipline it took to handle the debt load that arose as a result of using them too often. One day, I said “enough!” and put myself on a financial diet to reclaim my sanity and solvency.
  • How to ID Your Dream Home’s Style
    Look: Down the street! It’s a bungalow. It’s a Gothic revival. Maybe it’s a Georgian. Want to sound smug when the topic of architectural style is introduced? This mini-glossary can help you ID home facades.
  • First Person: Finding Exceptionally Cheap Furniture in Chicago
    I need a bumper sticker for my car that reads: I brake for bargain furniture. Ever since my budget began to decline, I began discovering ways to decorate my home for a song – and I’ve become quite the resource for my friends and family, too.
  • What You Should Know Before Donating Your Body to Science
    Funerals celebrate the end of life with reverence, but they’re expensive. If you don’t want your loved ones mired in debt due to final arrangements -- and you’re philosophically comfortable donating your remains – this may be a sensible option for you.
  • Chicago’s Best Cat-Pampering Resources
    Cats rule. Dogs drool. But cats often get short shrift when it comes to unique goods and services, especially when compared with products made for dogs. Happily, in Chicagoland, the felines are the top dogs, and pampering resources prove it.
  • First Person: Using Coupons to Help Others Buy Food
    Next time you’re wielding a scissors to cut coupons for products you use, keep going! I’ve saved other people a fortune by clipping coupons for them, too. Besides, it’s fun.
  • 7 Steps to Pitching Business Ideas to Venture Capitalists
    Ideas are like butterflies; they land on many flowers. If a brilliant one happens to land on your brain, don't become one of those "I just can't get financing" whiners. Make a solid case for funding by following 7 tips to achieve success.
  • What You Should Know Before Getting Your Child into Modeling
    If you’re a savvy mom or dad, you can take steps to avoid some of the minefields that lay ahead should you decide to get your child into this highly competitive field.
  • First Person: How I Support Charitable Causes Without Spending a Dime
    When I file my income tax return each year, I have few cash deductions, but I get plenty of tax breaks thanks to deductions associated with the hours, weeks and months of service I happily give to help others.
  • First Person: How I Got Free Dental Care When I Was Broke
    You might be surprised to find that there are resources in your geographic vicinity ready to take care of your dental needs without taking a bite out of your meager household budget.
  • First Person: Finding Free Exercise Videos
    I was considering investing in a workout program I saw publicized on cable TV until I discovered that I could get the same program, or one just like it, for free or a few bucks – which is how I underwrote my new exercise shoes.
  • First Person: How I Save Hundreds of Dollars Annually on Beauty Aids
    Women typically spend $1,000 a month on beauty products, according to research studies, but I’ve discovered that it’s not always necessary to fork that much money over if you practice tips I use to save hundreds of dollars annually.
  • First Person: Clever Valentine’s Day 'Baskets' for $9 Each
    Forget about pricey jewelry, candy and flowers that inflict maximum damage on a budget. You can still show folks some love this Valentine’s Day by substituting creativity for high-end gifts that could earn you the title “consummate romantic.”
  • First Person: Finding a Purebred Dog on a Budget
    Outrageous price tags are the most often-given reasons people don’t own pedigree dogs. But these days, all it takes is a little research to discover a huge network of breed-specific resources ready to help you adopt for more love than money.
  • First Person: Maintaining an Impressive Library on a Shoestring
    For folks who love the pleasure of holding hardbound books in their hands more than the fanciest e-book reader, life can be an expensive proposition. Learn how I maintain an impressive library or award-winning authors and titles at just $1 each!
  • Wonder What You’ll Be Eating in 2013?
    Every year, foodies look for new trends and culinary innovations from domestic and international markets, but Colorado’s Sterling-Rice Group uses a marketing approach to figure out what’s likely to land on your plate in 2013.
  • How to Buy Casino Stocks
    America's gaming industry is a fascinating reflection of how the country fares economically. If you enjoy some risk when investing, consider casino stock acquisition -- but not before you learn about diverse factors that can make or break your picks.
