Doug Newman

Doug Newman

Doug is a business analyst and strategist, with professional experience in Marketing, Product Management, Business Analysis/Strategy, and much more. Doug has a wealth of international experience, and speaks passable Korean. Doug is also a musician, and is frequently known to write about the travails of the unemployed and underemployed.
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  • Technology and My Family - It's More Than Just Games
    Striking that right balance of letting your kids access technology is a tough one. Read about how one parent leverages today's technology with his own young children.
  • Features Vs. Benefits - Solution Selling from a Marketing Perspective
    How does a marketer make the shift from feature messaging to benefit messaging? From selling products to selling solutions? It can be a tough road to climb.
  • First Person: My Career in Marketing
    Marketing is a highly subjective field - more "art" than "science." It is not a career for everyone. Find out why this individual steers clear of any marketing job openings.
  • First Person: What the Recruiter Is Thinking
    In the modern job search you have two audiences - the hiring manager and the recruiter. This talks about some of the crucial issues those recruiters are looking for in candidates.
  • First Person: Networking for Dummies
    LinkedIn and other social networking sites are not a magical elixir - they cannot create relationships for you. See how one person missed the mark in trying to build a network - and see links on better advice on how to build and manage your network.
  • The Birds, the Bees and the Family Finances
    Children ask the most personal questions. And most parents have experienced that awful feeling when their child effortlessly repeats the most personal of issues to strangers. How do I discuss such matters with my own sons?
  • How My Seven Year-old Son Has a Healthier Attitude Towards Money Than I Do
    Kids see things in black and white: the good guys are always good and the bad guys are always bad. There are no shades of gray. So why should money be any different?
  • Why Do You Have to Go to Work Daddy?
    After two years of under/self-employment, my kids were quite used to my being Mr. Mom. Since going back to work, it has been tough to get them to understand why I am not around as much - why I have to go to work each day.
  • A Sci-Fi Guide to Leadership
    The great Stars (Trek and Wars) do foretell our future - possibilities both positive and negative, and everywhere in between. What are we going to learn from them? How can we use the lessons they teach to bring us success?
  • Social Media and Its Effect on Your Career Success (Or Failure)
    It's long been known that Social Media could have an averse affect on your career. This article takes a look at how, exactly, that might happen, in addition to some advice on how to maximize the benefits.
  • My Struggle with OCD: The Story of One Survivor
    OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, affects millions of people every year, over 1% of the adult population. The following is the description of one person's story: his lifelong struggle against, his diagnosis of and his coming to peace with, OCD.
  • A Sad Month for the '86 Mets
    With the recent passing of Gary Carter, the sentencing of Lenny Dykstra to prison, and Keith Hernandez being voted one of the worst athletes-turned-actors of all time, it has been a tough month for this 1986 New York Mets fanatic.
  • Yummm
    A Limerick for Old Saint Patty's Day

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