Jen Adkins

Jen Adkins

Jen Adkins is a freelance writer with a focus on skin care and beauty. Jen is a licensed cosmetologist with specific training in skin care as has been the Guide to Skin Care at since 2008. She has been interviewed as an expert for print, online and radio pieces.
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Jen completed cosmetology school and is liscensed to practice in the state of Wisconsin.


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  • Winter skin care tips by region
    Winter is not a one-size-fits-all season. Temperatures and humidity are all over the place in the U.S. We spoke with Dermatologist Dr. Tony Nakhla to offer advice on some of the biggest winter issues from East to West, North to South.
  • My Beef with Sun-Bleached SpongeBob
    Craig Mammalton tells SpongeBob he has the ultimate tan, but I call angry parent on Nickelodeon's Sun Bleached episode full of tanning beds, tanning accelerator and bullying.
  • 6 tips for red lips
    Think you can't wear red lip stick? Think again! There is a red for everyone, no matter your skin tone, your hair color or your excuse. Here are 6 tips for red lips to help you find your perfect red.
  • 7 Spring Makeup Trends and Skin Care Tips to Try
    Are you packing away your winter wardrobe for fresh spring pieces? Don't forget to sort through your makeup and skin care products as well. Spring 2012 makeup trends have something for everyone. Come check out what's going to be hot this srping.

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