  • First Person: How I Saved My Home After Nearly Losing It
    It takes guts, time, moxie and a resolute spirit to run the re-fi gauntlet these days, but if you refuse to take no for an answer, you can figure something out to help you keep your home. I did and I'm one happy homeowner today.
  • Risks of Buying Wal-mart Stocks
    Ask financial professionals and you're bound to get a range of opinions about the wisdom of investing in Wal-Mart. The corporation's stock has remained resilient, but there are many factors lurking in the wings that can turn things around in a heartbeat.
  • How to Get into Individual Retirement Account Sales
    Individual Retirement Accounts help people of all ages save for the future, but it takes a savvy sales professional to book enough business to make a career of this specialty.
  • Where to Move to Earn the Most Money
    Sure, the cost of living is lower in a large segment of the south, but there are places throughout the rest of the U.S. that also offer a low cost of living plus a healthy salary. Check out these areas and start packing!
  • Teach Your Child How to Set Boundaries
    Kids don’t “get” long lessons given short attention spans, but if you try a couple of fun games to teach boundary setting, your child will have no clue she’s actually learning to protect herself.
  • How to Budget for Prosperity
    There's no easy way to extricate oneself from debt, so facing the dilemma head-on and making extreme sacrifices to end the madness can be a painful but oh-so-rewarding way to re-calibrate your financial life once and for all.
  • Can Creditors Garnish an IRA?
    Creditors are masters at debt collection. They call. Send e-mail and post letters to scare you into paying up, but invoking garnishment is a particularly scary action. Find out why creditors can't garnish IRAs but how they can still get your money.
  • Remembering George McGovern
    1972 was all about peace, love and protests against the war. Those of us who respected George McGovern knew he was no ordinary politician.
  • How to Color Your Baby’s World
    Picking baby's room color was once a no brainer: The choice was pink or blue. When scientists began researching the effects of color on infant moods, fascinating data emerged. Learn which colors soothe and which can upset baby before you pick one.
  • Pay Sales Tax on Game Show Prizes? You Bet!
    If you win a luxury prize in any state but California and Florida--and live in a state that with no sales tax--you don't have to worry about paying outrageous sales taxes. Everyone else does. That's why so many people say no to accepting those prizes.
  • Tax Advice for Savvy Teen Babysitters
    Some kids baby sit to underwrite mall sprees. Others are more ambitious; using their skills and ambition to fund a car or college. If the latter describes you, you’re tomorrow’s business leader. Time to learn a little about taxes.
  • Yes, You Can Be Refused Homeowner's Insurance!
    Mortgage, check. Moving van, check. Homeowner's insurance? Not necessarily. Your credit, structural damage--even your dog--could stand in the way of you getting coverage, so apply as soon as possible to learn about problems you could encounter.
  • Four Reasons to Retire in Delaware
    You've read about Delaware's seashore, sites and attractions and heard the myriad reasons people make The First State their first choice for retirement living, but you're still not convinced. Maybe Delaware's senior-friendly taxes will do the job.
  • 4 Retirement Locations Offering Great Tax Breaks for Seniors
    You may have heard that the country of Panama and the state of Michigan are great places to retire if tax savings are at the top of your must-have list, but how about Alaska or Uruguay?
  • Looking for Retirement Heaven? Think About Delaware
    It's just 4 miles south of New York City, but Delaware feels like it's years away for retirees relocating in The First State. Low taxes, gorgeous coastlines, historic sites and an abundance of senior communities are all reasons to consider retiring there.
  • Pick Stocks by Betting on the Dogs of the Dow
    It started as a theory. It's become a favorite investing model for people with no time to research stock picks: Invest in the Dogs of the Dow Jones Industrials in January and by December, your portfolio may look healthier.
  • Make Nutritious, Sugar-Free Sweets for Your Kids
    Add in a spoon or two of sugar to your kids' diets and you may be tempted to lock yourself in a bathroom while they bounce off the walls. Stop the madness. Discover the benefits of agave nectar, a sweetener that doesn't make kids hyper.
