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Enjoy seeing the beauty in life and looking for what's good in an sometimes ugly world. War vet, former realtor and late in life college student.
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  • Hurricane Sandy Turns New York Streets Dangerous with Falling Debris
    As the night progresses, it is getting scarier. The wind is coming in through every crevice of the old buildings many of us live in. Massive power outages are beginning to affect the city. Internet is starting to crash as well.
  • 'Frankenstorm' Sandy Approaches NYC, Already Bringing Down Tree Limbs
    Updates as Hurricane Sandy Approaches NYC. Living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and brining first had updates throughout the day.
  • Hood Chef and DJ Laser's Excellent Adventure
    New York City's own Hector Vazquez, better known as The Hood Chef, and DJ Laser are brining their unique take on food and fun to the road. Hosting Pop-Up barbecues and restaurant take-overs nationwide. Coming soon to a city near you, if you're lucky.
  • We Are Trayvon Martin
    The life and death of Trayvon Martin and the national change it's bringing.
  • The City is Your Backyard
    A guide to Free Easter egg hunts in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Take the children out for fun and festivities.
  • Profiling Islam or Protecting the Nation: NYPD
    It has recently become public knowledge that the New York Police Department has been conducting surveillance on Muslim groups. Many have expressed shock and outrage over the invasive nature of such surveillance.
  • Chocolat Moderne
    Not many people are lucky enough to be wandering down a street and get invited in to a Chocolate laboratory. I was that lucky person. Chocolat Moderne is gaining accolades and attention in a huge way.
  • Whitney Houston is Not Your Enemy
    The death of Whitney Houston has rocked the music world and her fans. Anytime we lose a star it seems like we collectively gasp as if they are not humans with flaws. Building them up to tear them down.

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