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Kervin Fondren

After graduating from high school, I served four years in the Army, with tour tour of duties in South Korea(peacetime). After being honorably discharged, I completed a B.A degree in Journalism from UAB, earned two master s degrees in Education from the University of Phoenix online. Since 1992, I have taught grades k-12 in one of the largest inner city public schools in Alabama, and I love it!!!
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B.A, Journalism, University of Alabama at Birmingham(1991); M.Ed(Secondary Education), University of Phoenix, AZ(2007); M.A, Adult Education & Training(2010).


Begin each day running and pray that you don t become prey.


Alabama Education Association, former Sardis Christian School(Spanish Teacher), Birmingham American Federation of Teachers, National Substitute Teachers Alliance, Substitute Teaching Institute, Birmingham Professional Alliance of Substitute Teachers, Y.M.C.A. of Birmingham, AmeriCorps alumni, Metro Birmingham Branch NAACP #5006, Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers
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  • Is Hollywood Obsessed with Black Men in Dresses?
    Global entertainer RuPaul expounds in one of his autobiographies the challenges he overcame to become a successful female impersonator evolving from the Deep South.
  • U.S Constitution & Holy Bible
    The U.S. Constitution and King James version of the Holy Bible are two of the most mis-interpreted historical documents used by leaders and degreed citizens to control wealth in society, and promote classism.
  • U.S. Vice-Presidents: Nation's Moby Dicks or Jaws
    U.S. vice presidents are often ignored in history unless they make more news than the presidents. Just like substitute teachers, principals often ignore them until they get into trouble.
  • Immigration Bill in Congress a Human or Civil Rights Struggle
    Alabama leaders debate whether federal immigration bill can be linked to civil rights like gay rights advocates link gay rights to civil rights.
  • GOP Should Proceed with Caution with Impeachment Allegations Against President Obama
    GOP leaders in Congress are swarming like bees in the hives of recent scandals in the White House as President Obama wrestles to control second-term distractions painting the presdient as passive and shady.
  • South Korea and the U.S. Must Continue to Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick
    The U.S. and South Korea must continue to deter North Korea from gaining nuclear weapons that can murder more than 27,000 American troops stationed in South Korea, and countless South Korean citizens. I honor those troops in South Korea this Memorial Day.
  • Last Dance for American Idol
    American Idol has produced mega-superstars since its debut in 2002, but now has run it's course like the Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey shows did after a very successful run. Follow these tv legend's lead and exit prime time at the top.
  • Black Men Are Not Fads
    Black men have to fight more negative sterotypes than any other race in America, and yet remain loyal and dedicated to this country, their families, and community.
  • President Obama is Not a Governor
    Birmingham is a good example of how Blacks diversifying in the job market can succeed in spite of significant job losses in manufacturing.
  • America, Earth's Glory
    Patriotic poem summing up how most of us feel about this country, and our daily sacrifices to continue to lead the world by example.
  • The Stages of Death
    Poem about human reactions to Death, and how we cope with life before Death.
  • High Schools Should Be like Trade Schools
    No Child Left behind Law addresses academic gaps but fails to address increasing employment gaps. A partnership must exist between employers and educators with input from politicians, not vice-versa.
  • Alabama Public School Employees/Students Under GOP Attack
    Alabama public school employees are fighting recent series of GOP bills diverting Education Trust funds for private school vouchers, and proposed 2-percent pay raise for public school employees.
  • Jim Crow Here to Stay in Alabama
    More than fifty years after Brown v. Board of Education became federal law, GOP leaders in Alabama still create laws to block the doors of opportunity to prevent black children from pursuing the American Dream.
  • Public School Teachers in Combat Zones Daily
    School shootings and violence has been on the rise since the Columbine Massacre in 1999. Many new and veteran educators are fleeing the teaching profession for safer and more financially lucrative positions.
  • Slavery Still Exists in U.S
    In spite of having a black president, millions of blacks remain enslaved economically due to politics, illiteracy and mass incarcerations.