  • Tax Information for Newlyweds
    Though it's been refuted, the myth of the married tax penalty hasn't disappeared. Find out how being married can benefit you when you file as a couple and learn how the amount of money you make can skew your tax return--in both good and bad ways.
  • How Do You Define Retirement?
    Once upon a time, work cessation was the only definition folks used to describe their new lifestyle. These days, the word retirement encompasses myriad mental, physical and emotional changes that take place once that briefcase lands in the closet.
  • How to Retire at 50
    Making your dream of retiring at age 50 a reality calls for discipline, wisdom and clever savings and lifestyle strategies. The earlier you start, the better your chances are for retiring in the style to which you intend to become accustomed.
  • 10 Ways to Invest Money
    If you assume that bank accounts and the stock market are your only investment options, you're in for a surprise. From safe havens to risky prospecting, mix and match investments so your portfolio holds up, no matter what direction the economy takes.
  • How to Buy Annuities Online
    You do everything else online, so why not Online Annuities? Shop, compare and assess your own risk potential while seated in front of your computer. In some cases, you don't even have to talk to an insurance agent, to find the best deal.
  • 4 Clever, Original Vanity Ideas for Your Bathroom
    Once you get it out of your head that only vanity furnishings designed exclusively for bathrooms will do, you can rev up your imagination and be original. Make a floating, Victorian-style, Roman or re-purposed goods vanity using a little sweat equity.
  • Learn to Write a Movie Script from a Single Sentence
    You’ve got engaging characters running around your head, a solid idea for a story and you trust your judgment, but without taking a class in screenwriting techniques, you have no clue how to proceed. Read this article and get thee to the computer. Now.
  • How to Choose Flood Insurance
    When the U.S. government created the National Flood Insurance Program in 1968, its objective was to make sure flood insurance was available to all consumers, no matter their income level. Lots of carriers offer flood insurance. One is just right for you.
  • Annual Reports: How to Spot Misleading Information
    Missing data. Too many graphics. Downplayed risks. An artfully designed and written annual report can hide a multitude of sins. Use this guide to help you decide whether you’re being mislead when you peruse annual reports.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales: Just What the Career Doctor Ordered
    It helps to have an interest in science, but if you can sell ice to Eskimos and you want a job that’s virtually recession-proof, put pharmaceutical sales at the top of your career list. The benefits are great, too.
  • The Cheapskate’s Guide to Summer Family Vacations: London, Ontario
    Traveling with kids can require a bounty of cash and patience, but you can get all of the exotic fun of an out-of-country vacation by heading to London, Ontario where campgrounds and attractions don’t require you to sell the family farm.
  • Quirky Destinations: Sweden’s Ice Hotel – Now, That’s Cold
    You'll be the life of the party when you recount your vacation to Sweden's Ice Hotel, but first, you must book your room and plane ticket. Most folks stay just one night, but if the price and the temperatures don't bother you, make a weekend of it.
  • Grants for Grannies Looking to Launch New Businesses
    Senior woman wishing to start a business may feel the cards are stacked against them, but if you can conquer your self-doubt, the money can follow if you know where to look. Finding funding is daunting at any age, but you've got the advantage of wisdom.
  • Build a Sculpting Table in 5 Steps
    There’s nothing like a sculpting class where the best equipment and materials help you learn your craft. But what happens when you go home? Sculpting tables aren’t cheap but if you know your way around shop tools, you can make your own.
  • The 6 Commandments of Humor Writing
    Everyone thinks they can write humor, but what triggers belly laughs for some can result in jeers and boos for others. Learn a few structural rules to help your humor writing be the best it can be, and for heavens' sake, don't take yourself too seriously!
  • How to Write Movie Review
    Looks easy. Most fun things do. But if you want to write great movie reviews for publications or websites you need a formula and protocols. Read this article and check out the movie review sample at the end of the piece to get ideas for your own reviews.
