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I am a freelance writer, entreprenuer, wife and mom. My latest project is a search for the ultimate happiness. Please visit my blog at http://www.searchingforthehappiness.wordpress.com/ for more information on me and my search.
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  • How Familiarity Can Breed Happiness
    Even in hard times, something familiar can create a layer of comfort to your situation.
  • Everything Happens for a Reason
    Everyone faces obstacles in their life. Sometimes the issues that come up seem to be too much to get through. These challenging moments provide a way to grow from the experience and become a better you.
  • Why the Simplest Things Make Me the Happiest
    Sometimes it's challenging just getting through the responsibilities of everyday life. Why a few moments of soaking in what's around you can have a more profound effect on your happiness.
  • The Depressed Economy Hits Home
    What happened when my husband and I lost our job at the local plant and the ensuing drama that followed. How do you recover once you lose your job, home and have to do the unimaginable, claim bankruptcy?
  • The Failure of Society
    Changes in our society are creating a new generation of greedy employers who expect your continuous commitment to them 24/7 while giving nothing in return. What has happened to our lives?
  • The Book that Spoke to Me
    Sometimes you are going through a particularly rough time and are looking for answers. When I picked up a book at a local store, I had no idea that what was written inside would put my head to rest.

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