Oscar Prieto

Oscar Prieto

Music has always been my love and joy. Ever since I first picked up an instrument at 10 years old, I ve never been able to rid myself of it, but I m not complaining. Writing became my second passion early in high school, and I ve been at it ever since.
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  • The Song of the Siren
    What started out as a boring camping trip for two teenagers turns into a nightmare as they come face to face with creatures of legend. The Sirens.
  • Lone Shark
    A friendship letter dedicated to a special someone through the eyes of a lone shark.
  • Israel Occupation of Palestine: For Better or Worse
    Israel and Palestine have been locked in a deadly embrace since the conclusion of the Six Day War in 1967. What has been the effect of a military occupation that has lasted more than half a century?
  • Aliens, Religion, and the Nazca Lines
    From alien visitors, to water and mountain worship, the Nazca lines have plagued the minds of archaeologists for decades. Both are discussed in an attempt to come to terms with the mystery.
  • First Two Weeks of the Last Year in High School Memorial
    Memorializing my first two weeks of the high school year 2011, fall semester, which just happens to be my last!
  • The Last Day
    In the face of social collapse, a young man must help to get his family across the border to safety. Will he be able to keep his humanity when the rest of the world doesn't, or will be become part of the chaos.

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