  • Signs, Symptoms and Solutions for Pet Depression
    Today’s vet is as likely to recommend Prozac as heart worm medicine, but that’s no reason to medicate an ill-behaved dog or cat. Sure, the family equilibrium is up-ended when her behavior goes haywire, but maybe you can diagnose the angst yourself.
  • Reach for the Stars with a Career in Theater Management
    The manager behind the scenes at your favorite legitimate theater or film emporium has a lot on his plate, so if you crave a job that has you racing in so many directions, you have little time to catch the show, this career is tailor-made for you.
  • How to Terminate the Employment of Senior Citizens
    While this article is no substitute for advice from an attorney specializing in employment law, it can give you a starting point if you’re in the untenable position of having to fire an employee over the age of 40.
  • Why You Should Be Proud to Work for a Nonprofit
    You work for a nonprofit and sometimes you feel that you're spinning your wheels for a lower paycheck than your corporate brothers and sisters. Maybe it's time you were reminded that your selflessness is not just priceless -- it's life affirming.
  • The Skinny on Gluten
    One day, food tastes yummy. Next day, the same dish becomes a gluten-free menu item. The taste you liked is gone, but it's no sacrifice since you're trying to eat healthy. Truth is, some gluten-free food products can be worse for you than the real thing.
  • How to Find Money for a Weight Loss Camp
    Weight loss camps are springing up across the nation in response to growing obesity rates, but the fees associated with a stay at one of these institutions are huge. You can find ways to help finance your stay so you lose that weight, not your nest egg.
  • 6 Terrific Reasons to Buy Wedding Insurance
    You read the sickening headlines: a beautiful wedding plan destroyed by a caterer gone bankrupt, guests sickened by reception food or a flooded church that's flooded. There are 6 great reasons to buy wedding insurance. Bet you can add a few more!
  • First Person: The Reality of Facing Foreclosure
    If I decide to abandon my home, I will join a fraternity of Americans who never thought they would find themselves in this catastrophic situation. It's scary. Keeps me up nights. But 'til I get my head right, I'm not making a literal or figurative move.
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  • Decorate Your Child’s Room in a Military Theme
    Your girl wants to be G.I. Jane, not a Disney princess. Your dude longs for a hideaway that’s military cool. No need to invest enough cash in the project to compete with the U.S. Defense budget if you shop at surplus, dollar and resale outlets.
  • How to Customize a Van for Dog Show Travels
    Check the parking lot at dog shows and spot vans re-purposed for traveling. Some are sophisticated and pricey. Others set new standards for homemade space organization. If you enjoy modifying projects, your dog could ride to his next show in style.
  • How to Make a Pit and Roast a Pig
    This article isn't for folks who live and die by their Weber Grills, fancy-schmacy gas barbecues and hibachis. Instead, find your back-to-nature sensibilities, get your hands on a suckling pig and show your crowd that early pioneers have nothing on you!
  • How to Publish a Book
    Think there’s only one way to get your book published? You’re in for a surprise. Over the past several decades, I’ve used myriad resources to get my name on book covers. Be adventurous. Look beyond the usual outlets.
  • First Person: I Never Pay Admission Fees at Chicago Museums
    All I have to do is proof of my Illinois residency and doors open to all the splendor Chicago culture has to offer. I visit the city's top museums and attractions year-round and only open my wallet if I crave a snack or can't resist a gift shop treasure.
  • How to Treat Houseguests like Royalty
    Recall your experiences as a house guest. If you had to search for towels, cram garbage into your luggage and read by a bathroom light, chances are, you didn't want to go back. Avoid common hosting mistakes. These tips can earn you a great reputation.
  • A Woman’s Guide to B-Cell and T-Cell Lymphoma Symptoms
    For cancer sufferers and families, cures can't come fast enough. While the world waits, women owe it themselves and their families to prioritize their own health issues. This primer offers tips on identifying B-cell and T-cell lymphoma symptoms.