  • How to Resolve Unemployment and Under-Employment
    Millions of unemployed degreed citizens should consider a teaching career. Teaching is one way to earn middle-class income, and receive excellent employee/retirement benefits. Teachers also change the world, one child at a time.
  • Mirror of My Image
    Poem to elevate self-esteem in people. This poem will benefit the self-esteem of students and adults. We must start loving ourselves without being vain.
  • The Golden Rules of Love
    Poem about genuine love in a society where divorce and lust breaks all the real rules of love. In life, there are no golden rules of love, just love as life itself.
  • Rain and Pain
    Poem about recovering from some temporary mental or physical illness or setback. Can be interpreted by the readers according to their own personal analysis.
  • End to Racism by 2040
    By 2040, many leaders predict that Whites will be the minority in the U.S., and racial progress and harmony will be at its peak.
  • GOP Ignoring Poor Students and Minorities Passing House Bill 84
    GOP legislators in Alabama sneaked HB84 into a bill signed into law by a GOP governor who intends to ignore thousands of opposing citizens who see this bill as racist and elitist.
  • Student Loans Are Never Gifts
    Excessive student loans can lead to permanent poverty for many college graduates.
  • Nation Owes Bayard Rustin Place in History Books
    Bayard Rustin and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. removed most of the obstacles to allow President Barack Obama's rise to become the first Black president in the U.S.
  • Segregation Then, Now and Forever: Reality for Many Americans Today
    GOP Battles with President Obama moves America closer to a re-segregated nation after decades of progress from Civil Rights Struggle.
  • It's Lonely at the Top
    Poem about success which is often ruined by greed, and some people will do anything to anybody to get to the "top".
  • Blogging My Way to Financial Freedom in 2013
    After nearly drowning in financial debts after graduating from college, filing bankruptcy was my lifeboat. However, my dream of creating my own blog website in 2013 will help me paddle back into prosperity.
  • President Obama Should Address Special Education Crisis in America
    Billions of dollars are spent addressing the needs of k-12 students with special needs, and billions more in profits from prison labor. Standardized testing appears to overshadow this crisis.
  • Under-employment and Excessive Student Loans Stagnates Degreed Workers
    President Obama should use executive powers to expand student loan relief programs for under-employed degreed workers who serve in inner city public schools.
  • Will You Ever "arrive" in Life?
    Many people waste precious time and relationships searching for the keys to life. Some people discover routes to happiness and success in life in one decade, and some find it after five or more decades.
  • President Obama's F.D.R. Moment Pending
    President Obama's national legacy will easily be diluted by a major global conflict in Asia and the Middle East, nations with nuclear weapons, and nations acquiring them. What Would F.D.R. do?
  • Want to Change the World, One Child at A Time?
    Substitute teachers are needed daily in our public schools, and are an integral part of school faculty. Do you think you have the right stuff to sub? Subs can work full-time and go to college online to get certified.
  • Logical Proactive School Safety Approaches Will Save Lives
    American public school safety issues are much more important than partisan gun debates. At no time in our history is the philosophy that "it takes a village to raise a child" is more important than now.
  • Could Chuck Hagel Help Military Evolve on Gay Rights?
    If confirmed as the next Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel can begin the healing process for many gay veterans who valiantly served in the military, but were kicked out due to post-military bans on gay soldiers.
  • Create a GreenCorps to Spur Conservation
    President Obama's legacy these last four years can be super-sized if Obama embraces a program to increase community service in green careers with the GreenCorps.
  • First Person: I Survived 3 Tornadoes in Pratt City
    Tornadoes rip through Pratt City, Alabama more than 3 times in 1977, 1998 and 2011. Pratt City was nearly wiped off the map after the most devastating tornado tore through Pratt City on April 27, 1011.
  • How Much Will President Obama Be Worth After 2016?
    President Obama will probably earn more on speaking fees as an ex-President than all of his predecessors, including Bill Clinton.
  • How Not to Die Over Your Debts!
    After the Recession of 2009 financially devastated millions of Americans, it is no longer taboo or a disgrace to seek relief by filing bankruptcy.
