Stephen Monteith

Stephen Monteith

I m a sci-fi/fantasy author, though I occasionally write in other genres. You can buy my short stories at my Papermage site. I m also the creator and editor of Fourth-day Universe, a website devoted to promoting sci-fi awareness . In the last few years, I ve become more interested in politics and started an issues blog at A Free Exchange of Ideas . I haven t joined any political party, and I don t intend to; not because I m trying to stay objective, but because I believe political parties by nature are ultimately unsustainable.
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It's not about politics; it's about issues.


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  • Encounters in the Street
    Be careful when you step onto the street; it’s a whole other world.
  • Big Hand
    In the middle of space, a young girl plays a dangerous game with her father's life in her hands.
  • Brothers in the Dust
    In a town on the edge of complete lawlessness, brothers will fight against brothers.

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