  • Continuous Partial Attention: The Latest Workplace Phenomenon
    A manager finds a staffer hunkered over his PDA. He’s texting, reading and simultaneously writing a report while conversing with a cube mate. You’re witnessing PDA. Embrace it or get out of the way to make room for someone who does.
  • How You Can Get Oprah’s Hair Color
    It can be a hat trick identifying a celeb's hair color -- just ask beauticians that try. They’re regularly asked to replicate the shade Rhianna, JLo or even Gaga wore at a high-profile event. That said, if you really want Oprah’s color, follow these tips.
  • How to Work with Your Editor
    Editors want to be loved in ways most people don’t. Win their affection by turning in work by the deadline, run the spell check and – importantly -- don’t take the changes they suggest to make your work perfect personally. They're not out to get you.
  • How to Add a Porch to Your Denver Home
    If your Denver house has great vistas but no porch, you could be missing out on a huge helping of tranquility and relaxation. Get this project on track and it won’t be long before you enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home.
  • A Primer on Fabric Stiffening
    How amazing is science? Chemists are continually coming up with new chemical mixes that are capable of turning flaccid textiles into works of art with defined shape. Some cost a bundle, so if you don’t want to get stiffed, discover your options.
  • How to Write a Book
    Fess up: There’s a book in your soul that begs to be written, but the enormity of this goal can leave you paralyzed. Not to worry. My practical tips require no writing education and they can take you from idea to manuscript to book if you follow them.
  • How to Add a Slide to a Child's Bunk Bed
    Some bunk beds come with slides, but if yours didn't, adding a prefabricated slide may take less time than you imagined. Round up a power drill, bolts, wing nuts -- and a little time -- and make weekday mornings a little less stressful.
  • Couch Shopping? Don’t Leave Home ‘Til You Read This Article!
    Remember the old adage “measure twice, cut once”? Apply it to couch shopping to make sure you don’t wind up with buyer’s regret. After all, you can’t return a sofa like a blouse, so consider tips in this article to land a perfect piece of furniture.
  • 7 Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a Foreign Language
    Bookstores and Internet sites are rife with resources promising to turn your child into a bi-lingual wunderkind. Sure, they work, but your dedication and time are even more important than the priciest learning aids. Find out why by reading this article.
  • How to Cut Moonstone
    Your reputation as a stone cutter can grow with each new challenge. If you’ve never worked with moonstones, break out your cutting tools and take safety precautions to coax these gems from blocks of feldspar crystal -- one precise cut at a time.
  • How to Build a Palapa in Just 5 Steps
    When downpours drench tropical islands, everyone runs for a nearby palapa because the dense layering of palm fronds creates a waterproof ceiling. Go native. Build one of these primitive shelters and you could find yourself in an island state of mind 24/7.
  • How to Design and Make a Promotional Dress
    It’s a dog eat dog world in fashion and must step it up if to compete. Take a page from Project Runway’s nail-biting challenge: design and make a dress that promotes you and your aesthetic by creating a dress that grabs attention big time.
  • How to Set Up a Scrapbooking Distributorship
    You need a warehouse and solid retail and manufacturer connections to start a scrapbook distributorship, but if you strive to carry all of the supplies virtual or bricks and mortar retailers require to satisfy hobbyists, you can carve out a fun career.
  • Become a Wedding Officiate in 7 Steps
    Indian gurus. Renegade rabbis. These days, you don’t have to have a divinity degree to become a wedding officiate. Use the Internet to choose an ordination resource and before you know it, you’ll be facilitating nuptials.
  • How to Become a Silk Elements Distributor
    Becoming a product distributor requires commitment, warehouse space and ingenuity, but when you work with a company like Silk Elements -- known for producing excellent products and taking responsibility for mistakes -- you can build a solid career.
  • How to Start a Local Support Group for Marine Animals
    Whether your favorite marine creatures are penguins, seals, dolphins or whales, you won’t have a problem finding like-minded people interested in helping perpetuate these species. Your group can be virtual or real, so dive in and make a difference.
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