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Deb Cooper

I was born in St. Louis, MO, where my childhood was full of abuse and neglect. My sisters and I were often put away into an unfinished basement. (Out of sight, out of mind) I have always loved the mountains of Arkansas. Family roots on both sides of my family are from this area. I was a divorced mother raising 2 girls by myself. I am now the proud grandmother (Nana) to 6 beautiful grandchildren. I love the small town life where I live. Writing has always been in my blood, and I have written over 1000 poems by the time I was 21. Although most of them sound childish, it was expressing myself that got me hooked on writing. I consider From Sister s Eyes my best poem. I began to expand my work when I was in college. My essays and reports received high marks. I love to write about my family, or silly things that I have done myself. I am look forward to further expanding my work to include social issues and civil rights.
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Marshall HS, Marshall, AR,1979, (Honors). A.A, Three Rivers College, Poplar Bluff, MO, 1994 (Honors). BSW, SEMO, Cape Girardeau, MO,1996,(Honors).


Be true to yourself, or you ll never be your true self to others.


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  • What is the Meaning of Unconditonal Love?
    A small sample of an abusive childhood that impacts the person into adulthood, making loved ones wonder what is wrong.
  • First Person: Remembering the Bravery of Charles Leon Gilliland
    My Uncle Charles lost his life in April 1951. My mother and my grandmother told me stories of his bravery when I was a child. He was a young soldier, in the Army less than a year, when he stayed behind to let his platoon retreat to safety.
  • Mother's Day Without Mom
    A special Mother's Day message for others who no longer have a mother to share Mother's Day with.
  • First Person: Avoidant Personality Disorder Often Means Hiding from the World
    I feel like I've had this condition my whole life; there just wasn't a name for it yet. I was considered just a very shy, sensitive, overly emotional child.
  • Reliving the MLK Confederate Flag Debate
    In 2011, the mayor of Marshall, Arkansas flew the confederate flag on Martin Luther King day in honor of Jefferson Davis, birthday.
  • A True Christmas Blessing
    After the shootings, I had lost faith in man. One woman brought faith, not only in man, but let me know God was still in charge of things.
  • One Crazy Hot Summer
    This is how I do some crazy things to combat this year's heat wave
  • How I Tore Apart My Finest Marriage
    An article about me taking responsibility for the break up and divorce from the love of my life.
  • I Am Turning into My Grandparents
    An article about changing views of the world as one grows older.
  • Genesis
    A delightful story about my sister Paula and her cat, Gensis
  • My Best July 4th Ever
    In just one night in July, shooting off fireworks brought my family together in a way that we hadn't ever experienced.
  • The Worse Date of My Life
    Dating is not always fun. I think everyone has that one horrible date they will never forget. This article is about mine.
  • My Reality of Divorce
    An article intend to help others, especially with children, consider the affects that divorce creates, and be ready to deal with those side effects, or seek help to deal with it.
  • Understanding Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)
    This ia an article to help people understand and seek how more information what Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is and how it effects the body.
  • Official in CA Caught on Tape Beating Step Son
    A blog about a late breaking story of a CA official video taped beating his step son with a belt for now catching a baseball
  • Silent Supporters
    This is just an article to praise the works of others that have a loved one with mental illness. These silent voices need to be heard and understood.
  • 2012 Prophecies
    An article of three of the top Doomsday Prophecies
  • The Five Stages of Greiving
    An article based the 1969 theory by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross on how a person will go through 5 different stages after losing a loved one.
  • Childhood Summers
    A poem reflecting back on my childhood memories of summer, when I discovered the real joy of life.
  • My Lifelong Fight With Depression
    This article is about my life long battle with depression, but hopefully inspiration for others to understand this disease or for others, to seek help.
  • Daddy's Little Girl
    A poem dedicated to my father, but also to promote fatherhood across the nation.
  • My Obessive Shopping Disorder
    A personal view of how obsessive shopping disorder can destroy lives and relationships, and how it can cover the real issues of a person's life.
  • My Mazda 626: The Best Car I've Ever Owned
    The best vehicle I ever owned. She performed, and had the interior comforts that I would have never believed for a lower priced car.
  • Bathing a Newborn Baby
    This is a practice guide for expecting mothers. In this tutorial, a baby doll is used for safety.
  • Inner Peace
    My persoanl journey to loving myself after a childhood full of abuse.
  • Why George Zimmerman Should Remain Hiding
    A blog about why I think Zimmerman should hide from the public.
  • Foot in Mouth Disease
    A true story of a tragic statement of words that no one could believe.
  • A Dog Sitter's Guide
    A simple guide you should follow when caring for someone's pet.
  • My Graduation Poem
    A poem I presented at my 1979 graduation dedicated to the parents of the graduates.
  • Elizabeth's Revenge
    This is a true story about my step daughter and I. She had a sock seam problem, and she also taught me a lesson about how serious that problem can be.
  • Wewatja Productions
    A flash fiction story that blurs the line between reality tv and reality.
    This story draws the line of what can be demanded in the course of an interview.
  • Nana's Spring Break
    A creative overview of how I prepare for a spring break visit with 6 grandkids in a 2 room house.
  • The True Meaning of Easter
    Through bible verses, the true meaning of Easter is revealed. From foretelling the crucifixion, to the stories of Christ's glorious resurrection, these passages show us the love and the way to salvation and rebirth
  • The Pet on the Leash
    A humorous short story about the relationship I have with my dog, Midnight.
    This a story of an April Fool's joke I played on my sister during spring break years ago.
    Warning the public of how important it is for us to act on saving the earth from our own greed.
  • From Sister's Eyes
    This is a poem I wrote for my sister back in 1986 based on her life and her life with alcohol addiction.

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