Trish Arrowsmith

Trish Arrowsmith

Trish is a freelance writer/editor. She finds relaxation in editing the books that she is reading. Her passion is writing persuasive (argumentative) essays. She is new to poetry writing and is enjoying the challenge of mastering all varieties of poetry forms.
Trish was born and raised in a small, quiet town in CT and has recently relocated to the Philadelphia area of PA.
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Trish is currently working on her degree in Creative Writing/ Literature.


If you don't accept it, you'll never be able to change it


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  • Abstraction
    Emotional journey of feeling trapped and the desire to feel secure.
  • Dedication
    What the Olympics are.
  • Only Without
    A short poem about things we take for granted
  • New Beginnings
    Learning to accept change, not as a negative thing, but as a new beginning.
  • Hmmm..
    Daily, emotional rant. Not sure everyone will understand it, but I know some people can relate.
  • Whisp'ring Winds
    For those who feel alone even with company.
  • The Glass Through Your Eyes
    A poem of reflection be it through a mirror or your soul.
  • On the Edge
    Epigraph poem. Learning to take control and shape your own life.
  • This Place
    Poem for loneliness and times when you feel lost, with nowhere to go.
  • Alone with a Shadow
    Trying to find your true self and learning self-acceptance.
  • Mourning in the Morning
    Happiness and sorrow combined into one.
  • Love for You
    A sweet, simple poem of love
  • Life Travels Very Fast
    Poem reflecting the thought process when someone is stressed or anxious.
  • If Only You'd Let Me
    Free form poem of emotion.
  • All Aboard
    An example of one of the simplest forms of poetry. No need to dig deeper, no dictionary needed, just simply words on paper.
  • Impossibilities
    An homage to Wislawa Szymborska's "Possibilities."

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