  • First Person: Birmingham for Me Ain't Been No Crystal Stairs
    Local footsoldier and educator compares and contrasts Birmingham in the 60's to The Magic City today.
  • First Person: Unemployed? Consider Substitute Teaching
    In this poor economy, many unemployed U.S citizens should consider serving as substitute teachers until the job market improves. We will always need teachers, and subs will often work daily. Many subs move on and become regular classroom teachers.
  • 3 Young African-Americans Under 21 Who Dared to Dream
    Even though Barack Obama will be the highlight of many essays on Dr. Martin Luther King's Holiday, students can discover their own role models from among their own peers today.
  • NBC's "Off Their Rockers" is Off the Chain
    Betty White proves again and again to NBC executives that a tv show about elderly actors can be "golden", and generate much green! The parody in many of the skits makes you think, frown, sigh, but most of all can make you laugh.
  • Some Online Teaching Degrees Pay Off, Many Don't!
    Just like this frail economy, my online teaching degree is weak. I now question more than $20,000 spent on this degree that simply occupies space in my china cabinet. Think deep before you leap!
  • President Obama Signed. Sealed and Delivered!
    In spite of many Haters, Republicans and Tea Party obstructionalists, President Obama continued to make history as one of the greatest presidents in 100 years.
  • Certain Zip Codes Lead to Long-term Poverty for Many Blacks
    Often Blacks with degrees are stuck in depressed communities plagued with crime and high unemployment, but there is hope.
  • Has Obama Abandoned Young Black Men?
    President Obama policies address the woes of young black men in spite of national statistics.
  • Win One for the "Bear", Coach Saban!
    Alabama Coach Nick Saban stands to surpass legendary coaches Joe Paterno and Bear Bryant's records if he wins the 2013 BCS against Notre Dame on Jan. 7.
  • Obama's Economy Will Seal His Legacy
    The legacy of President Obama in his second term will be determined by how well he addresses jobs and the federal deficit. Obama's legacy began Nov. 7th.
  • Mark Bego's Biography of Whitney Houston is a Must-read
    Mark Bego leaves no pages unturned as he illustrates Whitney Houston's iconic rise and fall, and a pattern of a lonely, successful singing phenomenal entertainer.
  • Obama Will Be Re-elected If Most Minorities Vote for Him
    Gays, African-Americans, women, Hispanics and young people feel more comfortable with Obama policies and Obama addressing their issues than with Romney, and could decide the Nov. 6 presidential election.
  • Too Many Degrees, Less Experience Failing Our Students
    Too many school leaders today teach just long enough to earn graduate degrees with such dismal classroom teaching experience. School board members with even less classroom experience run our schools. So wonder we lag behind other nations.
  • Summer Wonders
    summers are special times for special people all across the globe as we transition from spring to summer and marvel at all of nature's annual wonders.
  • Diary of a Male Shopaholic
    Male shopaholics do exist in America in spite of the insanely huge male egos that so many men display at home, work and when they play. Being a compulsive shopper does not emasculate your manhood, but enhances it.
  • Permanent Poverty Due to Student Loans
    Student loan debt will easily exceed $80 billion this decade, and college graduates defaulting will far exceed the housing bubble burst in the U.S. Congress and President Obama needs to act now.
  • They Asked but I Didn't Tell: My Career in the Military
    Gay soldiers now serve proudly in the military at the costs of thousands of dishonorably discharged gay veterans. President Obama now supports gay marriage, and has been gay-friendly for years.
  • Tribute to Fathers
    Fathers are very special and often under-appreciated. Father's Day poem to validate your worth.
  • Alabama House Bill 56 Returns State to Jim Crow Era
    Racism in Alabama rears it's ugly head again as thousands of Hispanic citizens continue to flee this state after House Bill 56 takes away their basic rights.
  • Substitute Teachers in Birmingham Can Get Full Benefits
    Substitute teachers can get full benefits and make up for many benefits they lost in this Recession after losing their jobs.

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