Janet Butler

Janet Butler

Janet is a freelance writer with years of experience in creative and copywriting, editing and proofreading. A member of the Literacy Foundation, she is a certified ESOL instructor. She enjoys painting with watercolor and sharing the knowledge she has gained from her life experiences. She writes about a variety of subjects, including arts and entertainment, relationships, humor, pets and politics.
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Radford University, Old Dominion University


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  • First Person: At the Gingrich Meet and Greet in Virginia
    Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich visited Virginia Republican Campaign Headquarters in Lynchburg on Saturday, October 20. Mr. Gingrich addressed and rallied a large group of Republican Campaign volunteers.
  • DIY: How to Frame a Photo or Piece of Art
    Looking for a step-by-step guide to changing your little treasures into works of art? Use these directions and amaze yourself with what you can create!
  • Shelf Liner - It's Not Just for Shelves Anymore
    Read this lighthearted review of a mundane household product to learn some unexpected and practical uses. It won't eliminate world hunger or lower the crime rate, but it may be the solution to several of your most challenging household dilemas!

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